What Size Skateboard should I get? Best Facts to Consider

I have observed that most people ask What Size Skateboard should I get?. The key to getting the most out of your skateboard – and the correct equipment setup – is to choose the right board for you, regardless of whether you want to be the next Street League champion.

Our main aim is to assist you with this article. To ensure that you get a board that fits you, we’ll go through each wheel and our skateboard size chart.

What Size Skateboard should I get? The Facts to Consider

Picking Out The Right Board Size

You will progress and learn more quickly if you choose the right skateboard size. Your preference for deck sizes will dictate as you gain experience; until you reach this point, we recommend selecting your deck size based on your shoe size. 

If you keep these things in mind, you’ll be on the right track. Next, consider these things when choosing the best skateboard deck size. In most cases, a broader or longer board will offer more stability and comfort. A narrower or shorter board will offer a more remarkable ability to perform flip tricks, ledges, or technical moves.

Therefore, you must consider these factors in selecting the right skateboard size:

  1. Style of riding and terrain
  2. Skateboard Width
  3. Board Length
  4. Skateboard Wheelbase
  5. Nose and Tail
  6. Shoe Size
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Riding Style

The wider the skates, the more stable your feet will be. It applies mainly to vert, parks, and pools (transition skating) or to skaters who like more stability. Skaters who like to do flip tricks skate mostly street freestyle (refer to this as “street skating”) and might need an even narrower board. When you choose a board size, you should consider your riding style as well.

  1. First is the narrowest decks for youth riders, measuring between “7.00” and 7.50″.
  2. Skating on urban surfaces or doing technical tricks on a deck the width of “7.00” to 8.00″ would be appropriate for teens and adults.
  3. The “8” to 8 1/2″ height range is ideal for streets and transition terrain. A park, pool, railing, and staircase.
  4. Up to “8.50”: Wider decks that are perfect for transition, tricking, and cruising.
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Skateboard Width

When considering your skateboard deck, choosing its width is an essential decision. If you are cruising, skating on the street, or skating in a park, this is extremely important.

In addition to shoe size and height, you can go down to a trusted skate shop and try out different boards until you find the right one for you.

Board Length

A skateboard’s length is the distance between its nose and tail. Further, only advanced skaters refer to the board length, which falls between 28″- 32″. It would help if you built your skateboard based on the width and wheelbase rather than the length.

Standard Chart

Width: 7.25″ = Length: 29.50″  (Wheel Base: 12.50″)
Width: 7.50″ = Length: 31.12″  (Wheel Base: 14.00″)
Width: 7.75″ = Length: 31.12″  (Wheel Base: 14.00″)
Width: 8.00″ = Length: 31.38″  (Wheel Base: 14.00″)
Width: 8.25″ = Length: 32.00″  (Wheel Base: 14.38″)

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Skateboard Wheelbase

Based on your board’s length, the wheelbase is the distance between your mounted trucks. Wheelbases are longer on boards with a longer length. The wheelbase of your skateboard will need to be more expansive if your legs are longer, as with any board sport.

A shorter wheelbase corresponds to a shorter turning radius, whereas a longer wheelbase corresponds to a larger turning radius.

Skateboard Nose and Tail

Skateboards don’t have nose and tail measurements, but you can tell which is by looking at their shapes. There’s a slight difference in the nose and tail angles of the skateboard. With a broader nose, it is easier to flip and guide the skateboard in the direction you need.

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Shoe Size

In choosing a board width, the size of your shoes might be the most critical factor. It is imperative that your foot and board fit together nicely to turn, ollie, and perform technical tricks. It is possible to buy skate shoes.

Decks shouldn’t be too narrow or too wide so that your feet won’t hit the ground. Different types of Skateboards should be sized according to their width.

Keep It In Mind

A board should match your skating style but, most importantly, your preference, as different styles require different board sizes and shapes. Despite two boards having the same size, they don’t always have the same shape or feel! Each brand offers different shapes and sizes of decks. 

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