What is a Penny Board? Uses and Quality

Getting into skateboarding and longboarding is a blast, and you should start shredding right now. With a board and some friends, you can hit the streets, but what is a penny board, and what is the ideal way to get started?

Penny Boards: What are they?

Skateboards bearing the penny board trademark are one of the most famous models. But, aside from that, the brand also extends to compact skateboards made of plastic since it is trendy.

What’s Behind the Penny Board?

Usually, when we talk about penny boards, we talk about a skateboard type made of plastic materials. Short cruisers are also known as short skateboards in the field of skateboarding. Penny Skateboards is an Australian skateboard company founded by Ben Mackay in 2010. It is associated with the word penny.

Penny boards are very similar to plastic skateboards that are very common among kids. Penny® Skateboards were built so that skateboarding can be ordered for the masses.

Price of Penny Boards and are they of good quality?

When you shop for penny boards, you’ll find that the price varies depending on where you order or which brand you choose. However, you should get Penny┬« Skateboards if you are interested in obtaining one. Boards from them are of the highest quality, and they invented the plastic mini-cruiser genre.

In addition, knock-off boards do not come from the same mould and won’t last. Besides the bearings and wheels being of inferior quality, this makes it hard for it to turn or roll as you would expect.

Features of the Penny Board

Their decks distinguish between penny boards and skateboards. In contrast to penny boards, skateboards have a plastic-made deck, while skateboard decks are made of rigid materials. The exciting thing about penny boards is that there are many colours to choose from.

If you like to customize your board, penny boards may be the right choice. It is because the penny board’s structures will offer you different colours and designs. You can design your penny board, that’s all.

Penny Boards: Pros and Cons


  1. Long-lasting
  2. Travel-friendly
  3. Easily accessible
  4. Beginner-friendly
  5. Stable at a high level


  1. Limitation of Use
  2. Quite Difficult
  3. Prices are high
  4. Shoelaces should be torn


We advise you purchase a penny board instead of a Skateboard for Kids if you are looking for a board perfect for commuting. Pennies have a compact size and are lightweight. You can carry it wherever and whenever you want, and it is portable.

However, if you want to have a board that you can use more adventurously and challenge yourself, you might consider buying a skateboard. You can challenge yourself as you do some excellent tricks on the street with this bike.

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