Types of Bowling Balls – Easy Guide 2022

A bowling ball is one of the essential parts of the game. It comes with clay, rubber, or plastic material. A bowling ball has a diameter of around 6 inches to 10 inches and weighs up to 30 pounds.

The primary purpose of a bowling ball is to throw a smooth, straight, and heavy ball through the air. It has a speed of 350 miles per hour and strikes the pins with enough force to knock down the pins and get the right amount of points.

There are a few main types of bowling balls, and you need to choose the right one. Some types of bowling balls are portrayed in the article.

How Does a Bowling Ball Work?

The bowling ball has weight and gravity to it. When you throw the ball through the air, it rises due to the weight and gravity of the ball. When it reaches a certain height, it drops back down due to the force of gravity. 

Further, the velocity of the bowling ball is directly proportional to the height the ball reaches. Therefore, it has a certain height called release height.

After hitting the pins, the ball will rebound off the pins, and the bowler gets some points based on the strength of the rebound. So, it is a beneficial exercise.

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14 Different Types of Bowling Balls 

Top 20 Plus Types of Bowling Balls

There are a few main types of bowling balls, and you need to choose the right one. Some types of bowling balls are;

Plastic or Polyester

A plastic bowling ball is a very light ball that contains a plastic material. Competitions often require soft and bouncy balls.

In general, plastic bowling ball comes plastic, inexpensive, and the most popular ball available on the market. Professional bowlers mainly use it, which is suitable for indoor and outdoor bowling games.

Polyester balls contain synthetic materials that are less expensive than natural ones. They are also more durable.

Urethane Bowling Ball

There is a Urethane bowling ball that contains a urethane material that is softer than traditional bowling balls. This material allows for more flexibility in how a person strikes the ball and thus more control.

It is vital to choose the perfect urethane bowling ball for yourself. There are so many options available when you are looking to buy a bowling ball. But, most of them are high-priced, and you don’t know which one is the best for you.

Reactive Resin

A bowling ball made up of polyester resin. It looks like a regular bowling ball, but it has a very high weight and is also resistant to moisture.

More so, a reactive resin bowling ball reacts to moisture on the ball’s surface. As a result, it has a high rebound and is popular among professional bowlers.

It is more complex than ordinary balls and more durable. A bowling ball reacts to the force of a strike by exploding in a loud bang.

Proactive or Particle

A proactive bowling ball has ball that is placed on the surface of the lane and will roll in a forward direction. The bowler uses it to make their shots more accurate.

In bowling, a proactive bowling ball is a bowling ball that has been shot at by a pro bowler. So that the ball is more rigid and has a higher trajectory. It’s an excellent ball for improving your game.

Particle bowling balls hold a unique material that allows the bowler to spin the ball in a different direction than usual. It gives the ball a unique motion that is different from regular bowling balls.

High Mass Bowling Ball

A high-mass bowling ball is a bowling ball with a mass of more than 2.3 pounds). Professional bowlers use it in competition because it is heavier than regular bowling balls.

The high-mass bowling ball is a ball that is heavier than standard bowling balls. It allows you to hit the ball harder and with more spin, thus increasing your chances of getting strikes.

In addition, you can use it to knock down pins in a bowling game. Therefore, if you are looking to improve your bowling game, you will need to use a bowling ball with a higher mass.

Low Mass Bowling Ball

It is a bowling ball that has a low mass. It makes throwing easier and increases your chances of scoring a strike.

Besides this, people who are incapable of lifting a regular bowling ball can use it.

Kids Foam Bowling Ball

Kids’ foam bowling balls are a fun way to get kids active and exercise. They are great for indoor play, and they come in different sizes to accommodate all ages.

It is a foam bowling ball that is filled with air and used by kids to practice their throwing skills.

Rolling it further and easier than regular bowling balls is a significant advantage.

Pre Drilled Bowling Ball

It is a bowling ball that has a hole in it so that you can drill a hole in the ball before you use it. More so, it makes it easier to put on the ball, as you no longer have to worry about whether the ball will fit or not.

Further, it makes it easier to grip and helps the ball move more quickly through the air. It makes it easier to grip and allows the ball to move more rapidly through the air.

Undrilled Bowling Ball

An “undrilled” bowling ball has no holes, so it’s more challenging to hold on to and release when you’re bowling.

Metal Bowling Ball

The metal balls are not recommended for indoor and outdoor games as they will cause the equipment to crack, rust, and other damages. However, depending on what game you are playing, there is a recommendation to use a metal ball.

Wooden Ball

Wooden balls are pretty suitable for indoor and outdoor games. The main advantage of the wooden bowling ball is that it is affordable and available in the local market. So if you are going for an outdoor game, then the wooden ball will be ideal.

Rubber Bowling Ball

The rubber bowling ball is similar to the plastic one but is a bit larger and heavier. It is a perfect choice if you want to practice the game of bowling on a hard surface.

Fiber Bowling Ball

Fiber bowling balls are not as durable as the other two, but they are a great option if you want to play with your friends.

Clay Bowling Ball

Clay is the cheapest bowling ball, but it is also the toughest. Therefore, you can use it for practicing in the backyard or the indoor bowling alley.

Final Thoughts

In the last few years, the popularity of bowling has grown tremendously. It is because bowling is fun and affordable. It’s also a great way to spend time with friends.

You have to understand that the different bowling balls have their purpose. The primary purpose of the bowling ball is to move the bowling pins.

You must know the size of the bowling ball and the number of strikes it can take to get the pin. The most important thing is to see the weight of the ball and type of the ball.

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1. What’s the difference between bowling balls and tennis balls?

The main difference between bowling balls and tennis balls is that bowling balls are heavier than tennis balls.

2. Why are bowling balls so heavy?

The weight of the ball is determined by how hard you throw it. A bowling ball has a more rigid core than a tennis ball.

3. Why are there different types of bowling balls? 

There are many types of bowling balls available. The type of ball that you use depends on how much control you have over your shots.

4. What’s the difference between a regular and a high-performance bowling ball?

A regular bowling ball is a ball you use when you’re bowling. A high-performance ball is a unique bowling ball that has a higher density.

5. What are some advantages of using a rubber bowling ball?

There are many advantages to using a rubber bowling ball. First, they are inexpensive. Second, they are very durable.

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