Different Types of Skateboards – Versatile Variety

Having a skateboard was also a dream of all of our youth. As teenagers, we liked older teens’ tricks and stunts and wished we could follow their lead. Whether you’re looking for one for transportation or leisure, there are different types of skateboards available on the market. 

All types of riding styles, surfaces, and skating choices are available with four-wheel boards.

Here are the most popular, widely used, and different famous types of skateboards that you can find on the streets.

Different Types of Skateboards

Early skateboards had clay or wooden wheels. However, the material of the board has changed over time. Today, these skateboards are made of various materials, including plastic, rubber, and silicon. 

Mini Boards

Most of these types grow out of their small size. The skateboard is small, but don’t let this confuse you. In addition, they help perform tricks anywhere. 

Your child may one day want to be a professional. Maybe this will be good for them. Online, you can find and order skate park wheels for them.

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The most common kind of skateboard was a mini-board when skating first began. But, these days, they are set and left for the children. It is more suitable to buy the small size for your toddler in training for the real deal at home. You can check Best Skateboards for Kids here.

Start your kid on a mini-board if he or she dreams of being a professional skater someday. Skatepark wheels are included, and you can buy them online easily. 

Old School Boards

A school board’s deck is one of the key features distinguishing it from its modern counterpart. Because the boards look like a fishtail, they’re easy to identify. 

Except for the smaller nose, all the parts and pieces of the skateboard are more vital than usual. Boards, wheels, tails, and shapes like the one on the left evoke a sense of agelessness and class. Hence the name ‘old school.’

Cruiser Boards

A subtle roll through the streets is what the name implies. A mid-length deck is used. Usually, they have kick tails. All while they were maneuverable and versatile. It’s perfect for going out on the town.

Skateboards with cruiser wheels are usually identified by looking at their wheels.   

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They are versatile and highly effective Longboards. As both street shoes and park shoes, they are ideal for cruising around town. Several of them are created for downhill racing. A downhill longboard is balanced and designed to sit lower to the ground and cut out for a wheel. Therefore, the wheel can be made larger.

When it comes to downhill racing or cruising, longboards are the way to go. There is also longboard freestyle, which fluidly involves tricks and stunts. 

Downhill Skateboards

Professional skateboards were invented for long-distance commuting. Skateboarding allows you to go faster without any interruptions or wobbles. 

Expert drifters and turners can turn and drift easily, even when traveling at speeds of about 45 miles per hour, due to their enhanced balancing techniques.

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Electric Skateboards

The early 2000s saw the start of electric skateboards, and they remain popular. Skateboards have enough power for a durable experience. They are expensive to repair and have a short battery life but are improving with time.

Street Skateboard

Skating in this style focuses on tricks and transitions, and it is only done in public spaces. Those who want to become the next street skateboarder should skate in urban areas, industrial areas, and plazas. You can also check Best Skateboard Decks for the Street here.

Buying picnic tables, handrails, benches, guardrails, bins, retaining walls, and planters will also be required. To get started in this sport area, you will have to use a slightly thinner deck than the standard size.

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Are You a Good Fit for Which?

Now among different types of skateboards, you should be aware of what kind of skateboard you can get; let’s evaluate the differences in quality. 

It’s crucial to avoid plastic when buying wooden skates. Whenever possible, avoid products made of plastic and look for alternatives. If you are on the deck, you will know how it feels. In case it isn’t strong enough for you, do not buy it.

The cruising skateboard is an excellent choice since it does not have any tricks attached to it. Once you get used to the tricks, you can also change your skateboarding and skateboard style.

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