Top 10 Best Throwing Knives 2022 – Complete Buying Guide

Are You looking for the Best Throwing Knives? If You are an expert with years of experience. And you want to learn how to throw a knife with speed moreover in the right direction.

First, you should buy a throwing knife set. Or you may want to buy a gift for your friends who have a keen interest in knife throwing.

Suppose you are wandering and looking for the best throwing knives. So, you are in the right place.

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Top 10 Best Throwing Knives Reviews

KA-BAR Marine Corps


  • Especially For Fighting
  • Proven Blade Design
  • Value For Money
  • Easy To Hold


  • Solid Knife
Best Throwing Knives

Ka-bar is the most popular blade knife in the world. You may also find it with the name of the US Marine Corps Fighting Knife. After World War II, ka-Bar became the most popular around the world. Men and women use this Knife for their usage.

It comes with a very sharp edge. Blade of the ka-bar knives won’t break, crack with heavy work.

The Ka-Bar Edge angle is 20 degrees flat for useful utility. Ka-bar stacked leather handles give the Knife an excellent look and grip.

When you talk about the material, It comes with tough 1095 Cro-Van steel. KA-bar has a built-in handle. Built on the hold helps you to carry knives with himself.

The beautiful nylon sheath of the knives is durable and robust. The leather sheath keeps your blade sharp and protected. It has a brown color and high-quality leather.

Further, It has excellent weight and is well-balanced. The blade of the Knife is better durable as well as sharp.

Ka-bar comes with a 100% leather sheet. The most beautiful fixed blade knife design in the world. Due to its lightweight Knife, it spins quickly.

The length of the blade will be 11.875 inches. It comes at 13.25 x 3.13 x 2.25 inches with a weight of 317.5 Grams. Its size is 7 inches. The Material of the blade consists of Carbon Steel as well as Compound Bevel.

Ka-bar fixed blade length is 7 inches 1.75 and sharpness  6.5. The size of the Sheath is 12.00 inches.

Spring Assisted Knife


  • Good For Everyday Carry
  • Great Budget Knife
  • Excellent
  • Great Price Point


  • Lost Screw
Best Throwing Knives

Amongst many beautiful throwing knives, it is famous as Spring Assisted Knife. You may also find it with the name of Pocket Folding Knife. It is a famous 6681 Spring Assisted Folding Pocket Knife. 

You will find it as a Boy Scouts Knife. Furthermore, you can use them as the best Hunting survival knives. No doubt people like it for indoor or outdoor activities.

It consists of high-quality stainless steel. A knife is lightweight and sharp. The Mechanism of locking is very secure. It is durable, and the razor is very sensitive. It consists of 440c stainless steel.

The total length of the knives is 7.75″. But, when you consider the blade Length then it is 3.42″. 

Perfect Spring Assisted Knife has multi-use functions. You can use it For many purposes. For example, military needs, hunting, fishing, survival. 

Spring Assisted Knife consists of 440 durable stainless steel. Its color is black. It has a strep carry clip. You can control the pressure during usage by thumb jumping.

During use, the texture handle does not slip from the hands. The EdgeEdge of the knives is very sharp, like a razor. You can open it with one hand easily. It has a heavy lock-up system.

Flipper helps it in opening quickly. Multi usage function makes it more widespread. Due to its feature of lightweight, you can carry it everywhere.

Blade Surface is black oxide. The Material of the Handle consists of aluminum. It has a liner lock. The weight of the knives is 4,40 oz. The military design also looks good. The total length of the knives is 7,75 “.The blade is durable with a ten years warranty.

 Sog Throwing Knives: Best Throwing Knives For Beginners


  • Good Quality Sheath
  • Well Balanced Knives
  • Great Set Of Throwers


  • No-spin Throw
Best Throwing Knives

The main producer of SOG  is from china.  It comes with a three-pack classical throwing knife set. You may also find it with the name SOG F041TN-CP Throwing Knives. Handle of the knives covered by paracord. 

It comes with a sheath that fits each of these three knives. You can carry all these knives with the help of a nylon sheath. The style of blade is F041TN-CP.

You can use these knives for opening shipping boxes, cutting down tiny trees. Curving wood and cutting potatoes.

The material of the blade consists of 420 stainless steel. The length of the blade is 10 – inches. The sharp blade length is 4.4 inches.

Handle of a knife cover with durable para code. The knives consist of  420 stainless steel. The length of the blade is 10″. The material of the para code is lightweight; it doesn’t add extra mass to the Handle. 

You can throw these knives easily. These knives are suitable for beginners. A set of knives come in a nice nylon sheath. Beginners can quickly grow with these knives, and these are easy for practical use. Paracord on the Handle helps in a comfortable grip.

Nylon sheath offers much comfort during knife-throwing training. Its blade length is 10- inches with a straight edge. The Length of the blade is 4.4″.the material of the blade is 420 stainless steel. 

You will be happy with its nylon sheath. Handles contain Black Stainless Steel. The Size of the knives is 12.5 “x5”. In the end, It comes with a lifetime warranty.

Mossy Oak Survival Knife: Perfect For Hunting


  • Best Looking Knife
  • Budget Value Knife
  • Durable Knife
  • Best Throwing


  • Not A Full Tang Blade
Best Throwing Knives

Our fourth pic is Mossy Oak Survival Knife. It comes with an extra sharpener and fire starter. Mossy Oak has a 15-inch fixed blade. This multi-purpose hunting survival knife works great. Bowie Style Upthrust Tip.

Mossy oak is perfect for hunting and camping. It is also suitable for surviving, dressing purposes, tactical and outdoor activities.

Blade of the Knife consists of 440C stainless steel. It has excellent hardness.  

The classical designed Handle provides high friction and non-slip grip for use. Rubber coated soft Handle makes the Knife comfortable for holding. You can carry a knife quickly and safely with the help of a heavy-duty nylon sheath.

A beautiful heavy-duty Nylon sheath is an excellent and safe place for holding knives.  Sharpener and black fire starter are ideal for outdoor use. The good thing about this Knife is that it has two belts for keeping a fire starter and sharpener.

Further, it has good quality and is the best value for the money. The grip on the Handle is excellent and comfortable. The size of the Knife is right and fits in large hands. The knife holds stable in your hands. It is lightweight and comes with good quality.

The Material of the blade consists of stainless steel. Blade material consists of Rubber. The length of the Knife is 15 “. its handle length is  5”. The thickness of the blade is 5/32 inches (3.8 mm). The blade length of the knives is 10″—the weight of the knife is16.8 oz.

Smith And Wesson Throwing Knives: Best For Practice


  • Best Practice Set
  • Dual Edged Blades 
  • Budget-friendly


  • Heavyweight
Best Throwing Knives

Smith & Wesson is a famous gun manufacturers brand, But they also make many other products. One of them is a Smith & Wesson SWTK8BCP knife with high quality and durability. It comes with a set of three throwing knives.

Further, It has a slippery shape with no sharp edge. These blades have a dual-edge spear point. So, They have an excellent balance and a perfect weight.

Moreover, The set of three knives consists of black 2Cr13 S.S. high-quality 2Cr13 S.S. makes the blade durable. The set of knives comes with a high-quality black belt sheath. Sheath gives protection to make knives durable. You can put the set of knives on top of each other in the fabric pouch.

These stainless steel knives have a central balance. Knives are mainly designed for beginners. A beginner can easily practice with these Knives. These are well-balanced knives. Due to its heavyweight, you can throw knives a long distance. These are no spin throwing knives.

You can get access quickly and easily with the help of a nylon belt. It is for hard surfaces and wooden targets.

The length of the Knife is 20.0 cm. The material of the blades consists of stainless steel. One Knife’s weight is 4.1 ounces, and the total weight of three-set knives is 12.3 ounces. It came in multi-colors. On each of these knives are three laser cuts and a brand logo. The Knife went with a limited lifetime warranty.

Outdoor Edge Razor Pro


  • Great For A Big Game
  • Razor-sharp Replaceable Blades
  • No More Lost Knives


  • Difficult To Clean
Best Throwing Knives

Outdoor Edge double-blade razor pro folding knife comes with a  3.5″ replaceable blade. It has a nylon sheath, gutting blade, and a bone saw. You do not need sharp blades because Outdoor Edge Pro comes with six replaceable blades. 

Outdoor Edge Pro has two colors; one is black ro10, and ro30 is orange. The orange color knife is best because you can find it easily when you are hunting in the jungle.

Moreover, It is a handy knife. You can use it for hunting deer, skinning deer, and cleaning fish. Outdoor Edge razor pro is an excellent addition to your hunting pack. Its Handle consists of Rubberized TPR with 420J2 stainless steel.

The Handle of the Knife contains 420J2 stainless steel. RAZOR PRO comes with a lovely nylon sheath for holding the Knife on your belt. 

You can change the blade of the Knife quickly and safely by pushing off a button. The blade holder helps the razor for the strength of a standard knife. 

The blade holder assists the razor. It features removable Six blades. The cutting EdgeEdge opens like a zip. Pretty Sheath makes the edges durable because it protects blades from dust. Non-slip Handle gives a solid feel to your hand.

In the end, the length of the Knife is 20.3 cm. The size of the blade is 8.9 cm and the cutting edge comes with a Length of 7.9 cm. 

Razorblade contains Japanese 420J2 Stainless steel. The razor blade’s thickness is 0.6 mm—holder of the edge composed of 420J2 with black-oxide coating. The weight of the Knife is 235g. its sheath consists of nylon as a primary material.

Best Cold Steel Throwing Knife


  • Amazing Quality
  • Lightweight
  • Effective Sheath Clip Mechanism


  • Terrible Edge
Best Throwing Knives

COLD STEEL 80PGTK G.I. Tanto comes with a 7 inches carbon stainless blade. It is perfect for campers, hunters, survivalists, and a good throwing knife.

The full-Length cool steel consists of 1055 carbon steel. It is an authentic Cold Steel item. So, It comes with a Secure-Ex sheath. Pretty Ex Sheath protects your Knife from damage. Ex Sheath consists of solid plastic. 

The Plastic Sheath has two sections: 

  1. First is nylon lower it holds the Knife very well. 
  2. The second is upper and has a loop that can run a belt through, Both units are connected with two screws.

Cool steel is designed for practical use. The First feature of cold steel is you can carry it in your pocket. A bit of heavy Knife offers a balanced feel in your hand. It comes with a razor-sharp edge. You can convert it easily into a war club and spear. 

Due to its heavy balance, you can throw it quickly. With the one-click sound, you can lock the Knife ghastly. The blade has a very sharp edge. It is an excellent knife because it can spin 90 degrees.

If you talk about the length, then the Length of the Knife is 12-inches. It comes with a straight-edge blade. The size of the blade is 7 inches. The Handle of the sword is 5 inches in length. 

In the end, the Edge consists of 1055 Carbon Steel. The shape of the blade is a Tanto point and the Colour of the Knife is black. 

Kershaw Clash (1605) Best Budget Pick


  • Everyday Carry
  • Easy To Sharpen
  • Great EDC Knife


  • Sloppy Fitting
Best Throwing Knives

Kershaw makes high performing, high quality working tools at an affordable price. Its advanced technology and excellent design combine to create reliable, solid knives. 

Kershaw Clash is a famous knife of the Kershaw brand. It comes with multi-function. Kershaw Clash has a Glass-Filled Synthetic Polymer Handle.

Further, The color of the flipper and pocket clip is grey. You can change the position and side easily with pre-drilled holes. Blade of the Knife contains extra carbon for hardness.

Moreover, Blade of the Knife is made of 3Cr13MoV Steel. The material used in the Handle is Glass-Filled Synthetic Polymer.

Kershaw Clash is a budget-friendly knife. High performing 8Cr13MoV steel has carbon for hardness and edge retention. The liner locking system prevents the blades from unwanted opening and closing. You can open the Knife quickly and safely. Knife open simply by applying a thumb stud or presser on the flipper.

Both hands left-right can efficiently operate flippers. The Knife’s Handle is durable. Glass filled nylon handles have credibility stainless for a secure and stable grip. Reversible pocket clips help you to carry a Knife wherever.

Blade of the Knife consists of 8CR13MOV steel. Handle consists of Polyimide. The length of the blade is three inches.4.25 inches when the Knife is open and 7.25 inches when the Knife closes. The .shape of the edge looks like a dropped point. The weight of the Knife is 122 Grams.

Mossy Oak Hunting Field Dressing Kit: Perfect For Gift


  • Giftable
  • Quality Blades
  • Have A Great Durability
  • Portable


  • NA
Best Throwing Knives

Mossy Oak is a great hunting brand. It provides you with the best Mossy Oak Hunting Field Dressing Kit. Furthermore, it comes with a portable along with a handle by which you can carry it easily. Also, famous as Portable Butcher game Processing Set.

The kit is an intense black case and consists of ten different things. You can carry it anywhere.

Out of 10 things, four will be hunting knives. All the knives are of quality material. The blades of knives are good edge retention and long-lasting durability. Furthermore, the blades are best for piercing. 

Green Rubber handles with black coating are also sophisticated. There will be no chance of slipping handles from your hands due to the Argyle pattern of handles. In short, handles are bicolor that makes them attractive.

Most important thing is that the kit comes with an HCS knife sharpener. It is 12 inches and helps you to sharpen the knives.

Out of these remaining six, one is a saw. You can use it for wood as well as for bones. The manufacturer ensures you that meat does not harm while dressing. Its T shape handle and good hook tip increase its efficiency. 

Additionally, game shears are also a great thing. And then cleaning gloves makes it more worthy and helpful for you. 

Feature-wise it is admirable. You can use it for multi-purpose. As for

Butcher, hunting, camping, and fishing purposes as well as survival purposes. In short, you can use the Mossy Oak kit for every outdoor business or lifestyle. The weight of the box is 2.5 kg. So, you consider it the best portable. 

I have one piece of advice for you. Before using these types of equipment, you should be mentally attentive, which may harm you. Further, keep away from the reach of immature. 

Expendables Kunai


  • Well, Balanced Knife.
  • Good Quality Knife.
  • Great Knife Set


  • Lightweight
Best Throwing Knives

Do you know in the Expendables’ film what Knife Jason Statham throws? It was a kunai throwing knife. Sure, Hollywood will idealize anything but the kunai throwing knife is good. It comes with a three-piece thrower set. June Official licensed from the film The Expendables.

Further, the Blade consists of double-edged stainless steel. Paracord wrapped on the Handle. At the end of the Knife, there is a hole. You can carry it with a finger. A Black nylon sheath has many functions to carry a knife everywhere.

The knife consists of the highest quality materials. It is a durable and well-balanced knife. Non-slip Handle is suitable for gripping; it cuts like a double-edged sword.

The length of the Knife is 12 inches. It is an excellent balanced knife. It comes with a compound bevel edge. The weight of the blade is 0.2 Kilograms. The beautiful Nylon sheath of the Knife consists of Synthetic.

How to choose Best Throwing Knives? | Detailed Buying Guide

Types of Throwing Knives

Throwing knives come in various types. Do you know how many types of throwing knives there are?

Yes, Throwing knives have blade heavy, grip heavy, and some are stable. 

The most critical part of knives is most weight lies because it is used for throwing knives. A stable throwing knife allows the forks to throw also using the Handle or blade.

Top20Plus - competition throwing knives

Throwing Knives Sharpness

Before you buy any throwing knife, the first thought in your mind will be its sharpness.

Standard knives are sharper due to their cutting conditions. Throwing knives are the opposite of regular blades.

If you want to reduce your injury risks, your throwing knives should be slow and sharp.

It would be best to understand some throwing techniques. Some user grips their knives by its blade, which causes nasty cuts and injuries when the edge is sharp.

Size of Knife

Throwing knives come in different sizes,

  • Such as longer handles, longer blades. These things add to the Length of throwing knives. 
  • Both varieties come in different lengths and widths. You can choose the one you love the most.

Knife Handle

You should analyze the Knife’s Handle before buying a throwing knife.

That includes the weight, size, and Material of the Handle are essential to check and grip, increasing by Rubber or tape.

Top20Plus - best throwing knives for beginners

Throwing Knife Weight

Weight is one of the essential features of a good throwing knife.

The knife weight affects performance and usage. Weight also identifies the method in which that specific Knife is used.

We know that the Heavier knife gains more energy to throw. Heavier, the Knife perforates deeper into the target.

A heavier blade may help experienced throwers to throw knives at an exact distance. It would be best to have a heavyweight knife to bend or break after using an extended period. 

In general, heavier blades usually have more durability. Knives that weigh around 300 kg are best for beginners.

Knife Length

The length has a strong relationship with weight. When it comes to throwing knives, there is no general length. Still, it would help if you considered that knives range from 6 to 16 inches in length. 

How many times a blade spins is generally determined by its size, which mostly has to do with its rotation speed. If you are only a beginner, it is best to look at the long knives. 

If you are a beginner, longer blades 12 to 14 inches are best for you. Short knives spin faster, making your starting difficult.


You know more about the general weight of the knives the way it impacts their balance and durability. 

The best brands use stainless steel and carbon steel to enhance the life span of the blade.

Carbon steel will be an affordable choice for you if you are looking to buy a budget throwing knife. Although, If you want to buy a strong blade, then a stainless steel blade will be a genius buy.


Balance is another essential consideration when you want to buy a set of throwing knives. A good throwing knife has a feature center-of-gravity that is balanced.

Do you know how to check the balance of a good throwing knife?


You can check the balance of a throwing knife by placing your finger in the center of the blade. It should remain perfectly level without waving in another direction. 

Start spinning your Knife in a round direction. If the spinning is not perfect, most probably the Knife is poorly balanced.

The Incredibly Sharp Balancing Act

The balance of a throwing knife is the connection between weight and Length.

Once you’ve chosen how much a long blade you like. Furthermore, you have to check how much the knife is heavier. Also, you have to match your physical strength. 

You will need to judge how the two work together to increase your throwing knife abilities. Balance is an essential thing in almost any sport.

Top20Plus - best throwing knives for self defense

Why are sportsmen so expert and fast on their feet?

Balance plays a vital role in enhancing the power and stability of athletes.  

Perfect Balanced

Evenly balanced throwing knives have a perfect center of gravity and 50/50 weight distribution.

These blades have the same weight over the entire length, including the Handle.

It creates a very usual nearly circular rotation, which makes knife-throwing more enjoyable for the experts. 

Blade Weighted

A  throwing knife’s blade contains the total weight. It will help you to throw it from the Handle. The blade starts rotation first when it’s sending toward the destination. 

These are comfortable for beginners. There is little chance of injury. Some people like throwing with a handle instead of a blade.

Handle Weighted

A heavier knife with the Handle than a blade is perfect for those who enjoy throwing a knife only from its edge.

This weight design is mostly used only by experts because it demands you to hold and throw from the blade.

Some experts believe they have the best success of throwing from the blade since they can feel how the blade will rotate ghastly. 

Usage of Throwing Knife

The use of knives is an essential factor. Which blades are suitable for you?

Whether you are selecting it on behalf of hunting, self-defense, or only have it as a healthy hobby to practice in the yard.

If you are a beginner, you can go for large and heavy knives because they spin slowly or if you are an expert, you can go for lighter sets of blades.

A good example of usage is that you would use cardboard to target if you are a beginner or take it as a hobby.

Moreover, you should consider the central facts, such as Length and weight, to break the world record. 


Like other factors, price is also a deciding factor. On average, thin knives are not very costly, and most high-quality ones can be found for between $40 to $60. You can pay a little extra to get the futures you want.


The throwing knives will not fly as precisely or smoothly when compared to standard throwing knives.

The slimmer design generally does away with the possibility of the knives flying at difficult angles, which will increase your chances of target hitting.

Therefore, the throwing knife models that feature strange designs may look cooler compared to a regular knife. This will affect the knife’s aerodynamics.

Top20Plus - most expensive throwing knives

Best Throwing Knives Brand

There are many brands of throwing knives, but here we talk about the top 10 brands.

  • Ka-Bar
  • Edge Store
  • Kershaw Store
  • Oak Store
  • Wesson Store
  • Way Store
  • Grand Way Store
  • Blades USA


Throwing knives is fun. If You do not have the best throwing knives, you can become thwarted.

If you keep breaking your knives, it could be costly for you. You will get what you are paying for; from a cheap knife, you can’t get high-grade steel. 

Therefore, If you are serious about the best throwing knife, you can go for an excellent set of affordable knives.

Take an example of the perfect KA-BAR Full-Size US Marine Corps knife. This Knife won’t break, crack with heavy work. Ka-bar is a fighting knife and serves you well.

For the best budget thrower, look no further than the Kershaw clash. It comes with a multi-function—synthetic Polymer Handle. You will love this Knife. Kershaw Clash has Glass-Filled Throwing knives is a very personal matter. 

Until you get your hands on it, you can’t tell whether it’s right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you throw knives by the blade?

It has to do with the weight distribution in the Knife. The Handle will be the heavier half of it; in holding it from the blade, you can increase the force you put behind it.

Do throwing knives need to balance?

Most expert throwers use a balanced knife. If you want to throw the blade first, and you are using a heavy blade knife. 

You should hold the Knife from the Handle. If you are using a heavy handle knife and want to throw the Handle first, then you should have the blade.

Are throwing knives good for self-defense?

No, knife throwing is not a trustworthy skill for self-defense at all. If you are serious about how to defend yourself by throwing a knife, then take up some material art, the combat system, etc.

How heavy should a throwing knife be?

Suppose you want to throw a knife from a longer distance than you can go for 250g. Blades with a weight of 200g are excellent for a short distances.

What is the Best Length for a throwing knife?

The main rule is that every inch in Length of the Knife should weigh 1.5 oz. The Length of the longest Knife is about 12 inches, and the size of the shortest blade is approximately 6 inches. 

Most extended knives have more impact on the target instead of the shortest knives.

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