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Best Spare Bowling Ball Secrets Revealed

Remember that sports should always be fun. In outdoor sports, finding the best spare bowling ball is a difficult task. You have several options to choose from depending on your skill level and individual style. But due to the vast options, it is a bit confusing when it comes to the best lane length and power combination. 

Many beginners entered the world of bowling without any knowledge or experience. So after trying many times, they could not achieve their best and lost their heart. What makes a difference between an average bowler and the best bowler? Our buying guide and top 7 best spare bowling balls are here to answer all these questions and cheer you up! 

Focus on the details to choose the best sparing bowling ball. 

Top 7 Best Spare Bowling Balls

Brunswick T Zone Deep Space Bowling Ball 


  • A good beginner ball 
  •  Perfect for straight shots 
  • Many color collection


  • Little Fragile 
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Brunswick Tzone brand has introduced a great collection in the world of bowling. The polyester material with a shiny finish, which enhances its uniqueness. Its remarkable features help both beginners and professionals to settle the high scores.

The straight-line perfect shots make it more desirable. It may be able to help those struggling to get a straight shot. Target the edge of the lane with a higher frequency and get the desired outcome. You can develop trust without getting worried about any damage in a short time.

Moreover, the Brunswick Tzone ball is lightweight. They come in many loving colors to meet the choice of the player. Brunswick is a well-reputed brand. It gives a one-year guarantee to comfort its customers. 

Tech Specs:- 

COVERSTOCK – Polyester 

CORE TYPE – Bullet 

WEIGHTS – 6, 8-16 Pounds 

Flare potential – N/A 

Finishing Factor – High-Gloss Polish

Pyramid Path Bowling Ball 


  • Ideal for straight shots 
  • Very affordable 
  • Many color options


  • Not suitable for oily lane conditions
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Among the best spare bowling balls, the Pyramid bowling balls are the most valuable brand when it comes to quality. They inspire players with their brand slogan. 

Choose Your Path!” 

The ball has a perfect scale rating of 5.0 and performs well on dry lanes. When your primary consideration is straighter, it may serve the best. It ensures consistency and durability. 

Another brilliant feature is polyester coverstock which has a very high-quality standard. It also has a pancake core that provides controllability for newbies. Moreover, they are in various sizes starting from 6lb to 16lbs for players of all ages and skill levels.

Lighter weights are for beginners, while heavier ones help professionals with heavy shots. They offer many beautiful colors with fancy appearances. And last but not least they offer affordable prices for the balls. 

Tech Specs:- 

CoverStock: Polyester 

Core: Pancake 

Weight: 10 Pounds 

Flare Potential: N/A 

Finishing Factor N/A

Storm Pitch Black Solid Urethane Bowling Ball


  • Perfect for dry lanes
  • Durable and Consistent 
  • very controllable


  • Not ideal for heavier oil lanes
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Storm Pitch Black Solid Urethane is a traditional ball of the brand Storm. They fulfill your needs and offer you perfect bowling material. They created a new spin. The ball has a porous and predictable solid urethane coverstock. It works as their Thunder line. 

The Storm pitch Black bowling ball works best over dry and shorter oil lanes. They offer light oil lane conditions with 25 years of high-quality performance. 

Moreover, it has a Capacitor core that gives the ball a straighter but stronger delivery. It regulates flare potential and makes you a master of consecutive shots. The consistency and spectacular appearance make it a perfect choice for all ages. 

Tech specs:- 

Cover stock: Control™ Solid Urethane 

Core: Capacitor™ Core Factory 

Weights:12-16 lbs. 

Flare Potential: 2″ (Medium-Low) 

Finish: 1000-grit Pad

Hammer Bowling Black Widow Gold Bowling Ball    


  • Perfect for straight shots 
  • Polished surface 
  • Light in weight


  • Not for beginners
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Hammer Bowling Black Widow is a beautiful addition to the bowling world. They have an aggression hybrid and most angular cover stock. It also has a chemical base as the cover for solid protection as found on the Rip’ D. 

Another valuable feature is the hammer’s iconic gas mask with the most angular core, which helps launch long shots on medium to heavy oil. The hammer has a patented carbon fiber outer core as well. It is very reliable and shows tons of backend motions. 

The carbon fiber-infused material is one of the hardest to find on earth. Hammer added this feature to strengthen the inner core and make it more durable. 

Tech specs:- 

Coverstock: Aggression Hybrid 

Core: Gas Mask 

Weight: N/A 

Flare Potential: High 

Factory Finish:500/1000 Abralon Polished w/ Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish.

Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball 


  • Affordable
  • Great for straight shots 
  • Available in many weight range


  • Does not suit all lane conditions
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The ebonite bowling ball is a beautiful addition to the bowling world. It possesses all the characteristics that qualify to make you a great player. The three-piece core with polyester coverstock is suitable for all young players. 

The feature that makes it more durable and long-lasting. The Ebonite Maxim bowling ball will not get scratched. Moreover, it comes in many sizes ranging from 6lbs to 15lbs and suits best for all ages, gender, and skill level. 

Ideally, it performs best in conditions of dry to heavy oil. The ball does not offer any hook. Instead, it goes straight on the lane, which is good to enhance your performance. The night’s glowing beauty gives it an aesthetic and charming look. 

Tech Specs:- 

Coverstock Type: Polyester 

Core Type: Pancake 


Flare Potential:Low 

Factory Finish:800/1000/2000/2000 Abralon W/Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish

Brunswick Products Lizard Glow Viz-A Bowling Ball


  • Eye-catching appearance 
  • Perfect for all lane conditions 
  • Excellent Quality


  • A bit expensive 
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In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, these bowling balls also glow under blacklight. You can see the actual image on the surface of the ball. The Brunswick Bowling balls display exclusive 360 degrees, limited edition graphics. 

The polyester material in these balls is of high quality. There is no oil absorption from the surface of the lane. It is ideal for new bowlers or beginners. For high-skill levels who want perfection in straight-shooting, give it a try. 

The Brunswick brand is famous for producing the best bowling balls in the market. It builds your confidence and helps you score high. 

Tech Specs:- 

COVERSTOCK: Polyester 

CORE: Polyester 

WEIGHTS:6, 8, 10, 12, 14-16 lbs. 

Flare Potential: N/A 

FINISH: Crown Factory Polish

Storm Ice Blue/White 


  • Throw the ball straight
  • Maintain its shininess for a long time 
  • very predictable


  • Very expensive
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The Storm Ice Storm Blue/White will make you win and freeze your opponents with fear. The ball is so cool to meltdown your biggest rival. It has A 3-Piece Pancake Core, which surrounds a Pearlized Polyester Coverstock. They allow the ball to travel down different kinds of lanes, wherever you direct it. 

The finishing is 3500 grit polish. It runs smooth and straight on all kinds of lanes. Storm wants the ball to have maximal length while retaining its accuracy. It comes in dull light blue and white color. No matter whether you bowl for cash or fun, it will fulfill your expectations. 

In short, if you want a ball with high quality and durability, you can rely on the Storm Ice bowling ball. 

Tech Specs:-

Coverstock Plastic 

Core Name Traditional 3-piece 


Flare Potential 1-2″ (Low) 

Factory Finish 3500 Grit Polished

The Millennial guide that helps you to choose Best Spare Bowling Ball 

Before you can experience what the best spare bowling balls offer, you must know how to choose one. To find the suitable one, you must consider the vital factors. 

Here is a buying guide, a quick checklist based on our critical thinking skills, and deep research. 


An ideal weight impacts the performance of the player while making a perfect swing. It depends upon the physical strength of the player. 

Moreover, the optimal weight helps you to boost your momentum. It increases speed which helps to focus less on generating extra pressure. 

Top20plus - best spare ball for beginners


Markets offer multiple sizes to suit the needs of their audiences. For example, the lowest weight of 6ibs is best for children. Meanwhile, the professional prefers the highest weight of 16 lbs. Although the heavier balls yield more powerful shots yet, you have to choose that matches your comfort level. 


It also has a weight block known as the core. There are three types of cores: Symmetrical, Asymmetrical, and Pancake. Symmetrical and Pancake cores give a strong foundation. They control the ball over the lane in contrast with the asymmetrical cores. It affected the trajectory, speed, hook potential, and angularity of the ball.

Moreover, the lightweight core gives you low traction over the lanes. It helps you achieve high velocity. The heavy cores are way easier to hold control of and more predictable. 

Cover stock 

A supportive cover stock works as a supplement that enhances your performance. It must be porous-free to avoid soaking the oil or any other lubricant from the lane. It should also be hard and lasting enough to control the damage caused on it through bumps and throws. 

The plastic/polyester is the best among all. But, some spare balls also use solid urethane, the most effective one, but they are scarce to count. 

Top20plus - what spare balls do the pros use


Although most of them are pre-drilled yet some need drilling experts. The holes that suit best with your hand adjustments and your playing style. It will hold you more control and provide you with a slight edge over other competitors. Spare balls usually don’t need a thumb hole, but you can add it at your convenience. 


Spare bowling balls go through a lot of crashes while making shots. When going to a shop, it is important to consider durability as a very crucial factor. Solid and Scratch-resistant balls that last long without any cracks are a good choice.

Remember that even the best bowling ball does not perform with the same constituency on all lanes. Some are appropriate for dry lanes and some for oiled ones. But some spare balls give the same results on all lane conditions.

Top20plus - best spare ball for two-handed


Always be mindful of the budget you are investing in while buying it. Expensive is not always worth it and makes you a better player. The ball’s quality should not be compromised by spending less. 

Hook potential 

One must draw attention to the ball’s hook potential, which gives you a better grip. The higher the hook potential, the more grip it generates in making shots. Plastic balls are not particularly hookable, unlike reactive resins and urethane. 

Top20plus - hammer spare bowling ball

Skill level 

Spare bowling balls are very versatile. They provide excellent opportunities for those who want to be a master of straight-line shooting. Others will be convenient for all bowlers regardless of their skill level. It is good to choose the correct ball that matches your playing needs. 


It depends on your personal choices. Pleasing aesthetics gives good vibes and boosts your confidence.  

Top20plus - plastic spare bowling balls

Prevalent Brands 

There are many popular brands out there. If you are a well-experienced player, you may be aware of it. It is a matter of personal choice of which brand you would prefer. One must consider the ability level, budget, and how they roll down the lane while buying it.

Best Brands

  • Brunswick 
  • Pyramid 
  • Ebonite Maxim 
  • Hammer 
  • DV8 
  • Storm 
  • Motiv 

Final Thoughts

Finding the best spare bowling ball is significant to determine your performance. The material of spare bowling balls plays a huge part that can give full marks on scorecards. For this, you can choose Hammer Bowling Black Widow Gold Bowling Ball. 

The ball that has higher durability and does not damage in a short time should give priority. Brunswick Products Lizard Glow Viz-A Bowling Ball, Green/Black, 8 lb will fulfill this need. There are many balls that you may like but pick the one that suits your budget. Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball is very affordable.

You can find them in many loving colors like Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball. Go for the best and Enjoy your bowling!


Are all spare balls the same? 

A spare ball can be anything you desire it to be. It relies upon your style and your comfort at the time of throwing. The bowlers should learn to throw straight no matter what ball they use. It’s easy to hook a plastic ball at a seven or ten-pin, then, at that point, go with that. 

How substantial should an extra bowling ball be? 

A bowling ball ought to have the most heap of 16 pounds. You should check the ball’s weight against your own when you buy it. 

Why do bowlers utilize a plastic bowling ball for saves? 

Polyester-covered bowling balls are preferred because they have a smooth surface. Bowling balls made of plastic are more affordable as well. 

What makes an excellent spare ball? 

An excellent spare ball will have plastic/polyester and a rigid cover stock that worked last. A bowling ball cover stock that has a porous surface will be counterproductive to what you need. 

What is within a plastic bowling ball? 

The center of a bowling ball has different shapes depending on the ball. It is a blend of thick materials like bismuth and graphite.

Do you know the ideal approach to cleaning a plastic bowling ball? 

Among the cleaning products you can buy on Amazon are Storm Recta Clean and Monster Tac Remove All. 

When would it be a good idea for you to utilize and not utilize an extra ball in bowling? 

It is essential not to use the extra bowling ball as a striker. 

How to toss an extra ball while bowling with a polyester ball? 

Concentrate on the sevens between the third arrow and the center. A plastic ball will offer you an optimum score.

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