Best Skateboards for Kids | Top 10 Picks to Have Fun Together

Skateboarding is a trending and healthy activity and parents are searching for the best skateboard for kids. If you want to know which one is suitable for you, just go through our masterpiece research and expert opinion. We have carefully analyzed the products to assist you in the best way.

Top 10 Best Skateboards for Kids

RudeBoyz Skateboard- Best skateboard for beginner kids


  • Beautiful design and shape
  • Best skateboard for 3 years old
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Cheap skateboard for kids
  • Best skateboard for learners


  • Toddlers skateboard size 
  • Wheels have a little age after regular use
Best Skateboards for Kids

For growing children to boost their activity you need a special learning skateboard. This special mini skateboard gives all to get started. RudeBoyz Skateboard has a superb ultra-portable and durable design with a banana shape. We consider it the best skateboard for 3 years old kids that you can carry around anywhere. 

A complete wooden skateboard for kids that can manage a weight limit of 121 lbs. Despite being a regular length, it has a specific length for better control and safety. You would love its lightweight attribute for your loving one.

This 17 inches long mini skateboard contains 7.5 lbs. Its 6 inches trucks with 54mm wheels make a suburb combination with ABEC-7 bearings.

Simply a perfect skateboard for a newbie. 

It seems difficult to stop kids from cruising around town in style. A perfect concave skateboard for kids. The tapered shape with a rounded kick tail and nose keep a safe balance while maneuvering.

Playshion Complete 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Skateboard


  • It’s the best budget Skateboard for kids
  • Beautiful, lightweight design
  • Durable and strong
  • Produces low friction and sound while riding


  • It has moderate speed
Best Skateboards for Kids

If you are a beginner, then enjoy riding the beautifully designed skateboard. Experience its anti-wheel-bite design that is marvelous. The idea behind this design is to help you to take a sharp left or right turn. You would love to have this sturdy deck with your friends. 

It has a top-quality fiberglass compound that manages a capacity of 220 lbs weight. You can consider it a durable skateboard for kids.

The specialty of this board is a soft 59 x 45 mm PU wheels set with ABEC-9 bearings. That gives a lovely smooth even though it’s a lightweight skateboard.

Playshion Complete 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Skateboard is a different one. It has a reliable 3.25 inches Aluminum truck. You will find these trucks equipped with soft brushes. 

Now, have a comfortable cruise anywhere you want.

You will be thinking of its suitability of age. Isn’t it? 

Yes, it is the best skateboard for boys, girls, teenagers,s or even adults. It is our top pick, which is the best skateboard for 3 years old kids and above.

The Playshion kept it as a traditional one by making it shorter than a longboard. It comes in six different designs with a handy dimension of 27.5 x 7.3 x 4.3 inches.

It comes with 59 x 45 mm Large. And, interestingly, it produces low sound while riding. The Nylon ball cages with steel bearings reduce the friction for prolonged use.

The Playshion Skateboard for kids now comes with a skate tool for your ease. Enjoy skateboarding after your loving adjustments. We do recommend it for:

MEKETEC 22 inches Complete Mini Cruiser


  • CE certified
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Sturdy and stable 
  • Maneuverable and fast
  • Best skateboard for 6 years old


  • Less available designs as shown
Best Skateboards for Kids

If you are looking for the best skateboard for 6 years old and above, you might have heard about it. Bravo, it’s time to introduce the best selling skateboard for kids. Yes, it is youth loving, bluish, complete MEKETEC 22 inches Mini Cruiser. 

The compact plastic body made it a featured product for beginners. You would love to maneuver and take it around for fun. Additionally, it is a CE Certified sports product. 

Skate lovers are praising this best skateboard for its stability and sturdiness. No doubt, it has a great combination of soft casters with flexible polypropylene material.

This mini cruiser skateboard for kids comes in 22 x 6 x 4 inches with 4 pounds weight. You can enjoy a smooth cruising with 200 pounds of weight capacity. 

MEKETEC mini skateboard has a high-quality PP deck with 60mm x 45 PU smooth wheels. The 3.25 inches solid trucks absorb sudden shocks with world-class ABEC-7 bearings. One more thing, it’s the best budget skateboard for kids.

The CE certified MEKETEC mini skateboard comes in 22 x 6 x 4 inches with 4 pounds of weight. You can enjoy its ride with a weight capacity of 200 pounds as recommended.

The high-quality PP deck makes a perfect combination with 60mm x 45 PU world best durable wheels. Its 3.25 inches quality trucks, along with ABEC-7 bearings, make it a featured product in the market.

BELEEV Skateboards for Beginners


  • Variety of colors and designs
  • High-speed ABEC-7 quality Bearings
  • Shock absorption features
  • All-in-One Skate Tools
  • PU powerful plastic wheels
  • Best skateboard for 7 years old and above
  • Best budget skateboards for kids


  • Low height product 
  • Moderate speed only
Best Skateboards for Kids

Our next loving pick is marvelous. Its BELEEV skateboards for beginners. Experience the eye-catching and creative design with a concave deck. It’s a ready-to-ride skateboard with five beautiful designs. 

The 10mm thick, 7-ply famous Canadian Maple Wood makes it durable and sturdy. You can consider its durability up to 220 lbs. Also, you will find 5 inches Heavy-Duty Aluminium Alloy Trucks. More reliable skateboard for overweight riders in the beginning. 

Beleev Skateboard is suitable for different riding styles like cruising, commuting, tricks, and freestyling. And, of course, it is perfect for all-level riders.

This 32 inches long and 8 inches wide weighs only 4.7 lbs. You can carry it around. It has a double kick symmetric concave design that simply allows you more energy from heels to toes. That’s what a rider needs. 

Now, come to the safety side, it has excellent traction between your shoes and the board. The waterproof emery, which is non-slip grip tape, plays a vital role in friction. 

You would love to have better control than other boards while maneuvering. That’s why we consider it the best skateboard for 6 years old and above. 

Kids love cruising. The 55mm 95A high-rebound PU Wheels have anti-Slippery features. On the other hand, there are shock absorbers and high-speed ABEC-7 precision bearings. 

Enjoy the bumpy path with a solid smooth ride. Another essential thing, BELEEV skateboard comes with All-in-One skate T-Tools. Moreover, it’s a cheap skateboard for kids.
BELEEV Skateboards come in 31 inches long and 8 inches wide. Skate lovers consider it the best skateboard for kids, teens, and adults. And, don’t forget to make it a surprise gift for your loved ones on their birthdays.

Blank Decks Warning Skateboard Deck (Colors May Vary)


  • Super flex Plastic deck 
  • Shock Absorber
  • Reduce wheel friction for fast rolling 
  • Best skateboard for 7 years kids


  • The plastic smell in the early days of use
  • Trucks adjustment is hard
Best Skateboards for Kids

The Skatro complete skateboard comes with two stunning features: The exclusive Skatro Flex Technology, and Skatro durable ABEC 7 bearings.

Its wheel-friction reducing feature has made it the most selling skateboard for kids in the world. All these three features made it different from other products. 

Moreover, the perfect combination of 59MM Urethane Skatro wheels and smooth rotary of quality bearings along with 3-inch lightweight aluminum trucks produces a flexible and long-lasting plastic deck.

You’d love its variety of twenty colors and designs. All Skatro skateboards come with a color matching, smart and free T-tool.

Skatro Skateboard comes 22 x 6.5 x 5.5 inches dimensions with 5.05 pounds weight. It has a weight capacity of 200 pounds.

PlayWheels Skateboard- Best Budget Skateboard


  • High quality maple wood 
  • you need little effort to get speed 
  • single kicktail gives you better control
  • Fantastic grip surface
  • Best budget skateboard for kids


  • Best for lightweight and smaller feet rider
Best Skateboards for Kids

Playwheels skateboard is a famous one in growing gems. It comes with three spider designs and colors. With a tough and stiff deck, the 9 pliers quality Maplewood makes it durable. In the early days, children use their board extremely rough and hard so it’s the best choice to learn fast.

The single kicktail design is an outstanding feature and it provides an easier way to brake while improving control. With a special grip surface, kids can quickly get the feel of the board and learn better with confidence.

It is famous for its single kicktail design. 

You’d love its superb control and balance that is good to gain confidence while playing tricks.

We found its suitability for ages 8 to 10 years because it can manage lightweight riders having small size feet. You can suppose a weight limit of 100 pounds for its best use. So, we consider it the best skateboard for 9 years old kids according to weight and height.

It comes in 21 x 6 x 4.5 inches dimension with a 2-pound weight. It is suitable for under 100-pound weight capacity. Interestingly, it has PVC-injected 50mm x 27mm strong wheels within its fair price. The manufacturer has made it durable by using Nylon bearings and composite trucks.

Merkapa Skateboard- Best mini cruiser skateboard


  • Rotary-Motions Light-Up wheels without batteries
  • CE certified
  • Shock absorption feature 
  • Flexible Deck
  • Best skateboard for 8 years old kids


  • You need to adjust the wheels off and on
Best Skateboards for Kids

Some of the kids love led lights on skateboard wheels. Merkapa skateboard has come up with a super surprise. It generates the required electricity from rotary power and when the wheel becomes too loose, led starts lightening. So, there is no use of batteries at all.

Merkapa has introduced five attractive and exclusive designs for fun. The single kike PP plastic board comes in 22 inches long and 6 inches wide. The manufacturer has used quality aluminum for its heavy-duty 3.2 inches base along with V-truck and ABEC-7 famous bearings. 

You can consider a classic mini cruiser deck because of its 60mm x 45mm large and soft PU Wheels. These wheels are famous for resistance, great grip, and comfort. Experts count these as the best shock absorber wheels for skateboarding.

You’d love to see its super shock absorption feature for a smooth ride. The flexible deck comes in an excellent size with a moderate speed. Quite safe and secure to use for fun. We have a super load capacity up to 180 LB which is suitable for 10 to 11 years old kids.

The Merkapa mini cruiser is a little bit heavier than other available boards in these 22 inches x 6 inches models. We found the sole reason that is the quality material. Even Though you can carry it around.  

Moreover, Merkapa skateboard has CE certification to meet all safety standards. It comes in 22 x 6 x 5 inches dimensions with 4.10 weight. You’ll find it good to carry a 180-pound weight capacity with a high quality PP deck. 

It contains a 60mm x 45mm strong PU wheel 78A with ABEC-7 bearings. You can consider it the best skateboard deck for kids by its 3.2” heavy-duty aluminum trucks. Have fun with fantastic stuff.

Cal 7 Skateboard- Smart and Compact Skateboard


  • Value for the money
  • Fully assembled and ready-to-use
  • Multiple color options
  • Wide deck for tall kids
  • Best skateboard for 9 years old


  • You need to buy a separate skate tool for adjustment
  • You will find it hard to remove the plastic wrap underneath the bolts
Best Skateboards for Kids

The kids aged 10 years and above want a different and catchy skateboard for fun. They look for a compact and smart one. Who says that a smart and compact skateboard for kids is costly? Here you would find the best one on a fair budget. Yes, the best skateboard for kids with super cool designs.

The attractive Cal 7 skateboard comes in seven colorful and attractive designs that you would love a lot. Parents love to buy it as a birthday surprise. Fully assembled and ready-to-use for little champions. 

You’d love to know about its stunning and worth mentioning features. It has a little extended deck length which allows a smooth and comfortable ride for long-feet kids.  

The Cal 7 Skateboard comes in 22.5 x 6.1 x 3.7 inches with 3.65 pounds of weight. It has a weight capacity of 176 pounds and that’s why we consider it the best skateboard for 12 years old kids. 

Now, you can enjoy skateboarding with its flexible and quality plastic deck powered by 60 mm wheels. The use of 3.125-inch aluminum alloy trucks along with ABEC 7 bearings made it the best skateboard for kids. Its quality speaks louder than words.

Skitch Premium Skateboard – Skateboards for 10-12 years old


  • High-quality custom bushings 
  • Maneuverable ABEC-9 bearings for high speed
  • Stiffer wheels roll faster with little efforts
  • Best skateboard for 10 years old


  • Paint on the board diminishes within a short time
Best Skateboards for Kids

As we go to higher ages, things change accordingly. Kids aged 10 and up want to try something unique and different. The Skitch Premium Skateboard can be a superb choice for them. 

The adjustable stiffness is the stunning feature according to the needs of the rider. You would love its high-quality bushes that allow you to take a sharp turn or carve sharply with comfort.

The Skitch skateboard comes with soft wheels and ABEC-9 bearings. That is a quality product that guarantees a smooth flow of rolling skateboard. Now the required speed is good according to the kids’ age and quite manageable.

It comes in 22 x 6 x 5 inches of dimension with 4.10 pounds weight. 

The loading capacity is 200 pounds which are quite suitable at this age. The plastic deck with 82A to 85A super High-Rebound Polyurethane wheels makes a friendly balance for best riding. 

The shock-absorbing ABEC 9 chrome steel bearings and steel trucks make it stronger for use.

RIMABLE Skateboard- Complete 22 Inches Skateboard for kids


  • Stiffer deck rolls smoother with less effort
  • On the bumpy path, wheels work fantastically
  • The wheels light up without batteries when rolling
  • Best skateboard for 11 years old


  • Different colors than on the images
  • Paint has a short life
  • One More Loving One
Best Skateboards for Kids

If you are looking for an extra length, go for it. You would love to have its 198-Pounds load capacity. That’s why we consider it the best skateboard for 11 and 12 years old.

In this new model, the wheels are soft gel and have a 60mm diameter for a smooth roll and light-up without batteries. Moreover, the flexible 3-inches aluminum trucks with high-speed bearings satisfy you with the quality.
It comes in 22 X 6 X 4 inches of dimension with 4-pounds weight. RIMABLE Skateboard is a quality product that can manage a load capacity of 198 pounds.

Best Skateboard for kids for Tricks and Skateparks


  • High-end Canadian maple wood with anti-rust hardware 
  • For more aesthetic look, It has a see-through grip tape
  • Quality production
  • Durable, and strong
  • Best skateboard for 12 year old


  • A little bit expensive
Best Skateboards for Kids

Things don’t seem finished yet without discussing Magneto Skateboard. Yes, this is the loving one. It is because of the double kick tails. Now, your practice is easier to learn, have fun, and take around a supper choice. 

Enjoy the general tick-tacking, ollies with passion, flip with adventure, and many more. Its maple-wood deck is beautiful in its natural color. 

The high-end maple wood is a famous quality in skate decks and you would find it durable, strong, and flexible while riding. Yes, it’s Canadian maple-wood. Its graphics are catchy and bold. You would love its four different charming colors and designs.

It comes in 28.8 x 8.8 x 5.5 inches with a handy weight of 6.05 pounds. It has a great load capacity for growing kids up to 275 pounds. The urethane 78A wheels and strong ABEC-11 bearings make perfect competition for skateboarders. The 5-inches aluminum trucks move like a dolphin. 

The grip tape is quite inspiring for me. Now ride every day and everywhere. That’s great.

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How to buy the Best Skateboard for Kids? 

Kids are curious about skateboarding. Your kid may be one of them. In everyday life, children get inspired by their friends and fellows, and most of the choices match with their friends. It’s an excellent time to select the best skateboard for your kid to enjoy with their friends. 

We know that skateboarding at an early age is a little dangerous, but somehow we have to manage. Otherwise, kids can’t grow. Before their wish, as a realistic approach to consider skateboarding, we should guide them well about safe skateboarding. It’s time to make them trained.

We need to provide them with the best suitable skateboard to ride. Similarly, take all safety measures to protect them well. You can even help them learn the art of skateboarding. Once they become an expert, they will have no worries at all for the rest of life. 

Best Skateboard for Kids | A Complete Buying Guide

When you are looking for a good skateboard for your kid, keep some essential points. Always match the most suitable skateboard with your kid’s age, height, and weight.

In the beginning, parents should take care of safety. Now come to the second thing, which is cheap skateboards for kids. We would recommend buying the best budget skateboard in the beginning—the reason behind the kid’s choice varies from time to time.

Always keep in mind the hard use of the skateboard in the beginning. Children will learn through this, isn’t it?

Here comes the quality, which we can’t ignore in the end. A durable and quality skateboard will satisfy you. We must know that the choice of kids and their bodies are growing, so their choices are changing. Considering all these, we can’t buy a product for long-time use.

Top20Plus - best skateboard for beginners

Select the Right Size of Skateboard for kids

Selecting the best skateboard deck for kids is very easy. Choose one best size out of four available sizes in the market. The youth skateboard or skateboard for adults can stumble your child while riding. So, according to age, height, and weight is the best choice.

Many skateboard brands produce a variety of the best mini skateboards. Well decorated and colorful.

  • Micro Deck
  • Mini Deck
  • Mid-Size Deck
  • Full-Size Deck

Let’s know about them one by one.

     We consider these the best skateboard deck for 5 years old or less. This deck has a width range from 6.5 inches to 6.75 inches, which is suitable for beginners at this age.

    A micro skateboard is a good one for safe riding under age 5. The shoe size three or smaller is suitable for riding. Its width is competent to manage the kid’s confidence slowly. 

    On the safe side, we recommend going for a skateboard for a 4-year-old kid or older only. Before this age, we feel insecure. 

    Mini Deck

    A mini skateboard deck is good for 6 years old to 8 years old children. All small skateboards, which are around 7 inches wide, are mini decks. 

    The deck manages a size between 3.5 to 4.5 feet tall kids. The shoe size is ideal. If your kid comes under this size, go for the mini skateboard for a safe ride.

    Mid-Size Deck

    More than 7 inches wide, we consider it a mid-size skateboard. Children having a height from 4.5 feet to 5.3 feet can enjoy a good ride on a medium-sized skateboard deck. 

    The average shoe size for this deck is between 7 to 8 is ideal. For growing kids, you will have almost six months to use these types of decks. After a few months, kids get a proper height, and you will have to go for a full-size deck.

    Full-Size Deck 

    Once your kid gets a height of 5.3 feet, it is time to move on to the next level. Yes, The full-size skateboard. Its width size is 7.5 inches. The variation of dimensions depends on the design too. 

    We recommend a shoe size of 9 or larger is ideal for this cruising skateboard.

    Top20Plus - best skateboard for 5 year old

    Type of Skateboard for kids According to Use

    There are two main but famous types of kids’ skateboards. 

    • Shortboard -Best for tricks and skateparks
    • Longboard -Best for cruising and racing

    The shape of the board does matter. The concave boards are the best skateboards for 10 years old to do tricks. Longboards are comparatively faster than shortboards. 

    Bold and courageous youngsters love longboards for cruising and racing. At the same time, sharp-minded children love shortboards for doing tricks and riding in skateparks. It will be more interesting if your kid gets both of these simultaneously.  

    In both cases, prefer the loved one by your loving kid. Further, these two types have different features like structure, style, material, control, tricks, and like that.  

    In short, we can divide into three types of kid’s skateboards according to the skate decks and shape.

    • Classic Shortboard for kids

    This typical skateboard comes with a rounded nose and tail. The Nose and tail make it easy to grab onto for famous tricks. Usually, shortboards are famous for tricks because they can turn it faster than a longboard.

    Now, not all kids would love to do tricks, but classic shortboards will help them learn at the beginning with better control.

    • Cruising Longboard for kids

    A longboard is a popular style in teens for racing and cruising. It has larger wheels and a more extended deck, which gives more space to ride.  

    Kids love to travel from point A to B for fun. They always love cruising at a reasonable speed.

    Top20Plus - best skateboard for 8 year old

    Snakeboard for kids 

    It is an emerging type of skateboard that is popular amongst teens around the world today. 

    It has just two wheels. Kids love new and innovative things to create uniqueness and difference, so they like snakeboard glazing on the roads or parks with speed and tricks.

    Think about Wheel Durometer | Important to for You

    Now, decide which type of wheel it should be. You have a choice to buy a separate wheelset for the small skateboard. But that must be from the same brand for the best match.

    Long Wheels

    For bumpy rides, large wheels are right to ride. Young skaters feel difficulty maneuvering with long ones. 

    Short Wheels

    On the other hand, small wheels pick up sharp turns and speed. In addition to size, the hardness or durometer of the skateboard’s wheel is vital to consider. You can find it with mini deck skateboards or in termite mini skateboards.

    Top20Plus - best skateboard for 10 year old

    Soft Wheels

    It grips very well, which allows kids to make tricks easier to do in a short space. 

    Hard Wheels 

    It slides a bit, allowing you to drift superbly around turns with ease. However, for beginners, it may be a little tricky. The best skateboard for a 12 year old contains hard wheels that are good to take.

    Children learn very fast. Just prepare them well to go through.

    Make sure of their safety through the best helmet, knee pads, and arm pads. Let them know the importance of using special shoes for skateboarding. 

    Falling off is a part of skateboarding. Little by little, children will learn how to ride a skateboard safely. So, appreciate each time when they get up and make it again and again.

    Best Brands of Skateboard for kids 

    • BELEEV
    • KUYOU


    What age is appropriate for a skateboard?

    Generally, children under five should not skateboard as The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends, but people take their children skateboarding in a safe mode.

    It seems that parents can’t stop their children from this trend. The AAP also recommends taking precautionary measures to supervise closely for children under 10.

    What is the best skateboard for a 7-year-old?

    For beginners, it’s good to have MEKETEC Complete Mini Cruiser because it’s durable with a catchy design and colors. It is also famous and trending among kids of similar ages.

    Which skateboard is easiest to ride?

    It’s all about the practice we do. To start, we have to learn step by step. A longboard is a good option to learn how to keep the body balanced

    Can you lose weight by skateboarding?

    Yes, skateboarding is good exercise. Believe it or not, if you have got the best skateboard for kids Skateboarding for 30 minutes can help you to lose weight between 150-300 calories. It also depends upon your body weight and metabolism rate etc.

    Final Verdict

    There are multiple skateboards in the market for kids to buy. With a conservative approach, we need to look for their needs, not desires. Some skateboards have a short life and some are quite expensive. We have to go according to the specific match with our kid’s height and weight. 
    On the other hand, define the stage of the rider. If the rider is at the beginning level then take the hard and stuff one for a little longer use. When it comes to the intermediate level, we should go for a moderate one. 
    When our child becomes an expert, he or she will help us to compare the quality of the products. Let’s involve them to learn how to select the best skateboard for them. 

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