Best Skateboard Decks – Top 10 Picks for 2021

If you’re in love with skateboarding and searching for the best skateboard decks, stay with us. Top20Plus can help you select suitable, affordable, and stylish skateboard decks. 

After going through our in-depth research and suggestions, you will be in a better position to decide. If you already have a skateboard and just need another skateboard deck, we will suggest the best option.

Like You, every skateboarder loves some extra features in skateboard decks. You may be interested in style, brand, or quality, Like that. Skaters usually look for some lightweight but a crazy one. After going through my research and suggestions, you will surely find your best skateboard deck.

Best Skateboard Decks – Top 10 Picks

Moose Old School Skateboard Deck (10″ x 33″, Natural)


  • Best skate deck for cruising, ramps, and pools
  • Best quality material
  • Smooth with great finishing
  • Lightweight & Durable
  • Worth the Money


  • No grip tape with it

With an old school flavor, the Old School skateboard deck is famous for its stunts and tricks. Its modern concave scooped nose, and large kicktail is impressive with 10′ x 33″ dimensions classic fish-style. 

It is the 16 wheelbase, retro-style deck and a stained series of Blank Old School skateboards. That’s why I consider it the best skateboard deck for pro.

You will find it versatile because this deck is fantastic for both cruising and skating the park. The concave is impressive for its stability with significant control. This 7-ply deck comes with 100% Canadian Maple. A perfect lightweight and durable stuff.

Moose Old School Skateboard Deck is a top choice for students. You will find that every third deck is Moose made. There is no doubt about its quality material and finishing. Moose have drilled holes beautifully with the new school standard bolt Pattern. 

Now, it’s time to mount any of your loving trucks on this classic board. Enjoy a superb ride. And, don’t forget to put rails on it for more fun.

When it comes to its colors, it has much variety. You can create your custom deck for fun. Its natural bamboo color is more attractive than dipped white and dipped black. But, blue, black, red, green, or purple colors remain demanding by girls.

In the end, It has another handy choice for artwork if you don’t ride. Paint it and hang it like your classical piece of artwork. 

Moose Blank Skateboard Deck (Natural)


  • Suitable for artwork
  • Stable and durable
  • The best budget skateboard deck
  • 7-ply construction
  • Multiple sizes
  • Variety of Colors
  • 100% Canadian Maple


  • Weak sauce
  • Can’t buy a single one

Our Top pick is the Moose Blank Skateboard deck. You will find its original U-concave shape perfect while skating at a very high speed. It comes with a detachable grip, but you can also buy another deck-grip according to your ease.

Moose Blank Skateboard Deck is stable and comfortable and contains 7 ply Canadian Maple for better strength and durability. Skaters consider it the best skateboard deck ever they have. Now, come to the nose and tail, which are steep and best for pop. If you are a beginner, go for it. It is the best skateboard deck for a beginner. 

You would love to perform tricks and stunts, no matter what level of skating do you have. That’s the big reason we recommend it to all. You will never forget its cruising fun while skating. 

The popularity of the Moose Blank skateboard deck is its comfort for people of all age brackets. It is available in five different colors, but you would love its Multi and Assorted one the most.

Moose blank skateboard deck comes in 75 Inches Long and 31.5 inches wide, and available in multiple sizes like 7.0, 7.63, 8.25, and 8.75 inches. You can choose that work well for you. The Moose is offering in both dipped and stained colorways. It depends whether you see the wood-grain or keep it stable.

Bamboo Skateboards Graphic Decks


  • Best money value
  • Lots of pop
  • Robust, Durable and Flexible
  • Also useful for Heavy Skaters
  • Available in 10 Versatile Designs


  • Lighter than a Regular Deck
  • No grip tape with it

The bamboo-wood is famous for flexibility and durability. The regular skate decks can’t handle a hard turn, but it remains smooth. The shock-absorbing bamboo-wood has been the first choice for cruising, stunts, and tricks. 

The six-layer of Bamboo Skateboards Graphic Decks provides better control while you are at high speed. I must appreciate its quality and performance. The shape of the nose and tail remain the same after hard use. That’s the beauty we like most. You can see its pointy-tail, which helps you to scoop. Now come to the rounded nose, which allows in flipping well.

You will notice its deep concave deck, which is good for stability. You can choose your best skateboard design out of Ten available famous designs. Bamboo, as a known skate brand, offers Circle, Green Fish, 3 Reasons, Can’t Skate, and Power as the top five skate decks designs. 

The other five models include Revolution, Seal, Geometricity, Moso, and Nebula. People love its unique circular design, which is the most selling one.

It doesn’t come with grip tape. You will have to manage it separately.

It may take time to get fit with your ride, but remember the best skateboard deck takes time to adjust. I found it lighter than regular Maple and plywood decks. Its natural color makes it more attractive for skaters. 

It comes in three sizes for all levels of skateboarding. The first one comes in 7.75 x 31.5 inches, which is the best skateboard deck for pro skaters. The second one comes in 8 x 31.75, which is the best for average skaters. The last one is available in 8.25 x 32 inches that suits beginners. There is no reason to consider it as an affordable skateboard deck. 

Bamboo Skateboards Blank Skateboard Deck


  • Great for custom art
  • Best bamboo and maple wood combination
  • Smooth blank deck
  • Lightweight
  • Long-Lasting deck
  • Deep concave
  • Robust, stable and flexible


  • Only best for an average height

Let me introduce the best skateboard deck for pop. It’s long-lasting and absorbs shocks better than other blank decks. It is a well-tested deck for strength and flexibility. Now, you can jump down a vast stair set. You would love to fly around on a halfpipe with Bamboo skateboards, Blank Skateboard Deck. Skaters use it for months to enjoy tricks, stunts, and cruise. Now, You can nail your favorite skills without breaking your skateboard.

Although its best skateboard deck for all levels of user yet it seems perfect for a beginner. It is a 6-ply bamboo and maple hybrid skate deck, which improves sustainability.

So, I have no fear of saying it is an eco-friendly deck, which has sustainable material. It’s my observation that skaters keep trying to remain different and unique so that you can try it once for sure. 

It is a deep concave blank deck, and you will find it fit for all levels from beginner to pro. It is available in multiple sizes, and you need to choose the most suitable one for skateboarding. The Bamboo Skateboards Blank Skateboard Deck is lightweight, smooth, and durable stuff. 

Blank Decks Warning Skateboard Deck (Colors May Vary)


  • Nice Canvas
  • Perfect for an art project
  • Sturdy and classy
  • Budget-friendly
  • Smooth Maple
  • Solid Board for Cruising and Park
  • Great money value


  • No color choice

If you’re looking for a blank deck rather than a colored one, this skateboard deck is the super choice. You can say it is a simple and blank skateboard deck. It has a lovely canvas with great value.

Although this skate deck comes in a different color choice is yours. You can see its colorful top, and the grip tape will cover it. So it doesn’t matter a lot. 

Now, come to the bottom. It has a natural color. The beautiful solid construction makes it long-lasting. You can ask a question about its durability. Yes, it depends on two things. One is its quality, and the second one is its care. You need to keep it dry for prolonged use. Moisture can spoil it.

For beginners, it may be more substantial than they expect. But for pro skaters, it is the best skateboard deck for tricks and ground stunts. They find it very vibrant. For beginners, it may become stiff, but pro skaters have some different views. They feel that it is a little softer and more comfortable than others. 

You may like a stiffer board, but my recommendation is the best skateboard for pro skaters. Some skaters found it excellent for landing from upside down, and it didn’t crack. It is a stiff one, and you may not see it flexible as compared to other decks. Its canvas is somewhat steep, so it may take time to adjust.

Warning Skateboard Deck has a fresh design with perfect size. You will find it great for replacement decks on a reasonable budget. You can consider it as a longboard. This skate deck is 3 inches high and 34 inches long. The width of this blank skateboard deck is 9 inches. 

Bamboo Skateboards Graphic Skateboard Deck 


  • High-quality bamboo deck
  • Pretty solid and flexible
  • Affordable skateboard deck
  • Best money value


  • Extra flexible

Every skateboarder is in love with POP, and I can’t miss this awesome deck to mention on my list. Yes, its Graphic Skateboard Deck. The ‘Bamboo Skateboard‘ has been producing this fantastic stuff since 2008 from Southern California, USA.

It is a medium-concave skateboard deck that is flexible, stable, and long-lasting. Many experts prefer it on maple boards. It has shown its high performance under pressure. You will find it the best shock absorber while jumping down, flying around on a famous halfpipe, and hitting a rail. 

Now, you are free to have more improvisation in skating. The bamboo skateboard uses the highest quality of bamboo to make this deck. I am fair enough to say that it is a sustainable material and eco-friendly. Just look at the perfect combination of 6-ply and maple hybrid with impressive finishing. 

You will find it perfect for all levels of skating. It will add a happy surprise to you about the Bamboo brand. As a producer, Bamboo company is making tremendous efforts for the eco-friendly alternatives. They are growing plants on the reduction of Canadian Maple wood. A highly sensible decision.   

It is available in eighteen versatile colors and three different sizes. Wherein, the first one is 7′ .75″ x 31′ .75″ which is the best skateboard deck for pro skaters. The second one comes in 8′ .0″ x 31′ .75″ dimension, which is the best skateboard deck for beginners. Now, the last one is the best option for tall and medium-weight skaters. Its full dimension is 8′ .25″ x 32′ .0″. 

You have to buy the grip tape separately as the company doesn’t provide the grip with it. The price of  Bamboo Skateboards Graphic Skateboard Deck is quite reasonable.

It is vital to buy skateboard trucks, wheels, and rails according to the deck. Otherwise, you can choose your best skateboard deck according to your accessories available at home.

Cal 7 Blank Skateboard Deck with Grip Tape


  • Great board for a high price
  • Superb quality
  • Sturdy and with a free grip tape
  • Best money value


  • A bit heavier than others

Let’s come to the new one- a medium concave skate deck that contains a symmetrical popsicle shape. This famous Chinese maple deck is perfect for skating on any hard surface. It works very well for all styles and all levels of skaters.

Your skate deck must be hard enough to absorb the shocks of your body while skating. The 7-ply skateboard deck is famous for its overall best performance. The Cal 7 Blank Skateboard Deck covers all features in a single pack. 

It has beautiful colors, including maple grain, different sizes, flexible and robust material. You can add the skateboard grip tape here for its extra feature. Yes, it comes with a superb grip tape, which is not available generally with other skate decks.

It comes in seven excellent colors and three different designs. You might like its dyed color option for you. The first one is 7.75 “W x 31.5”L, and the second one comes in 8.0 “W x 31.5”L. The last size is a little long with 8.25 “W x 31.5”L. 

Powell-Peralta Skateboard Flight Deck


  • Solid Deck
  • Worth every penny
  • Nice Shape Mellow tail
  • An Exciting new Shape to Boot
  • Snap Proof


  • Be sure about the number of mounting holes and holes of your trucks.

Apart from 7-ply, this robust, thin, and lightweight skate deck is impressive. It gives a feel of 7-ply within one or two hours of the ride. Let’s extend our limits to a new horizon. Let’s ollie higher and flip faster. It is hard to crack like 7-ply.

The fiber-reinforced structure of this deck is crack-resistant and absorbs more shocks in a single jump.  Powell-Peralta uses carbon fiber to stay healthy. The Flight deck furnishes you with a superb pop as you ride it more and more.

It is available in three different sizes, with different names and deck designs. The famous Caballero Dragon wing 243 and Decenzo Bear come in 8.25″. Similarly, Hatchell Owl 249 and Hatchell pro-Model-King come in 8.5″. The most significant size is available in 8.75″ with the Agha Lion name.

Vision Original Psycho Stick Reissue Skateboard Deck 10


  • Premium Old Style and Brand
  • Strong and Flexible
  • Best Skateboard Deck for Stunts


  • Only One Color is Available.

Vision is a big name in the production of the best skateboards of all time. The Vision has been in action since 1980, and still, the market speaks about it. Their board kept changes from time to time. The new holes patterns in their skate decks are now in the sports news.

People have a long and unforgettable association with Vision Skateboard decks. They remember their past with their skate deck. It is still interesting to hear that they are collecting its old models and offering it as a Christmas gift. 

Great old school deck comes in a modern design and style, and has a low concave and with a little nose up. The tail, on the other hand, curves substantially more. I must say that it is a Very cool reissue of the original that people had in the 80’s. The Vision kept its dimension the same: 10″ x 30″ with natural color. This deck does not include grip tape.

Anti-Hero Classic Eagle Skateboard Deck


  • Lightweight
  • Best Money Value Skateboard Deck
  • Stable and Flexible


  • Limited Stock

Our last pick has its beauty. Although it’s new in the market, this emerging can cope with the demand by outranking others. It’s speechless quality, and classic eagle graphic is trending nowadays. 

The Anti-Hero Classic Eagle Skateboard Deck is durable with medium concave. It’s awe-inspiring in stunts and tricks because of its shape.

The classical artist Todd Francis has created its iconic eagle graphic. Anti-Hero comes in 8.25″ wide, and its nose is slightly bigger than its tail. It has plenty of foot space on both.

It comes in black with 8.12 inches. The white color contains 8.6″ x 31.8″ inches and 8.12″ x 31.8″ while multicolor has mixte, skate, and trays style with an 8.38 dimension. Its black comes in 8.12″ and Blue keeps the size of 8.50″

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Step by Step Buying Guide for Best Skateboard Decks

1- Choosing The Style First

A quick question comes to our mind: How many types of skateboard decks? It is essential to know about the different styles of deck. It will affect your skating experience, so selecting the type comes first.

Skateboards typically come in four significant shapes, and each form is available for a specific style of skateboarding. Your choice should be under your experience level.

  • Shortboard
  • Cruiser
  • Longboard

Old School

Now, let’s have a brief discussion about it.

  • Shortboard- For Tricks and Stunts

Skateboarding is fun for youngsters. Those skateboarders who love to perform tricks and stunts need shortboards. You may like to have a shortboard to get air. It helps to take a swift turn and move fast as you gain speed. You can enjoy it once you get momentum. 

Experts show their tricks and stunts in the parks and streets with this. But, I do not recommend it for beginners to have a shortboard in the start. You must consider safety first. After getting control or becoming an expert, you can have fun like others.

  • Cruiser- A Deck with KickTail to Maneuver

For cruising around, it comes with kick tails. You will find it a mid-length skateboard. By cruiser skateboard, it is versatile and full of fun. Skateboarders love to manoeuvre for cruising around the street.

  • Longboard- To Enjoy Simple Skateboarding

Are you a beginner? And want to enjoy pure skateboarding? A longboard is a right choice for you. When it comes to downhill racing, it is the best skateboard deck for can say it is famous for its safety and comfort. 

All seems reasonable, but still, do you need something different? You need something special. just Like Old school, the famous one! It is lightweight and fantastic.

The Old School- Famous One for Teenagers

Its shape is different from other skateboards. You will find that there is no symmetrical shape of this skateboard. It may be in a nosy-shaped style, and because of style, teenagers love it a lot. Skateboards are portable, and kids love to have them under their arms for any riding opportunity.

2- Understanding Skateboard Deck Shapes

Shape plays a vital role in the performance of your skate deck. Nowadays, there are different shapes available in the market. It helps you, in turn, sliding, drifting, and turning. So, be careful while selecting your best skateboard deck.

Below are a few but essential shapes to consider:

  • Radial concave

The radial concave is a standard shape of skateboard decks. You can see its U curve in the middle. A simple way to enjoy skateboarding.

  • Progressive concave

When it comes to safe riding, it is famous for much space. You may be thinking, why is it so? It is the best skateboard deck shape for beginners. At the start, it seems complicated for everyone to have control. This shape helps a lot to learn how to skate quickly? And, how to ride on skateboards safely?

  • W-concave

To have a swift turn and a quick move, W-concave is the best. You can see two curves in this type of skateboard decks. One is on the top and the second one is in the center. Some fast skaters use it beautifully for stunts and tricks.

I found it so helpful because it turns with no time and keeps the balance for the rider. You should always have safety measures because it’s not an easy job to drive W-concave skateboard decks.

  • Asymmetrical

It involves when the rails elevate at different angles. When you need more power for a swift turn while skating, the asymmetrical shape helps you a lot. The nose and tail play a significant role in keeping your angle as you want.

  • Flat 

It has a deck with no curve. Usually, it is present in some cutout and drop-down longboards. You will hardly find it in the market. The flat shape is rare these days.

  • Tub

The skateboard rails take a sharper angle with the extension from the deck. It is because of the tub’s curves in the middle. It is like the radial concave, which helps to deliver mellow with swift turning.

  • Convex

Now, the situation is entirely different. It’s convex. I believe that it is uncommon to find. The reason is straightforward that it is with an upward arch and provides a natural foot placement. It seems odd while skating on the road and challenging to ride as well.

Now, I come to other aspects quickly.

Other Features of Shape

Is there anything still left to talk about a deck? Yes, Camber, Rocker, and Kicktail are on the other side.

  • Camber & Rocker 

The camber skateboards have a raised middle. Similarly, rockers, on the other side, have dropped the middle. The difference is to affect the flex of your deck. You may see that most of the skate decks available in the market come with a neutral but simple deck camber. 

You can still easily find some longboards and cruisers with a camber shape deck because the higher center of gravity, camber decks have more flex. In rocker decks, the center of gravity is low. As a whole, skaters love the sloped-shape skateboards.

  • Kicktail 

The stunts and tricks lovers need the kicktail skateboards. It has an upward curve on the ends of the deck. KickThis helps skaters for a swift turn, slide, and pivots.

3- Know the Construction of Skateboard Deck

Before further suggestions, it is essential to know what a skateboard construction is? Interesting? 

Over the year, with the same necessary steps, manufacturers provide a variety. To make a reliable but flexible skateboard deck, producers use maple wood. It usually comes from Canada. The main objective is to create a durable and flexible skateboard deck for different shapes.

However, the ply number, which depends on size, can vary. Some skateboards have 9-ply maple wood construction, which is for tall riders. On the other hand, most are having 7-ply construction as majority skaters are teenagers.

Manufacturers press many plies together for a flexible and robust skateboard deck. They place veneers on one another. Keeping in view the width, the length, and the cross-bearing, they use alternative surfaces. Further, they apply strong wood glue and put it for a hard press. Next is to make the nose and tail for a required shape.

Finally, they drill the holes for trucks and use a bandsaw to cut the deck’s shape from large pieces into a rounded one. To make it smooth, they process it for finishing by varnish and polish. The skateboard deck is ready to deliver in the market after sealing.

4- Choose the Right Length

Again, it’s your choice to see which length is right for you. Here are the reasons:

Skateboard deck Length

We measure the length from its nose and down to the tail. It is generally from 28 inches to 32 inches. Some of the pro skaters like the long-length skateboard debut for beginners, it should be medium. It will be easier if you go under your height and weight.

 The longboard has a broader profile. And, contrary to it, a shortboard tends to be narrow.

Choose the length base according to your need. For stunts, you may need a shortboard with a narrow profile. If you are professional, then you should go for a longboard. Pro skateboarder and love to cruise around the town with it. You have to improve your balance and stability before going on the longboard.

5- Choose the Right Width for Skateboard deck

The regular skateboard deck falls between 7.5 inches and 8.75 inches. You can say, as a general rule, full boards perform better because of suitable space for feet. And, the narrow ones have less space.

With time your drive will improve, then you need to learn some new skills. A more foot space will allow you to have more center of gravity to control the deck.

6- Consider the Age Factor

According to size with age, we divide the skateboard deck into four categories.

  • Micro Deck
  • Mini Deck
  • Mid-size Deck
  • Full-Size Deck

 Let’s go through quickly.

  • Micro Deck

The small size is for kids under five years. The range of width is between 6.5 inches to 6.75 inches. Similarly, the length varies from 27.2 inches to 27.6 inches. It is the best skateboard deck for kids under 3’5″ height.

  • Mini Deck

It is a suitable skateboard deck for kids between 6 to 8 years of age. The ideal width is 7.0 inches, and the length is 28 inches for this age bracket. The recommended height should be from 3’5″ to 4’4″ for the best ride.

  • Mid-size Deck

Between 9 years to 12 years, a mid-size deck is a better option. At least, at this age, they get proper knowledge about skateboarding. I am talking about stunts and tricks too. The ideal recommended width and length for a mid-size skateboard are 7.3 inches – 29 inches. 

  • Full-Size Deck

Now, in the end, the full-size deck. For kids, over 13 years of age and taller than 5 feet 3 inches can have the full-size skateboard deck. Its maximum width is 7.5 inches. 

7- Consider the Skateboard Wheelbase

The distance between the two sets of drilled mounting holes is the wheelbase. Generally, its range lies between 13 inches to 15 inches. Short height kids can have a narrow wheelbase. It will be more convenient for them. Similarly, the tall skaters should go for a wider wheelbase for a good ride.

The wider wheelbase is the best one for skating on the road.

8- Considering the Skateboard Nose & Tail

The nose is the front of the skateboard deck. And, opposite to it, the tail is the back of it. For a new skateboarder, it may be difficult to understand its shape just by looking at it.

The graphics on skateboard decks show the difference—usually, the bigger kick in the nose. Similarly, the tail has a mellower kick.

9- Considering the Skateboard Mounting Holes 

Where we attach the skateboard truck are mounting holes. Why are these important, and why should you consider it while selecting your best skateboard deck?

If you are replacing your skateboard deck with a new one, see the number of holes. The number of mounting holes must be the same in both parts. Some have one set of holes, and some come with multiple holes. Be careful.

10- Considering Skateboard Rails

Another critical aspect of the skateboard is the rails. The rails in skates are the edges that run along the side. Its shape can affect your performance. Its round shape is famous for the best skateboard decks. 

I believe it is suitable for flipping tricks. The sharp rails and the gas pedal rails are also popular in the skaters.

11- Considering the Ply

With a wooden base of the skateboard deck, the multiple layers of ply make it durable. Many skate decks are available with a single piece of wood, but every skate deck is not best for a bumpy ride. The best skateboard decks are sturdy and durable because of the cross-grain pattern.

The 7-ply skateboard deck is a famous and cheap one. It has average durability, but the 9-ply skateboard deck is more durable than 7-ply skateboard decks. Its price is a little higher. 

12- The Brand – Top 10 Best Skateboard Deck Brands 

I always prefer quality material over a big name; both may be present in one place. With your dream skateboard deck, you only want to have the best one, right? So, let’s see the top 10 skateboard deck brands of 2020. Yes, the worth of the brand does matter if we know the quality. Many of your friends introduce their deck with its brand name. Isn’t it? You must know them well.

  1. Element
  2. Girl
  3. Polar
  4. Toy Machine
  5. Anti Hero
  6. Palace
  7. Real
  8. Santa Cruz
  9. Flip
  10. Baker

Now let’s come to the price at the end. To read more about the top 10 best skateboard decks brand, click here.

13- Considering Skateboard Deck Prices

Well, now we have to decide the price factor. Choosing the best skateboard deck within our price range may be difficult, but we will try. We will optimize our choice with the best complete skateboard decks.

The excellent range is available between $50 to $80. If we go for higher, then it comes to $80 to $120 for pro skaters. The last bracket is stunning. It is around $120 to $350, which is, of course, a costly one, it’s terrific to use. 

I found many skaters are in love with premium quality for its style and long-lasting use. Let’s check one by one, and for you, it may be a dream skateboard deck. It would be more interesting if you buy it before your friends get it.

Final Verdict

Skateboard lovers keep trying to have different, best in performance and cheap skateboard decks available in the market. They keep an eagle eye on every well-performing skating deck and find out what the stuff is in it. 
The skate deck varies in width. For beginners, a wide one is the best. Don’t ignore the wheelbase size and deck holes. Both should match.
In our list, we have carefully selected the top skate decks available in the market. Now it’s up to you how do you see our picks and finally get your best skateboarding deck for fun. Stay blessed

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