Top 10 Best Skateboard Decks for the Street -Every Skater Must Know

The best skateboard decks for the street are the main part of a skateboard board for street skating. Moreover, if you’re buying a skate deck for the first time.

You may get confused because there are a lot of varieties available on the market. And, there’s a chance that you can’t get the best skateboard deck for the street.

As per our knowledge, most teens and adults think that an expensive deck is better. But, the best skate deck varies from person to person depending upon preferences. Depending upon shoe size, skate style, and weight of the person.

However, you may like a deck with company sponsors and logos, but it can be a low-quality skateboard deck as compared to other available options. 

Therefore, we’ve collected all the best skateboard decks for the street in one simple read article. You just have to select the one that matches your preferences and budget.

The Best Skateboard Decks for Street Available in the Market:

CCS Logo Blank Skateboard Deck


  • High-Quality Maple Wood
  • Great Available Sizes
  • Well-built Nose And Tail


  • Doesn’t Come With A Grip Tape
Best Skateboard decks for the Street

The CCS logo blank skate deck comes with a small sticker logo crafted near the truck on the tail. However, if you buy a natural deck then you won’t get a logo. 

It straightly means that a deck with a CCS logo is cheaper than the one that doesn’t have a logo.

Moreover, it’s only cheap, but they come with the same quality as the colored ones. The CCS skate deck comes with a decently crafted nose and tail. 

It features a suitable concave height and length. So, it is suitable for any street or park skater. Moreover, If you’re a beginner or an experienced skater, it can handle both situations. 

Furthermore, it’s the type of robust board that can take all beatings and heavy skating abuse. 

Above all, it consists of top-quality Canadian maple wood. While crafting it, craftsmen keep in mind that it can give you the appropriate flex and rigor.

It features stain colors on the top of the decks. So, while gripping the board you cover the stain which doesn’t affect its style.

The CCS Logo Blank Skateboard Deck comes with three size variations. 

  • One is Mini. It has a 7” width and 27.7” total deck length 
  • The second one is the Cruiser. It consists of 7.5” width and 27” length
  • Lastly, we have the standard ones. They have a (7.50”-8.5”) width and are 32” in length.

Powell-Peralta Skateboard Flight Deck


  • Thin Shape And Concave
  • Durable
  • Robust
  • Lightweight


  • Sharp Tail
  • Slightly Overpriced
Best Skateboard decks for the Street

Santa Barbara skateboard factory is the main manufacturer of Powell-Peralta® decks. 

The Powell Peralta skate deck has a flight deck shape. Flight decks are stronger, lighter, and more durable. Moreover, it has a thinner shape than your mobile

You’ll get addicted to flight decks in an hour or two. In fact, you’ll love to do more tricks on flight decks as compare to a 7-ply skateboard.

Furthermore, the flight decks also help you to flip faster and fly higher more easily.

It consists of 7 plies of the highest quality American maple. The manufacturer gives AirLam™ bladder presses to laminate the maple wood.

Moreover, they also apply water-resistant glue to all the plies to make them hard rock and indestructible. It features a long-lasting POP that never vanishes with extensive use of the deck.

Lastly, it consists of a “K15” 9.50” concave and a 4.41 pounds weight. Its total dimensions are 33” x 9.3” x 0.5” (L x W x H).

 Stoked Ride Shop Blank Skateboard Deck


  • Best Street Deck For The Money
  • Suitable For Everyone
  • Best Size And Concave
  • Durable And Flexible Construction


  • Spots And Incoherence Everywhere
Best Skateboard decks for the Street

The Stoked Ride Shop is in business for the last decade. They’re crafting the best budget skateboard decks for the street. The brand focuses to create skate decks for every beginner and expert of the game. Similarly, it’s the same high quality as the true stoked quality.

Moreover, it consists of a popsicle double kick shape. This type of design is mostly preferred for tricks and cruising around.

It has a double kick design, ideal for tricks and cruising. More often, it comes with 7-ply premium Canadian Maple wood. This material enhances the flexibility and strength of the deck. 

You can choose the width of your choice with its multiple variations in width selection. The available widths are (7.75”, 7.875”, 8.0”, 8.25”, and 8.5”). It comes with a total length of 31” with a total weight of 3 pounds.

Similarly, you can also select different colors. The offered ones are Natural, green, Blue, Red, and Purple color. Furthermore, it has a medium concave (précised nose and tail).

Toy Machine Monster Skateboard Deck


  • Durable
  • Robust
  • Great Graphics


  • Doesn’t Come With A Grip Tape
Best Skateboard decks for the Street

In 1993, a professional skater Ed Templeton founded Toy Machine Skateboards. His best friend, Ethan Fowler suggested the name Toy Machine Skateboards.

Moreover, many professional skaters started their journey from Toy Machine’s skateboards. The list is too long which includes Jamie Thomas, Josh Kalis, Bam Margera, and Kerry Getz. 

In fact, it is also featured in many famous short movies which include Heavy Metal, Jump Off, and Welcome to Hell.

Furthermore, It has a dynamic design that a beginner or expert skater, can utilize.

The Monster skate Deck comes in unique colors. You’ll also love its marvelous skull graphics. It consists of an oval shape structure. 

Apparently, you’ll get to know that its construction is better than others because it utilizes the P2 construction method. 

Furthermore, it consists of traditional 7 plies maple wood with background stains. It’s 100% tested and authentic material.

You’ll love its Aramid fiber panel on the top maple ply layer. This reinforcement panel makes it strong. And, its extra pop makes it more desirable for any kind of skater. It also features factory drilled holes for an easy skate truck installment. 

One other thing, it comes with 6 different size variations. The most in-demand dimensions are 33” x 9” x 6” (L x W x h). The Toy Machine Monster Skateboard Deck has a total weight of 2.3 pounds.

Bamboo Skateboards Graphic Skateboard Deck


  • Long-Lasting Bamboo
  • Shock Absorbent
  • Multiple Sizes


  • Sometimes May Find It Hard While Skating On Concrete
Best Skateboard decks for the Street

Since 2008, Bamboo Skateboards is in the business of crafting skateboard decks. The Southern California brand started to create bamboo skate decks as a challenging alternative to Maple decks.

You may know that it takes 60 years for a maple tree to be mature enough to harvest. While you can cut a bamboo tree only after 3-5 years.

Moreover, it was the main challenge for the brand to gain the trust of its consumers. Because every skater knows this fact.

More importantly, the manufacturer tests the skate decks for strength and these are the strongest among all. You can perform the craziest tricks and jump over ramps without breaking them. It absorbs shocks more frequently.

As its name suggests, the craftsmen craft these skate decks with pure 6 ply bamboo. You’ll know that bamboo is lighter and robust as compare to Maple wood.

It has features of a deep concave, so every level of skater can enjoy riding on it. The Bamboo skate decks come with more POP. This pop enhances its performance and durability.

One more thing, you can choose the size you prefer, because it comes with multiple size options. The available sizes are 7.75” x 31.5”, 8” x 31.75”, and 8.25” x 32” (W x L). 

You can also select your favorite graphics from 22 different available options.

Moose Old School Skateboard Deck


  • 100% Original Canadian Maple Wood
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Multiple Sizes Available


  • This Deck Doesn’t Include A Return Policy After 30 Days
Best Skateboard decks for the Street

Moose Old School deck comes with a classical fish-style shape.

Apparently, it’s a blank skate deck, so you have the freedom to customize it the way you like. And, if you don’t want to ride on it, you can place it as a decoration piece at home as well.

It consists of a scooped nose and a précised kicktail. The versatile concave provides maximum stability and sturdy control. You can use it for cruising as well as you can ride on it in a skating park.

The craftsmen give a natural finish to this 7-ply skate deck. Moreover, it consists of 100% authentic Canadian Maple wood. The material is lightweight and strong. No matter, you can also ride on it if your weight is above 360 pounds.

Similarly, it has two size variations available. You can choose the one with 10” width and 30” length. It consists of a classic fish-style shape. 

Or the other one with 10” width and 33” length. It has a full-body shape with a large kicktail. 

Moreover, the deck has a total weight of 4 pounds, and its most in-demand dimensions are 32.91” x 8.58” x 5.75” (L x W x H).

Rabd Blank Skateboard Deck Natural


  • Durable
  • Safe Construction


  • Doesn’t Include Grip Tape
Best Skateboard decks for the Street

The Rabd skateboard decks are a pure USA brand. Therefore, they assemble all the skate decks in the USA.

It comes in a versatile shape, and it’s ideal for beginners as well as professionals. If you’re looking to buy a skateboard deck for girls, then this deck is great for you.

Moreover, with its dynamic range and size, you’ll love to do cruising. And, it consists of durable safe construction, which will allow you to perform various amazing tricks.

The Rabd skate decks consist of 7 plies US-sourced high-quality maple wood.

However, the seven-ply maple wood bond consists of Franklin Multibond skate glue. And, if you want to remove the coat on the deck. Simply, use sandpaper, and you can also do your own art on the bottom.

At last, it comes with a total width of 8”, and it has only length of 32”.

MPI NOS Mahogany Skateboard Deck


  • Old Sturdy Mahogany Construction
  • Lightweight
  • Lovely Color


  • No Concave
Best Skateboard decks for the Street

The MPI Skateboard Deck is a vintage-style deck. You’ll love its bold graphics inspired by 1970s skate deck designs. Similarly, it consists of a flat, straight nose with a narrow kicktail. 

It’s a golden opportunity to purchase a brand deck that gives the feel of riding a skateboard in the 1970s. It will also give you a premium feeling of carrying a unique skate deck and will add a realistic feel while traveling around.

Moreover, you can carry it with you because of its lightweight. And, it’s solid enough that you can skate on smooth and hard surfaces with it.

So, It means that the deck doesn’t consist of a concave.

The deck consists of a single ply of Mahogany wood, which is equivalent to 8 ply construction.

Since it’s from the 70s, and it features the old school hole pattern. But, the holes are still compatible with many of today’s modern trucks.

One more thing, it has a total width of 6” and comes with a total length of 23.125”. The board thickness is 7/8”. Finally, you’ll get the deck in a beautiful dark color.

Bamboo Skateboards Blank Skateboard Deck


  • Lightweight
  • Good Shape 
  • Reasonably Priced


  • Not Good For Heavy Weight
Best Skateboard decks for the Street

Bamboo Skateboards is the first brand to craft skateboard decks with bamboo. The Southern Californian brand is in business for the last 2 decades.

If you sand down its lip frequently, then you can skate on it outside the park or on hard surfaces. However, the brand promises extra POP. The extra POP will allow you to skate more easily and the deck will last longer.

As their name suggests, these decks consist of 6 plies of Hybrid bamboo. You’ll find it more sturdy than other decks because bamboo absorbs shocks more frequently than any other deck material.

These bamboo decks consist of deep concave which is perfect for any level of skater.

More importantly, it comes with various size variations and different wheelbase sizes. The more common of them are: 

  • 7.5” width with a 31” length, it consists of a 14” wheelbase
  • 8.25” width with a 32.13” length, it consists of a 14.5” wheelbase

The total dimensions of the bamboo skateboard are 28’ x 7’ x 1” (L x W x H). One more thing, it has a total weight of 2.16 pounds.

It’s better to buy a bamboo deck if you love nature. Because it prevents Maple deforestation!

Cal 7 Blank Skateboard Deck with Grip Tape


  • Comes With A Grip Tape
  • Multiple Sizes Available
  • Different Color Variations
  • Strong Material
  • Features A Deck Tape


  • Can’t Buy A Single Deck Because It’s Available In A Pack Of 3
Best Skateboard decks for the Street

You may have heard about the brand Cal 7. This brand is famous for selling skateboard decks in a pack of 3.

It comes with a strong medium concave with an asymmetrical popsicle design. Hence, it balances the nose and kicktail of the deck. 

You can utilize this best skateboard deck for the street, for any skating activity like cruising in a street or skating in a skate park or ramp. 

No matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned skater, you can use it at any level. Furthermore, it consists of 7 ply Chinese Maple wood. It’s the only product on our list with Chinese Maple Wood.

You may hear about the low quality of Chinese Maple wood, but if we’re recommending and added a product to our list. With, Chinese Maple, it’ll be surely strong and durable.

It features deck tape, so you can further craft arts and customize it the way you like.

Similarly, the brand offers different color options which include natural wood and red color. Use some stickers to show off with it in your friends or keep it minimalist, the choice is yours.

Same as color, the deck is also available in different sizes. The available ones are 7.75”, 8”, 8.25” and 8.5” respectively. The Most in-demand dimensions are 32” x 10” x 3” (L x W x H). One more thing, it has a total weight of roundabout 7.4 pounds.

How To Select The Best Skateboard Decks for Street – Buyer’s Guide

Back in the 1960s, skateboard decks were straight, dense, and difficult to use. More importantly, skateboarding technology is getting better day by day. 

Nowadays, you’ll find a skateboard deck made up of different types of robust wooden sheets. The sheets are well known as “plies”. 

You’ll also find a bonded structure of all the sheets. This bonding makes the skateboard deck durable and responsive to your movements.

However, all the famous brands use maple wood to craft skateboard decks. You’ll see most of them using 7-9 ply maple construction. Similarly, the separate plies are clearly visible if you look at the side of the deck.

To make the best skateboard decks for the street, craftsmen create thin sheets from raw maple wood. Furthermore, they stack every single sheet on top of each other with glue to make them a single object.

Then they place clamps strategically on the glued sheets to form the desired concave. And, after the glue dries they simply remove the clamps and get a shaped maple rectangle.

Lastly, the craftsmen design the skateboard deck for this wooden rectangle. They craft numerous shapes and sizes from this wooden piece.

You’ll get to know about all the trendy shapes and sizes from the below sections. Each size and shape will add a level of joy to your skateboarding experience.

The Best Material for the Best Skateboard Decks for Street

Canadian Maple

All famous and reliable brands use Canadian maple wood to craft skateboard decks. You’ll find Canadian maple decks in our products review list as well.

Moreover, Canadian maple wood is stronger and durable than Chinese maple wood. Mostly, cheap blank decks and premium brands decks contain 100% Canadian maple.

Experts have found many differences between Canadian and Chinese maple wood. If you have a small budget, or you don’t want to spend too much on a skateboard deck. Then, the Chinese maple will be a good available option for you.


The bamboo skateboard deck is a trend among some newly launched brands. 

As previously told, it’s new and not experimented with by many experts of the game. If you get one made of bamboo. It’s supposed to be lightweight and more durable than Canadian maple.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is an emerging material for skate decks. From the past decade, many brands had crafted decks from carbon fiber or other materials.

Moreover, carbon fiber is a strong material as compared to wood. So, the skate decks made from carbon fiber last longer than the ones crafted from wood as well.

One of the major drawbacks of carbon fiber decks is it weighs more than a traditional wooden deck. So, many experienced players find it harder to do tricks on.

Carbon fiber decks are expensive but if you want a reliable and long-term partner. Then, go with one of them. You’ll also find many brands offering breakage warranty under normal conditions as well.

Number of Plies

You’ll find a vast majority of skateboard decks made up of 7 to 9 “plies”. But, the robust models are between 8 and 9 plies. Evenly, some brands use more layers of wood to make their skate decks more durable.

Despite this, some brands also craft decks with 5 layers of wood. It makes the decks lightweight. After all, each brand has its own levels of creativity, but mostly you’ll find 7 layers of wood in a standard skate deck.

You don’t have to worry too much about these numbers. Unless you see a skate deck with fewer layers or contains numerous plies. 

Pro Decks

As the name suggests, the most famous and well-known brands create pro skate decks. Usually, these decks consist of creative graphics or logos.

Similarly, these are more expensive than standard team decks of a local brand. And, of-course much costlier than blank decks.

You’ll find almost every variety of pro skate decks made up of Canadian maple. Some of them also contain carbon fiber. The carbon fiber ones are mostly purchased by skate parks and street skaters worldwide.

Blank Decks

If you don’t have a large budget? But, you have a desire to buy a skate deck having the same extraordinary performance as a name-brand deck? Blank skateboard decks are your favorable answer.

Some blank decks have greater performance than pro decks. More often, they are also available in different styles and shapes.

At last, if you don’t care about supporting any brand, team, or the graphics on the decks. Then, you better go with blank decks.

Moreover, people who like to change their decks regularly buy these types of decks. You can buy these decks in bulk as a pack of 3, 5, or 7 as well.

Perfect Size for Skaters


While buying a skateboard deck, the first thing that comes in our mind is picking the right size. Every skater wants a comfortable ride on their favorite deck. But, picking the right size isn’t simple as it seems to be.

Your height and style of skating create a great impact on selecting a perfect deck. If you’re a newbie then don’t afraid to try different widths and shapes until you get a perfect match.

More often, you also know that the length of the deck directly affects stability. You’ll find skate decks having 28”-32″ length. But, experts recommend 31.75″ as the perfect size for beginners.

If you perform technical street tricks then you can go with a short deck. But, if you’re over 5 ft 3″ then a deck ranging between 30″-32″ will be perfect for you.


Skate deck’s width is also a critical factor in a profitable purchase. Moreover, the common widths of skate decks you’ll see in the market ranges from 7.25″-8.5′, 7.5″,7.75″, and lastly 8.0″.

A general rule for selecting the best width is to look at the width of your feet. The wider the feet, the bigger the deck you should buy.

Moreover, you’ll flip thinner decks easily. However, you’ll find it hard to land these decks because of the low ground area. Street skaters mostly tend to buy smaller decks because they are easy to carry around.

Deck Concave

The deck concave is how curved the width of the deck is. It’s measured side to side, not front to back.

Nowadays, you’ll not find completely flat decks. Because they’re easy to break while performing tricks and players also find it hard to do tricks on.

You’ll love to do tricks on steep concave decks because their slope will catch your toe or heel gently. Moreover, skaters perform tricks faster on steep concave decks as compare to shallower decks.

Similarly, people love to cruise around and do vert skating on Shallow concave boards. Because they’re more controllable and comfortable.

If you don’t have an idea, and you want to follow experts’ recommendations. Then, you can pick a board with moderate concavity.

Styles And Shapes of a Skateboard Deck


As the name suggests, shortboards are quite small. Skaters love to do marvelous tricks on these types of decks. These boards gain popularity when famous skaters displayed a variety of tricks.

Old School

Old school skateboards consist of flat noses and kick tails. Moreover, they have a crooked shape. You’ll find their noses extra wider than a standard board. Lastly, if you want to drive in a skating pool or in a ramp then it’s a better available option.


From its name, longboards are quite large. You’ll have an easy and smooth riding experience with long-boards. Moreover, if it’s your first skateboard after you read this article or if you’re a complete beginner. Then, you can stick with a longboard.

Their large wheels will help you to control it more easily.


Cruising boards come with kick tails and are another type of long-board skateboard. You’ll love to move around with these types of decks.

Nose and tail of a Skateboard Deck

The two ends of skateboard decks are the nose and tail of a deck. People also know them with a short name kick-tails. 

Moreover, the nose is the front of a board and the tail in the back of the board. Similarly, you’ll find the nose less inclined and sharper than the tail.

The tail comes short and snappy to perform better tricks with the back leg. You’ll love both of them and use them for marvelous tricks, power slides, and for cruising as well.

Some real-life recommendations from a professional skater Ishod Wair.

First, having a much longer deck nose will prevent you from learning to skate regularly.

Second, you should change your style of riding from time to time. It means, riding the same way can damage your deck and trucks. By changing your style, you’ll circulate the poundings all over the board. With this formula, your skateboard will last longer.


Pop is how reflexive the deck is when you perform tricks. More commonly, the pop decreases over time when the wood starts to flex. In fact, sometimes it becomes the main reason for changing a skateboard deck.


Each of the top 10 best skateboard decks for the street we’ve reviewed above comes with a unique high quality. All the best skateboards for beginners have better performance than any other best skateboard deck brands out there. 
However, putting your personal preferences which include skating style, extra features and benefits make the skateboard deck a perfect one for you. Now, from these best skateboard decks for the street, I’ll leave with my two best recommendations of them.
If you’re on a tight budget, and you want the best deck. You can go with Moose Old School Skateboard Deck. As it has the option of selecting the appropriate size, you can enjoy skating on it without having a tight budget. 
Moreover, if you’re on a big budget, and you also want the best skateboards for street skating then you can go with Powell-Peralta Skateboard Flight Deck. As we think it’s the best and strongest skateboard deck available on the market. 
Finally, the ultimate choice is yours, and always thanks for reading up till the End.
Happy Skating!


Which skateboards consists of most pop?

There are many brands and skate decks offering more pop. However, if you want to buy a skate deck with more pop then you should go with Bamboo Skateboards Blank Skateboard Deck.

What is the best deck for street skating?

To choose the best deck for street skating, we’ve already reviewed the top 10 best skateboard decks for the street. However, if you’re still unable to find the best one, we recommend the CCS Logo Blank Skateboard Deck Pink 8.0″.

Is it illegal to skate on normal streets?

It’s unlawful for any adult to ride on a skateboard, skate boots, or similar devices on the streets. Because, it can create risks for pedestrians, and it can higher the risks of vehicular thereon.

What size skateboard deck experts recommend?

Mostly, the experts of the game recommend a deck with a size of 8.5’s.

What if the deck is best for tricks especially flip tricks?

If your feet size is larger, and you wear a shoe with a size over 9, we recommend you to get a deck with a size of between 8.0” and 8.5”.

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