Top 10 Best Ping Pong Paddle with Buying Guide – 2021

Table Tennis is a lovely mini-game like inches. There are many paddles to choose. Even if you are a beginner or an intermediate player, it can still be tough to buy. 

Suppose if you will select the best ping pong paddle by keeping all the parameters in your mind. Then you can be a top player. So we are guiding you for your best decision. 

Top 10 Best Ping Pong Paddle Reviews

The NIBIRU SPORT Ping Pong Paddle Set


  • Cheap
  • 4 paddles + 8 balls + bag
  • Best for indoor and outdoor
  • ABS plastic material for balls


  • Handles are a bit small
Best Ping Pong Paddle

The NIBIRU SPORT paddles Set is very important for every team. Since your team can use its 4- player pro premium rackets set.

They are famous for their sound and attractive appearance. You can rotate handles in your hands because of their concaveness. You can buy it in red and black colors with a sponge thickness of 1.5 mm. 

Further, You can play with it even in the swimming pool because its handles are sweat and water-resistant. But it would help if you did not put the whole paddle in water along with the handle. Besides, it is easy to hold even in water. 

NIBIRU SPORT supporting material is very worthy. Because NIBIRU SPORT first time uses original ABS plastic material for balls. These all balls are 40 mm in diameter and come in orange and white color. You can not break them. 

The plus point of these balls is that the balls have small gravity as compared to celluloid. So, balls are stiffer.

When it comes to storage, it has a portable storage case that will protect your paddles from damage and scratches during your journey. Whenever your team runs out of paddles or balls, you can use them. 

Further, Its premier rubber thickness will improve your speed, spin, and control. In this way, these paddles are quite important for beginners. Children can also use it. You can enjoy it at your party. 

These paddles are specific for defensive players on the occasions of birthdays or holidays. You can give it to your families or friends. In this way, it will make your moments memorable. 

JP WinLook Ping Pong Paddle


  • Cheep
  • The bag holds things well.
  • Well Made
  • Best for beginner
  • Balls of good quality


  • Bit heavy
Best Ping Pong Paddle

The International Table tennis Federation (ITTF) approves JP WinLook Paddle for official tournaments. Because paddle and balls of JO WinLook band fulfill the standards of ITTF. So, it is of great importance. 

The founder of JP WinLook brand is a pro-level player. People love this brand as it is fit for all skill level people.

You can buy the paddles in red and black colors. Moreover, You can use it for indoor or outdoor plays. Because of its good nature, you can be in store at any place.

An offensive and defensive both style players can use it. Moreover, people of any age can play with it. It will help you to make a ping pong your part of life—it is best for beginners.

The blades of KP WinLook are of 5 layer plywood. As a result, they show good performance in speed, spin and even control. 

Furthermore, paddles have an optimal weight. The flared handle prevents your hands from slipping your hand while spinning. Flared handles are one of the best handles for a beginner. 

JK WinLook has a set of 4 paddles and eight best ping pong balls. The balls will be white. In brief, it comes with a blue color bag, and it’s zipping makes the bag more useful. 

The bag is quite helpful for you that you can carry for your outdoor plays. Moreover, you can manage the load in a short storage plane. 

So, 2-4 players can play with it. Performance rating of speed is 85, spin 86, and control 87. So it is specific for a spin. 

 Killerspin JET200


  • 30 days warranty
  • Good balance
  • Lightweight
  • Decent Grip
  • Smart Storage Case


  • NA
Best Ping Pong Paddle

Killerspin is the number ONE brand of table tennis in the world. Killerspin is a great innovative paddle for youth. By using Killerspin, in a short time, you can be a shining player. For beginners, it is very suitable.

In this way, it is of great importance. You can find the secrets of table tennis by using it and can be a professional level player. It comes with a beautiful gift box. 

Killerspin’s Jet200 comes in three different colors: BluVanilla, Mocha, and Lime. Its BluVanilla color is attractive for every taste of people. A new Jet200 will catch your eyes.

Killerspin’s Jet200 has equal weight to create a balance in spin and control. In this way, it is suitable for all-rounder players. You can generate precious and smooth shorts. So, you can also enjoy all aspects of your game.

The bed part is the blade, and it is of 5 layers of wood. The frame material is also of wood. The flexible PVC tape surrounds it to protect it.

Further, the supporting material green and black rubber will add a perfect style to your game.

Jet200 has a control rating of 8.5, a spin rating of 7, and a power rating of 6. In this way, it has different features than any other paddle. Its weight is 175 grams. So it is very lightweight. Its storage case is also very lovely. 

You can give it to your friends. You can get the record score from it. Best for all types of players. 

The flared handle in it is also beneficial for every level of player. It is also specific in dimensions as 6 x 6.1. 

STIGA Supreme


  • Super Lightweight
  • Best for beginners
  • Value for money
  • Best for control


  • NA
Best Ping Pong Paddle

STIGA Supreme is a supreme performance-level paddle. It is of great importance. Because ITTF approves its material for international tournaments, experts prefer it for beginners. 

You can buy it in red or in black color. STIGA Supreme Performance paddle comes in one pack with a weight of a few grams(0.28 grams). 

STIGA Supreme Performance paddle is best for control along with speed. You can use it for both purposes. Moreover, it is one of the best paddles for the beginner. Intermediate can also use it for control. 

The material quality is good. The most important part of the paddle that is the blade which consists of 6 layers of wood. ITTF approves its rubber. 

That’s why you can play with it in international tournaments. The handle type is anatomic, which is a comfortable handle. It can fully fit your palm. Also, best for defensive players. 

The features of the STIGA Supreme Performance-Level paddle are very joyful. You can develop the best playing style as well as control and speed. Similarly, it has a speed rating of 90, a spin rating of 92, and a control rating of 89. 

In this way, it is not only for newbies but also for intermediate players. 

Lastly, The sponge is 2 mm, and the rubber is future Inverted Rubber. I say it the best lightweight ping pong paddle. 

Ideas Ping Pong Paddle Professional Racket


  • 30 days warranty
  • Best for professionals
  • Good control and spin
  • ITTF approved rubber
  • Impressive customer service
  • Well made


  • Rubber bit stiffer
Best Ping Pong Paddle

Ideas paddle is a professional level racket that comes in a carrying case. People love the Idoraz brand as it comes with no durability issue. 

You can get a master level spin with it, and professionals will love to play with such versatile products.

Ideas paddle comes in red color. Its weight is 181 grams. Moreover, its pure wood structure will enhance your best control while playing. The blade finishes with ITTF approved rubber. That will improve your performance level. 

Playing with Idoraz Paddle, the beginner can be an intermediate level player. The carrying case with it protects from scratches. As it comes in an attractive colorful box, you could say it is a gift. Moreover, the carry case also has a good grip. You can carry it. 

The material quality is so good.

Feature-wise it is very admirable. Would you like to have a paddle with a control of 90 as well as a 2.00 mm rubber coating? 

The feature of the flared handle will make your play more enjoyable. Furthermore, the carrying case will keep this paddle neat and clean. Yours feeling will be more peaceful after playing with it.

In short, it’s perfect control will make your play worthy.

PRO SPIN Ping Pong Paddles


  • 1-year warranty
  • ITTF quality standards
  • Best spin
  • Comfortable and smooth handles
  • Good quality


  • Only best for beginner and intermediate, not a pro
Best Ping Pong Paddle

Out of a hundred paddles, PRO SPIN Paddles are the best for creating a good spin. By creating spin, you can give a tough time to your competitor. 

They come with the eight best ping pong balls. The paddles are black and red colors. In contrast, the four balls come in white color and four in orange. Each ball fulfills the quality standards of ITTF. 

Paddles and Balls are in a premium storage case. So, you can take it anywhere. 

They come in four different categories

  1. Four Paddles Set
  2. Two Paddles Set
  3. Four Paddles Set + Portable Net Bundle
  4. Two Paddles Set + Portable Net Bundle

In this way, you can buy according to your team. It is four paddles set plus a portable net bundle best for family. People of every age can use it. Furthermore, people who are under 50 can use it.

The balls can survive any serve or smash or any indoor or outdoor ping pong table. So, balls are neutral to use. In this way, it is best for beginners.

Blades are of natural wood with a rubber surface of a 1.8 mm sponge. The natural wood makes it ultra-smooth. As a result, the paddle will generate a superb speed. 

Handles are ultra-smooth triple-sanded ergonomic that makes them easy to hold. 

PRO SPIN paddles can generate good spin along with control. So, experts prefer it for a spin. The balls are of ABS plastic, and each has 40 mm in diameter. The rubber is 1.2 mm. 

Moreover, it comes with a portable zipper bag with a handle plus. You can hold it well. 

Joola Hit Set 4-Pack Bundle


  • Best for backhand-oriented
  • Better for beginners
  • Smooth Surface
  • Best for defensive Players


  • Little Flimsy
Best Ping Pong Paddle

Joola is a famous brand for more than 60 years. It is also renowned as an organizer of international ping pong tournaments. 

In short, Joola makes the best ping pong equipment in the world. Same as Joola All-in-one is the best indoor four paddles set. Joola paddle set includes everything that a player needs. 

It comes with four paddles and eight best ping pong balls. Four balls are white, while the remaining four are orange.

Likewise, Ideas Ping Pong Paddle you can carry it anywhere because of its carrying case. Moreover, it comes in the list of the best beginner paddle. 

The material fulfills the regulations of ITTF. So, you can use it on a professional level. The blade has a 3-ply veneer. 

Do you know about veneer?

If there is an excellent quality layer of wood and glue, we connect it to an inferior wood. In this way, the thin layers are bound together to form plywood. The plastic coating bound the surface, and the extracted product is famous as a veneer.

Likewise, a smooth and straight handle makes it worthy. In this way, it shows better control and spin. 

The outer rubber is pips-out. Recreational players take it more enjoyable. 

You can play with balls indoors as well as outdoors. Each ball has a 40 mm diameter. Furthermore, the balls and paddles are in a portable carrying case. So you can keep it in a safe place. 

Its features make it famous among people. Furthermore, it has a speed rating of 60, control 93, and spin 60. Keeping in mind the control feature, It is the best for a defensive player. 

STIGA Pure Color Advance Table Tennis Racket


  • Pure color
  • Best for all type of players
  • Better for spin and control
  • Lightweight
  • Best for beginner


  • A bit small handle
Best Ping Pong Paddle

STIGA Pure Color Paddle is of crystal technology. Crystal technology is of great importance for speed. That is why people love the STIGA Pure Color Paddle brand. 

In short, it is a performance level paddle. Furthermore, it comes in five different colors. Yellow, black, blue, green, and pink. These all are pure colors. 

The STIGA Paddles have a fantastic construction. You will feel comfortable while playing with it. The 3-star rubber with a 1.5 mm sponge makes it top Stiga ping pong paddles. 

Along with this, the blade has 5-ply of crystal. Crystal technology makes it harder and helps you to create more speed. In this way, you can consider it the best ping pong paddle for an offensive player. Furthermore, colors are full pure that makes paddles graceful. 

Omit good products. And has a speed rating of 75, spin 65, and control 65. So, it is best for every player. Additionally, it is specific for its ACS technology. 

Would you want to learn about ACS technology?

Suppose if you buy a paddle that has many micro air-capsules in its rubber. Then you can say it has ACS technology. It helps you to create speed as well as the most significant elasticity that results in better control. 

In final words, you can consider it the best ping pong paddle under 50.

Stiga Pro Carbon


  • ITTF approved rubber
  • Carbon layers for speed 
  • Best for spin
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to hold


  • A bit harder to control
Best Ping Pong Paddle

Now, we are going to discuss the Stiga Pro Carbon table tennis racket. It is the best paddle for the intermediate player. It is a paddle with phenomena construction. Moreover, it comes in red color with a lightweight of 204 grams. 

It is not only best for intermediate but also for a beginner to get better. 

The STIGA ProCarbon is a perfect paddle with advanced material. The bed part of the paddle, blade made of seven layers. 

Out of seven layers, two are of carbon. Others are of balsa wood. So, it will generate more speed because of its two carbon layers. The rubber has five stars along with a sponge of 2 mm. Rubber provides you better control. 

The handle is of standard size can fully fit in your palm. In this way better it is to generate more speed. 

Now, keeping in mind its blade features, you can consider it best for those who want to be an offensive style. 

The rating of speed is 99, spin 100, and control 80. Now, you can also consider it best for a spin. In this, you can give a tough time to your competitor. Recreational players can also get it better. 

It is more specific for its spin feature than any other paddle. Moreover, you can replace its rubber whenever you need it. Other than defensive style players, only offensive players get it better. 

Manufacturers consider it the best ping pong paddle for a spin as well as speed. 

Killerspin Jet Black Combo


  • Best spin
  • Best defensive
  • Portable carrying case
  • Reliable rubber


  • NA
Best Ping Pong Paddle

Killerspin comes into the field to bring youth towards the most popular sport. It provides premium quality and competition level paddles and balls. 

So, the best ping pong paddle with a sleeve is Killerspin Jet Black Combo. It is famous for its lightweight, which is 120 grams. 

It comes in black color with a fantastic Nitrx rubber grip. You can consider it the best competitive level paddle.

Killerspin built it according to modern standards. It comes in the shape of sleeks. It is the best professional table tennis racket.  You can also consider it best for defensive players. 

The blade of the paddle consists of 5 layers of wood and Nitrox rubber. The Nitrox rubber helps you in the best control. The paddle contains a flared handle. Killerspin made it in such a way that players feel comfortable during competition.

Besides, a reliable rubber makes it more controllable. Its black zipped case comes with two paddles and four balls. Additionally, its sleeve carrying case is beautiful. You will feel proud to take it to your office. I hope you would like to gift it to your friend.

The buying guide plays a vital role in purchasing the best toddles. I consider it helpful to you.

How to Buy the Best Ping Pong Paddle? 

Out of many toddles, it is important to understand which is the most suitable for you. Without understanding, it may be time-wasting or money wastage. The basic rule is to learn about the handle which suits you. 

First, you should know your level. Are you a newbie, intermediate or professional level player? 

Second, check your playing style. Are you an offensive or defensive player? And then choose the best ever for you and your friends?

How are Ping-Pong Paddles made out?

Ping-Pong Paddles are of four different parts. After attributes, you will come to know the best professional ping pong paddles.

  • The handle
  • The blade
  • The sponge
  • The rubber sheet 

The Handle

The handle makes contact with the blade of your toddle. It is quite hilarious because the handle is going to divide into more three parts, which are:

  • Flared
  • Straight
  • Anatomic
  • Pen hold

Flared Handles

Flared handles are very famous in tennis and best for beginners. Because whenever you are playing, its winder top helps you to stop slipping out of your hands. 

Moreover, It is a popular type of handle. If you are a front hand player, it will suit you the best. Most flared handles are the choice of attacking players. 

The Straight Handle

As you can see by name, the straight handle has the same width from the top to bottom. So, it is best for all-rounders. Also, best for players who change their grips. Most experts and professionals use a straight handle.

The Anatomic Handle

The anatomic is a phenomenal handle. Because it is wider in the middle. So the anatomic handle can fully fit in your palm. In some qualities, the anatomic handle and flared handle are the same. 

Furthermore, you can keep both handles with a single grip. 

When you use an anatomic handle, your feeling would be more natural. A defensive player could use it.

Pen Hold Handle

Pen hold handle has two categories:

  1. Chinese pen hold handles
  2. Japanese pen hold handles

They are different from each other. It is a little smaller than the flared handle. You can hold it like a pen.

The Blade

The bed part is the blade. Blades consist of multi-layers of wood. You can also use that has a small quantity of carbon fiber in it. The International Table Tennis Federation allows you to use a 7.5% quantity of carbon fiber. 

So, before discussing wood and carbon fiber. Let’s learn about the types of blades. These are:

  • All-rounder Blades
  • Attacking Blades
  • Defensive Blades

All-rounder Blades

All-rounder Blades are useful for beginners. Because if you are a beginner and do not know your playing level and style. Then with the help of an all-rounder blade, you come to know your playing style along with experience. 

So, you should buy the best ping pong paddle for beginners that are of an all-rounder blade.

Attacking Blades

In this case, if you have a lot of experience in the table tennis field. Suppose you wish to be an attacking player. So you will need a toddle with speed and power. 

For this purpose, you should use the one whose blade has hard outer plies. In this way, you can generate better speed.

Defensive Blade

A defensive performer needs the one that can slow down the ball. So if you are defensive, then choose a blade that has soft outer plies. Professionals consider it the best for a defensive player.

Comparison of Carbon and Wood

The blade should be 85% made of natural material which is wood. All these rules are by the International Table Tennis Federation(ITTF). 

Now, here are two cases: 

  1. 100% wood 
  2. 85% wood

Suppose you buy a blade of 100% wood. It helps you in two ways.

The one that is better to control another one is a good and winning spin. For this purpose, you can take the STIGA Evolution paddle. It is a beautiful 6-ply blade that is 100% made of wood.

Additionally, It has a plus point of lightweight(170 grams). So it is the best ping pong paddle for a spin.

On the other side, if you buy the one that contains a smaller quantity of carbon fiber. It will increase your speed and stability, which results in a smooth bounce. 

For example, the STIGA Carbon racket has a 7-ply blade. It has a rigid blade paddle with great power. Due to its good power, It generates fast speed because of two carbon fiber layers. The remaining five layers are of wood. In this way, it is best for speed and stability.

The Sponge

You can see the sponge between the paddle blade and rubber. 1.2 mm will be the minimum thickness of sponge  while maximum will be 2.5 mm. If the sponge is thick, you will be able to generate more speed but less control. 

On the other side, if the sponge is thinner, you can control it easily. Here are two cases:

Suppose you are a defensive player. It would help if you choose with a thinner sponge because the ball is slower to bounce and gives you more time to react. 

So, you can one step ahead to control your paddle in a better way. On the other side, if you are an offensive player, choose a suitable with a thicker sponge because it quickly bounces off the bat so that you can generate more speed. 

The Rubber Sheet

As, the blade makes contact with the ball. So it must be covered with even distributed rubber. There are two types of rubber:

Ordinary Pimpled Rubber

Ordinary pimpled rubber is the best single layer of non-cellular rubber. It may be synthetic or maybe natural. The density of even distributed pimples lies between 10 and 30 per square centimeter. 

You can hit the ball with pimples if the pimple is inside. The ordinary pimple rubber is famous as pip rubber. 

Sandwich Rubber

The sponge is famous as Sandwich rubber. It has a single layer of pimpled rubber with a thickness of ordinary pimpled rubber less than 2 mm. 

Two things affect the speed of balls: 

  1. Density of the sponge on the rubber
  2. The rubber’s thickness

But beginners require a product with better control. So STIGA Supreme is better for control with 1.5 mm of sponge rubber. 

On the other side, if you are an intermediate, you should choose a paddle rubber(2 mm sponge rubber).

Your Playing Style

The chief factor is finding your playing style. 

There are two styles. One is an offensive style, and the other is a defensive style. You should choose a paddle that is not specific for any sort.

By this, you can show better performance in the game. So, one day you will develop a fabulous playing style. The grip style can also affect your playing style. Let’s discuss it.

Which grip style do you like?

Your grip style also plays a vital role in the selection of your best paddle ever. The most famous grip style is Shakehand and Penhold grip style.

Shakehand Grip

The Shakehand grip is a common way to grip your paddle. It is a great style and enables you to change your hand in an instant. 

Further, It also provides stability and fits your palm. Every European and majority in Asia use Shakehand grip style.

Penhold Grip

The Penhold Grip is popular in China, Japan, Korea, and some Asian players. Suppose you are an offensive player and choose the penhold grip. It will make you quite different from other. 

By penhold grip you can generate more speed and spin. It is the world’s best product.

Rating Attributes of the Best Ping Pong Paddles

The manufacturer decides the rating attributes. And the performance range of every paddle lies between 1-10 or 1-100 points. It is according to parameters. 

Now, you are aware of your playing style. Suppose you are an offensive player and choose a paddle with a speed attribute. It is right but other than the defensive style, offensive style players get it in a good way. 

So I prefer you to know about rating attributes before buying the best paddle ever. The useful rating attributes are:

  • Control
  • Speed 
  • Spin 


The novice players, as well as defensive players, would like to know about control. Because for a beginner, control attribute is most important. 

Now, How can you check that a paddle has fine control? 

First of all, if a paddle holds the ball for some time while hitting the ball. Second, you should choose a winning quality rubber. 

Furthermore, the thickness of the blade. In the final analysis, select a paddle with more grip that helps you in more control. 


Suppose you are an offensive player. You should choose a paddle with a thicker sponge. Also, the blade should be rigid. In this way, you can generate speed and power. 

So, out of hundreds of control and spin paddles, the speedy paddles are lovely for an attacking player.


Every player likes the paddles with more spin. With the help of a spin paddle, you can give a hard time to your opponent. For this purpose, you should choose a paddle with an impressive grip. 

No doubt, you should select the paddle with different rubber on both sides of the blade. You can consider it your best paddle ever.

Which is the best fit?

You should compare all specifications of the paddle during buying. Like the handle, weight of the paddle, and rubber thickness of rubber. In this way, you can find a lovely paddle that can approach your playing style. 

Moreover, this paddle will also polish your skill level. In short, compare all these specifications. Then I hope it will best fit you.

A gentle way for carrying your best paddle for ping pong.

For keeping it safe, carrying a case plays a vital role. With a carrying case, you can prevent your paddle from sunlight and moisture. 

So you should buy a carry case. Moreover, it can prevent your paddle from accidental knocks while traveling.

Top Brands for Ping Pong Paddles

  1. Killerspin

In 2000 Robert Blackwell Jr. organized a ping pong festival. At the festival, a large number of people were there. So, one year Robert comes into the market as Killerspin. 

  1. The STIGA

In 1944 STIGA took his start of table tennis products. And in a few time it will become the largest brand in the world. The head office of STIGA is in Eskilstuna.


In 2018 NIBIRU SPORT takes the start to provide the best ping pong paddles. And NIBIRU SPORT makes its name in the market very few times by its performance. 

  1. JOOLA

Karl Fery was the founder of the JOOLA brand. It is a 57 years old brand. JOOLA is a famous international brand and has many branches in a different part of the world. 

Recently in 2019, Math Hetherington started JOOLA as a USA table tennis brand.

  1. Abco Tech

Abco Tech is a great brand to manufacture unique products. Team of Abco Techs, thinks within the life and lifestyle of the customer.

  1. MAPOL

MAPOL is a famous brand for over 100 years. It works to develop and maintain the confidence of the customer.


In 2009, Actress Susan Sarandon took the start of her company in New York City. The spin franchise provides a full-service bar in restaurants as well as with ping pong tables. 

The team pro spin helps youth to access table tennis.

  1. Session

Sentron company is a famous brand for more than three years and has its own factory. In this way, it provides high-quality products for the customer. People love this brand.

  1. AirBlades

AirBlades is a new, innovative, and young table tennis company. It provides better quality products. Allan Say who was the founder of AirBlades, also loves the paddles. It gives a lifetime guarantee for their ping pong paddles. 

Final Thought

It is a bit tough to say which is the best. It all depends upon your level and playing style.

Suppose you are a newbie. You must have to select paddles that are only for beginners. Whenever you get to know your playing style, then you should choose a feasible one.

For defensive style players, you should choose a one with lots of control as well as spin. 

But for offense, you will select a paddle with tons of power(speed) and spin.

Keep in mind that the best paddle is that suits best to your style and level.


What is the best way of keeping your paddle for ping pong?

In two ways, you can keep your paddle in the best suitable condition. The first is cleaning the paddle, and the second is carrying the paddle in good case.

How to keep your paddle clean?

A dirty paddle shows an average performance. So you should clean it.

As you know, the surface of the paddle is rubber. That is why it will be sensitive. So, you should take clothes, a sponge or water for cleaning it. Wash your paddle with water then, for drying, avoid paddle from UV radiations. 

In this gentle way, you can improve your paddle spin, bounce, and speed along with the lifetime of your paddle.

What is the difference between the sides of a paddle?

It is an interesting question. The answer is that there is a difference between red and black sides. Because you can use the red side for generating more speed, you will be glad to know that you can also use the black side for batter spin. 

Are expensive paddles worth it?

Yes! It is right. Expensive ping pong paddles can perform at high professional levels. Moreover, rubber can bounce the ball off faster than a cheaper one. Moreover, its rubber can create a fantastic spin.

What things should you  look at while buying the best ping pong paddle?

First, you should look for a handle, second look for a blade. Second, you should look for rubber. It depends upon your level of play and your style of play. 

I hope after reading the buying guide, you will be able to define your level and style. So you will feel light to buy a paddle.

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