Top 10 Best Longboard For Commuting Has Finally Been Revealed

Choosing the right longboard can give you a wonderful experience of commuting. But a new rider is a little bit difficult. After a long search, we chose the ten best longboards for commuting. You can choose according to your need.

Longboarding is one of the most exciting activities for all ages of People. Using a longboard is the best way to commute to school or office. Additionally, It is also perfect for a workout regularly. The main reason for people like longboards for commuting is it’s faster than walking, environment friendly, and cheaper.

Top 10 Best Longboard For Commuting Picks For You

Magneto Kicktail Cruiser Longboard Skateboard


  • Higher Stability
  • Versatile Option
  • Stronger Feel
  • Unique Appearance
  • Intense Grip


  • Breaks In The Worst Way Possible
  • Can Vibrate Too Much
  • Inconsistent Trucks
Best Longboard For Commuting

You will be happy when you ride on the Magneto Kicktail 44-inch longboard. Its stiff maple cover and bamboo structure are admirable. Kicktail skateboard is superb operative for all types of riding trends. 

The long-lasting aluminum makes this skateboard strong and useful. You can drift without a hitch on its soft 70 mm urethane wheels. The surface of the deck has a black sand finish. That is replacing the grip band with an attractive bamboo surface. 

The Magneto sign mark is labeled on both surface and bottom side. Freshers, who want to get into a longboard, it is the best one!

Therefore, If someone is looking for a good option, the kicktail is the best for all beginners and professionals. The skateboard stability without any stretch makes it safe for the ride.

Its urethane wheels are amazing for a soft ride above the vulgar roads. Kicktail skateboard features are valuable for beginners. If you are trying this skateboard for the first time, or another then it will be your favorite skateboard.

The magneto Kicktail skateboard is encouraged by the active Carlsbad surf and skating group. Its stunning designed materials increase the beauty of the skateboard. Fashion and design are now part of these sports. 

That’s why the manufacturer keeps in mind the styles and strengths of the product. Kicktail cruiser is a multi-riding skateboard. It can do any stunt you want. You can ride, dance, drift, free-flowing, and any other thing you want to do. The deck of the skateboard is designed for all types of riders. The magneto kicktail cruiser is a long-lasting skateboard. It is made of gravity mold aluminum. These skateboards are of regular sizes and have a stumbling finish.

Junli Freeride Skateboard Longboard


  • Junli Freeride Longboard Is A Multipurpose Skateboard 
  • You Will Give The Credit For Its Durability, High Speed, And Quality
  • Its Strength Is Superb That You Can’t Stay Without Praising It


  • The Grip Of The Longboard Is Not So Long-lasting
Best Longboard For Commuting

Junli skateboard is made of aluminum, and an extremely flexible PU uphold pad.  It provides stability and durability. You can control it easily.

The surface area of the junli longboard is 41 inches long and 9.5 inches wide. Coming to the deck, it is made of 8-ply real natural maple. The capacity to carry the load is a maximum of 330lbs. It is slip-resistant with a black brushed exterior.

Junli longboard comes with 70 mm X 51 mm 80 PU wheels with a rock finish. It is a long-lasting skateboard, due to its high-quality wheel material.

The longboard is specially made for downhill(toward the downward racing track). You will love its impressive wide turning radius. People enjoy the free-flowing ride on the longboard. Junli freerides skateboard is appropriate for all ages of riders. You will enjoy its strength and grip.

In the end, the skateboard is a very lightweight longboard. Its shock absorber ring is the reason for a smooth ride. Every longboard is a multipurpose skateboard to facilitate you.

 KA-BAR 1213 Black Straight Edge Knife


  • Playshion Freerides Longboard Cruiser Is Excellent For Beginners 
  • The Cruiser Is A Multipurpose Skateboard Performing In An Extraordinary Way
  • You Will Love This Lightweight Skateboard
  • It’s Very Easy To Control And Balance


  • One Thing About This Product Is That It Is Not Perfect For Pulling Tricks And Stunts 
  • This Longboard Is Not Suitable For Modern Riders
Best Longboard For Commuting

Playshion drop through the longboard comes in 39 inches of bamboo structure. It is made of aluminum, 2 ply bamboo, and 5 ply rock maple material. You will love its multi-features like free-flowing riding, drifting, and curving. 

It can be used for any stunt that you wish. The playshion longboard has a solid curve, which is attractive for skaters. Due to aluminum material,  Its 7 inches stable reverse aluminum can control slipping or sliding easily. For mounting a fall ride, the ground space of the longboard is 4 inches

You can easily push because of the lower space to the ground. This feature is helpful for beginners. To make the ride smooth and steering control, the SHR 78A wheels are excellent for this longboard. Height doesn’t matter if you want to enjoy just come out and enjoy.

The board can carry weight up to 250 lbs. A longboard is made of high-quality bamboo, which is admirable.

Further, you can change the kingpin to make it tight or loose. It depends on you in which way you want to adjust it. Riders can tighten the kingpin of boards to increase the speed. By losing the kingpin of the skateboard, you can take turns or curves easily. 

If you are a new skateboarder then PlayStation is the best option for you. Because of its stability which is more than the others. For the mountain fall ride, the longboard is best with 4 inches of ground clearance.

More the width of wheels, easier to control. Its wheel is 50 mm, which is mostly liked by riders. You can easily handle different road modifications.

In the end, the bearing steel is stronger and smooth when they are in action. Nylon ball cages in bearings reduce friction while the bearings are rotated.

FISH SKATEBOARDS Downhill Longboard Skateboard


  • This Model Is Constructed Using High-quality Materials
  • Smooth Riding And Great Controllability
  • Excellent Turn Response
  • It Highlights Stability And Control


  • Not Suitable For Long-term
Best Longboard For Commuting

Fish downhill longboard is appropriate for beginners and professional skaters. The skateboard is made for free fall riding, basic stunts, and other tricks. The area of the skateboard is 41 X 9 inches design.

The longboard is long-lasting and stable. It is made of real Canadian maple wood with a width of 8 layers. Longboard has a firm grip surface due to maple wood, which provides a smooth ride to the rider. You can ride on this board irrespective of age and size. It can pick a weight up to 330 lbs.

You can’t ride smoothly without the best quality wheels. The longboard provides you HR82A anti-shock PU wheels by which you can ride smoothly. Chrome steel and SHR95A give you soft bushings and a soft ride. The fish longboard gives you a T-tool by which you can set your skateboard. Toolbox helps you tighten up or lose the kingpin. 

Moving ahead with the safety for kids. A fish downhill longboard is safe for all beginners and pros as it is made of high-quality aluminum, durable aluminum alloy, and steel axle.

It’s a complete longboard skateboard. You need no extra material for it.

OUDEW Longboard Skateboard


  • The Skateboard Is Suitable For New Ones, As It Is Perfect For Average Speed
  • It Can Carry A Good Weight Regardless Of Size And Height
  • The Longboard Is Very Stable And Easy To Handle
  • The Design Of The Skateboard Is Beautiful


  • You May Feel Difficulty For Those Who Like Speed Riding
  • It Is Not Stable At High Speed
Best Longboard For Commuting

Looking for a longboard here is the best one Oudew longboard skateboard for beginners and pros. The longboard is 41 inches long, which is suitable for beginners. The size of the skateboard is easier to control. Stability depends on the size of the deck, which is admirable on this longboard. 

So, it is easy to maintain and safe for beginners. You can estimate the quality of the skateboard with eight layers of maple, which is quite strong. It can carry a weight of up to 250 lbs. For a better grip, it has a slip-resistant surface.

For a comfortable ride, you need a wide surface to stand. The oudew longboard is 9.5 inches wide, which is perfect for a comfortable ride. The longboard has a low center of gravity for easy control. The height of the deck is lower, so it’s easy to stop and push.

The longboard has small 50 mm anti-shock PU wheels. It will be stable at speed and can absorb shocks on a bumpy road. Its ABEC 9 bearings provide a very smooth ride. For easy turns, carving, sliding, and free-fall riding seven aluminum trucks make it possible. 

On the backside of the deck, beautiful graphs make it more attractive. The other thing about the oudew longboard is that it’s a budget-friendly skateboard suitable for beginners.

Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard


  • Most Riders Love To Ride On The Bamboo Longboard
  • It Is A Budget-friendly Longboard
  • The Bamboo Longboard Is Strong And Stable Due To Its Canadian Maple Structure


  • The rider needs to tighten the truck before using it. Because the longboard feels free, so you have to check it before the ride
Best Longboard For Commuting

Retrospec Zed longboard is the best bamboo skateboard. The board has a high density of 8-ply real Canadian maple wood. The Retrospec is famous for its strong bamboo structure. 

It’s a longboard with a length of 44 inches. The longboard has 7 inches of aluminum alloy, which makes it strong. The bamboo structure and aluminum trucks increase the strength and durability of this skateboard.

In the 1950s, Retrospec gave the very first concept of longboard for street surfers. This manufacturer gave the first signal about the longboard skateboard.

You can estimate the design of the longboard by their experience. As it is the first one who rose the design year by year. Their longboards are strong and durable and people love them. 

Professional riders mostly like such brands for free riding, curving, and other stunts they want. The manufacturer knows how to engage the design and structure of the longboard. 

The wood is decently grossed up in Los Angeles. It is designed in such a way that the rider likes its structure. If you are a new one and want to improve your skills, then retrospec bamboo is suitable. 

So, you can improve your balance. It allows the rider to carve the corners with speed correctly.  The wheels are 85A PU, 70 mm, which are wide, with top-quality ABEC-7 bearings. The metal surface is black brushed with 90A bushing.

Retrospec bamboo longboard is the best quality product. It is famous for its strength and durability. It is a budget-friendly longboard.

Rabd Blank Skateboard Deck Natural


  • You Can Take A Big Ride And Is Suitable For Professionals
  • The Atom Longboard Has A Smooth Ride Because Of Its Unique Features & Material


  • While riding, you have to be careful that it has a wide turning radius. So, you need to be an expert for riding the longboard
Best Longboard For Commuting

The Atom drop through longboard is a mixture of bamboo and maple structure. When it comes to the graph which is labeled on the desk it is due to attraction to the riders. The grips of the longboard are slip-resistant due to 46 coarse grit

Mostly, the users love the versatile style. It has a drone-style deck with 180 mm hangers with a base of 40 degrees. The wheels of the atom longboard are 70 mm X 51 mm by 78A SHR and the area of the wheels is 51 mm.

Bearings are the need of every longboard. This longboard consists of ABEC-9 bearings with high-quality grease. The addition of the lubricant is for high speed and smooth riding. 

You will be happy with the excellent performance and the extraordinary features of the longboard. With all these features, you will be able to get a smooth ride without any resistance.

As the Atom longboard is strong by the mixture of bamboo and aluminum. It can easily carry the weight up to 210lbs regardless of height and size. The radius of the board is impressive. You have to tilt with a little effort for a 180-degree turn. You will enjoy it once you learn the trick.

Lastly, the Atom drop longboard has a little high budget. But it has incredible features and a great graph which is more attractive.

Loaded Boards Tan Tien Bamboo Longboard Skateboard


  • More than one options for rider’s weight limits
  • Perfect for both short and long height riders with a length of 180 mm.
  • Good maintenance and having amazing carving support
  • Good-quality wheels provide a grip over the road to maintain your speed.
  • East to push and brake
  • A fantastic lightweight longboard
  • The longboard has an expansive deck that is suitable for standing


  • The longboard is a little costlier than other longboards
  • The curvy deck might be a problem for beginners
Best Longboard For Commuting

If you are looking for a perfect longboard for free-riding and freestyling. You need to see a suitable option for this. Loaded boards Tan Tien Bamboo longboard has proved itself an ideal longboard. Riders love to use it for some time now because of its features.

As the structure of the longboard consists of bamboo and fiber-glass. That’s the reason for its flexibility and hardness. But, the longboard has half of the hardness and flexibility. It gives the combination of both materials.

Further, the tan tien longboard is a perfect skateboard and also a free fall mounting board. Along with the material, the longboard provides stability and is easy to handle while riding drop-through.

When it comes to the length, it is 180 mm long and has a width of 8.75 inches. The wheels are of 70 mm high-quality material and the size of the wheels is perfect.

The Tab Tien longboard is an excellent performing longboard. It depends on you what you want actually! It is perfect for road sliding. The material, which is of high-quality allows the longboard to glide over the bumpy roads. You can stunt whatever you want without any trouble.

Last but not the least, the Loaded Tan Tien is still better than the many other inexpensive longboards. It’s all because of the high-quality of this longboard. You will be thrilled with its outstanding performance regardless of price.

VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard


  • The wheels’ length is fantastic, which is 70 mm
  • The longboard has sound shock absorbers, which are beneficial for the rider
  • Has the fantastic cocktails to maintain balance and turning
  • Manufacturers are making it environmentally friendly


  • The longboard is perfect for beginners but not for pros 
  • Pro riders are unable to do tricks or stunts
Best Longboard For Commuting

The Volador freeride longboard has not only a fantastic design but also provides an excellent performance. 

When it comes to the size of a longboard, it is 42 inches which are suitable for all types of riders. The deck of the longboard is of 8 ply natural maple. You will like the great flex on this longboard. The longboard can run on bumpy roads and It has good-quality shock absorbers, which is great for the rider.

Further, The Volador longboard comes with high-quality wheels of 70 mm in length. These wheels are very helpful over bumpy roads. Wheels are of excellent stiffness with 78A. For the smooth-riding, it contains top-quality bearings. You will love to ride with all these amazing features.

Moreover, the wheelbase of the longboard has a length of 34 inches at both ends. This feature is excellent for stability and balance.

Additionally, the Volador has kick tails which are admirable. You can take turns and can maintain your speed.

The longboard has a fantastic design with a cartoon shark, which is more attractive. You can choose the best design that you want. Therefore, the best of the longboards is a polar bear and solar one regarding designs.

Finally, the Volador longboard is among the best longboards. You will be happy with the performance of this longboard with such amazing features.

Quest QT-NSC44C The Super Cruiser The Original Artisan Bamboo and Maple 44″ Longboard


  • The longboard is pintail shaped, which is suitable for commuting
  • The deck of the board is long enough for all heights’ of riders
  • The desk of the Quest longboard is a flexible and long-lasting board
  • Due to lubricant trucks, it is easy to turn and carve
  • The wheels of the longboard allow it to slide anywhere
  • The Quest longboard is budget-friendly


  • The grip of the longboard is not firm enough because of the rough wheels
  • You can’t do all tricks, but it is perfect for beginners
Best Longboard For Commuting

Coming to the last product is the Quest longboard that is of straightforward structure but gives an outstanding performance. The longboard is suitable for those who want to learn on the longboard.

It comes in a great structure of a hybrid mixture of bamboo and maple. That results in increased durability of the longboard. 

Further, the length of the deck is about 44 inches. That’s why it is perfect for smooth riding. You will find this fantastic longboard more stable and comfortable.

The longboard is fully set up. You will find the trucks also greased. It provides you with high speed on the road with a little push. You need just to maintain your balance. It depends on you that you want to lose or tighten the kingpin before the ride. You have to check the kingpin before use and set it in your own way.

Moreover, the wheels of the longboard are 70 mm of polyurethane. Due to the material, the structure of the longboard is very strong. So, It can carry the weight up to 175 lbs without any trouble.

Entirely, the Quest longboard provides you with everything regarding your expectations.

The Quest longboard is such a stable and robust skateboard of bamboo and maple. You will enjoy the free riding, carving, and many other tricks that you want to do.

Things About Longboard For Commuting You Have To Experience It Yourself | Best Commuter Board

A longboard is not limited to fun and sport. Now people like to use longboards for commuting. Similarly, Riding longboards like to use for commuting to school, work, town, and workout. However, you are living a short distance from your workplace and afraid to commute from colossal traffic. 

So, you want to feel the wind brush over your face and want to save the cost of your fuel and car parking. Then, it is an exciting thing for the alternative of transportation. It is also the best option to store like that all-time spent to find a car parking location.

sector 9 longboard

Types of Longboard For Commuting


Possibly, the cruiser is the most common type of Longboard for commuting. It is one of the best longboard for pushing. This style helps people to commute long distances. It means that these types of Longboard speeds are slow, which is beneficial for urban areas. These types of Longboards are suitable for riding, not for doing tricks.

 best longboard brands

Other Factors


Material is an essential factor in every product. During buying a longboard, the first main factor is quality. If the longboard material is right, then it will support your body movement. 

Similarly, longboards are made of wood. Two types of wood are common bamboo and maple wood. It increases the strength of the longboard.


The board’s design is as important as the material essential to make the longboard. There are different longboards for different uses, but many benefits for traveling to be engraved and move quickly. You will find a board with beautiful colors and a fantastic design to suit your taste for aesthetics.

 commuter longboard


When buying the best longboard for commuting, stability is an essential factor. Stability means principal balance while riding on a longboard. If you are a newbie, then you suit a good stability longboard. It will boost your better experience.

Advantages of Best Longboard For Commuting

Enhances Balance And Muscle Tone

We use our core muscles to lead the ride on a longboard. It entirely relies on your balance and strength. But with the use of the longboard, you can improve the muscles in your stomach area and back.

Turn It Into A Cardio Exercise

Though longboarding is not the most demanding of riders, but It helps you to get your blood pumping. All workout steps show involvement in cardio exercise. Daily commuting on the longboard helps to improve your health.

Lets You Explore The Outdoors 

Instead of being stuck in a bus or car, you can enjoy yourself a few times outdoors even if you commute for a short period of sunlight. It will help to access essential nutrients like Vitamin D.

Save Your Time And Money 

If you are living in a compact traffic area, it will be difficult to reach your desired place. At the same time, it will take time to walk. A longboard is the best choice for commuting, which cuts down your time as you can commute inexpensively.

 cruiser vs longboard for commuting


Are Longboards Good For Commuting?

A longboard like a cruiser is famous for its use in transportation.  People like to use it for commuting to school, town, and work. It will give you fantastic happiness. Mostly use it for a daily workout.

Can A Longboard Keep Up With A Bike?

Longboards have large wheels which makes them easy to fit and easy to ride than other traditional skateboards.

While riding a bike for most people is even more straightforward, the longboard’s learning process is much less high. But cycle ahead from skateboarding in the learning curve score.

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