Best Cruiser Skateboard for Beginners, Unique Board, Reviews 2022

Are you ready to roll on skateboards, and your inner child will raise your emotions? If so, we will guide you about the best cruiser skateboard for beginners. That’s why I tried my best for your laudatory decision.

Selecting the first skateboard is a most often tricky task, especially for beginners.  So, if you are a beginner, I will provide you with the information that can help you select your skateboards.  

Now, the question is that how can you buy the best cruiser skateboard for beginners? The second is what you will buy for yourself, for kids, or any other person. 

Therefore, the purpose of these two questions is to keep in mind the user’s age because there will be categories in skateboards concerning age.

After reviewing the top 10 best cruiser skateboards for beginners, I will guide you with the help of buying guide. In this way, you will learn which skateboard approaches your level, in other words, which one best fits you. 

Top 10 Best Cruiser Skateboard for Beginners

All the below reviews are of the best skateboard for beginners. 

Freestyle Longboard Skateboard


  • Best For Beginner
  • Better Sturdiness
  • Great Sheerness
  • Easy To Ride
  • The Best Beginner Board


  • N/A
Best cruiser skateboards for beginners

Playshion is an excellent brand of longboard skateboard. Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Skateboard has an attractive and adorable look. People love the Playshion brand because the rider can go skating, freestyle, carving, and sliding as well.  

Freestyle longboard skateboard comes in black color, bamboo 1, bamboo 2. All these attractive colors make skateboards more charming. 

Dimensions of deck: 39 x 9.1

Playshion Freestyle Skateboard is of aluminum and maple. The skateboard deck is 39 inches long and contains eight layers of hardwood maple. 

Moreover, the deck will be strong and flexible. It is slightly concave with a great flat style. The deck’s concave feature in the middle secures your feet and helps in your great turning.   

Dimensions of wheel: 70 x 51 mm

The wheels contain polyurethane. The wheels’ bearings are ABEC-9, which results in a smooth ride. Furthermore, the oil in bearings reduces friction during rotation. 

Same as the trucks are of solid aluminum has 7-inch size. Trucks contain soft bushing, which also results in conformable and a long time riding.

Considering the riders loving part that is its 51mm wide wheels. Thus, riders can better control the board even at road variants.  

The overall weight of the skateboard is 7.3 pounds and can carry a heavyweight of 250 pounds of weight. Additionally, regardless of height, any age and any level can go skating with Playshion skateboards.

Kinds and adults can quickly learn from it because its low-to-ground feature helps them from Drop through mounting technology. Adults can fearlessly use it as its weight limit is 250 pounds. 

Because of its useful features and average price, you gift your family members and friends on their birthday or any other function.  

Do you think about Drop through mounting technology?

The feature of 4 inches of the board makes the ground clear. Moreover, it offers more stability, especially for beginners. That’s why you can consider it the best cruiser skateboard for beginners.

Plus, point thing in Playshion skateboard that rider can adjust the trucks either if you feel the need of tightening or loosen them. Remember one thing that loose trucks quite helpful in turning, while tight trucks will provide you better stability.

Landyachtz Dinghy Skeleton Mini Cruiser Skateboard


  • Superb Ride
  • Smooth Wheels
  • Best Outdoor
  • Awesome Board
  • Fast Delivery
  • Giftable


  • N/A
Best cruiser skateboards for beginners

The emotions of riding great skating come towards famous brand Landyachtz. It is outclassing brand of building skateboards for you. 

Landyactz is an excellent adventure board with fantastic quality and provides a smooth ride. You will feel excited while skating with it along with our friends.

By skating with Landyactz Dinghy Skeleton Mini Cruiser Skateboard, you will enjoy a smooth butterfly ride because it forgives mini obstacles, jumps, bumps as well as small cracks.  

Moreover, it is very portable. You can carry it to your campus, grounds, and even colleges. You can consider it the best skateboard for beginners and even experts in every respect.  

The shape and style, as well as its skeleton color, all are amazing. 

Dimensions: 28.5 x 7.9 x 5.6 inches

Laudatory nose and tail. It is a lightweight skateboard as its weight is 5.68 pounds. 

Landyactz has been using maple for the production of skateboards since 2016. Maple is superior to plastic and wood. For this purpose, Landyactz uses six layers of maple.

The wheels are Hawgs Wheels. Further, it comes with Bear trucks, and the most fantastic feature is that it comes with spaceball bearings.

Its smooth and soft wheels provide you comfort on challenging roads.  

The skateboard comes with factory assembled components. In this way, you can tie nuts as well as in case of fault you can repair it.  

Landyactz Dinghy 28 Complete Skateboard


  • Best Overall
  • Great Wheels And Trucks
  • Outclass Board
  • Smooth And Super Ride
  • Around Town And Campus


  • A Bit Expensive
Best cruiser skateboards for beginners

Landyactz Dinghy 28 Complete Skateboard is with great fame and a respected name in skateboarding. As its name shows, it is a complete skateboard because it fulfills every standard and scale. 

The products Landyactz use are always long-lasting. That’s why you can consider it the best skateboard for beginners and even experts from every perspective. 

Moreover, it comes in many colors, like the red dragon, adventure, blunt marijuana, crown peak, owl emboss, skeleton, and dugout shadow puppet, which all are very brilliant and attractive colors. 

Furthermore, its style and shape are also very charming. Because you can sketch with it even in small areas as well as you can carry it to your school campuses. So, it is the best lightweight cruiser skateboard. 

Landyactz has been using maple for the production of a skateboard for decades. Moreover, Landyactz makes Dinghy more supportive and superior to plastic. For this purpose, Landyactz uses six layers of maple.

The deck length will be 28 inches. That’s why it is also famous as 28-red Dragon. In this way, it becomes portable and lightweight as well. 

The wheels will allow you to locked-in feel and show maximum wheel clearance. It is a great plus feature. Moreover, the wheels are mini flares that help you avoid wheel bite, and Dinghy will not cut the wheel wells. So, the trucks will produce you a charming, smooth, and super ride. 

Like all the features of the nose and tail of Landyactz, skateboard shows better performance. Because the tail on Dinky has a ton of pop, moreover, it proves helpful for all flip tricks in the booking. 

In this way, it will get up-and-over obstacles in a better way. The plus feature of the nose is that it offers plenty of room for nose-manuals and shuvits. 

Its tail will give you a superkick opportunity. It is the overall best cruiser skateboard for beginners, even experts. Moreover, it is the best shortboard skateboard. 

Retrospec Zed Bamboo Skateboard


  • Best For Beginners
  • Easy To Learn
  • Great Stability
  • Well Made
  • Highly Recommended
  • Affordable Price


  • More Smooth During Turns And Carves
Best cruiser skateboards for beginners

Restrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard has excellent fame. Whenever you go to California without any obstacles, you can visit the main office.   

Restrospec is a good quality longboard skateboard with its type of skateboard at quite a low price. Moreover, it looks like a ship. You will feel like a butterfly ride while skating with a restrospec zed bamboo longboard skateboard. 

They are made of wood and come in colors many like, and in each color, there is a shade of natural color of the wood. 

It comes in two styles. One is a cruiser, and the second is a pintail. Bondi blue, tropical flora, and whitecaps these three colors come in pintail style. 

As Landyactz skateboard, the Retrospec skateboards are also of maple. But it is more relaxed than it contains eight layers of Canadian maple. Moreover, it is sustainable Canadian bamboo maple. So, the weight of the Retrospec skateboard will be 3.52 ounces.

Dimensions: 44 x 9.5 x 5.25 inches

The length of the skateboard will be 44 inches. It is also famous as an artisan board. 

The secondary material of skateboard like trucks is 7 inches. These trucks contain good quality aluminum. As you know, trucks are of aluminum, so they are rugged and have a lightweight.

The bearing in trucks is ABEC-7 quality. It is a great, long-lasting, and durable natural material. ABEC-7 bearing remains safe even if there will be hols at the road. 

Additionally, you can reverse your skateboard because of its kingpin trucks. Moreover, the bushing contains PU cast 90-A and comes in black color.

Reptrospec wheels are very durable and have dimensions (70 x 51 mm). Due to this feature, it is also famous as a rockfish skateboard. 

PUENTE Skateboard 32 inch Pro Skateboard


  • Waterproof
  • Non-fading
  • Sturdiness
  • Sheerness
  • Best Sliding
  • Best For Beginners


  • American Flag
Best cruiser skateboards for beginners

Puente is famous sound quality and durable brand. Puente Skateboard comes in American flag color. A tremendous ideal skateboard for a beginner. It appears like a double kick concave design and has strong playability. 

Moreover, it fits every skill level as you can better apply tricks, like OL action and many others. Puente Skateboard approaches the class and style of the modern skateboard. You can consider it the best skateboard for beginners, even for expert riders. 

Dimensions: 31 L … 8 W … 4 L …

The deck contains seven layers of maple wood. On the other hand, the surface of the deck will be non-slippy as well as waterproof. Moreover, it comes in 31 inches deck length. It proves relatively safe for you. You can see the wood grains with the naked eye on the surface. 

Its surface effectively increases the friction between your feet and the body. So, that friction will help you while sliding and in various actions.

Wheels are 5.3 cm and made of polyurethane material with the anti-shock feature. ABEC-7 provides a high speed for you. 

The bearings are of alloy steel and have high speed. Furthermore, the bearings are highly dust resistant and ideal, especially for skating. 

Besides, its super soft bushing will suitable even at rough and tricky roads because PC damping wheels are pressure-resistant, wear-resistant as well as non-slipping. 

The wheels have a great shock absorption system HR-95A80 material. By HR-95A80, it has superior elasticity and long-lasting services. 

The Puente skateboard can carry a heavyweight of 200 kg. Kinds, as well as adults, can use it. It is an excellent professional skateboard. 

Its 5 inches carbon steel bracket is more helpful whenever you jump with the board. 

The overall weight of the skateboard will be 5.1 pounds. You can fearlessly buy it as it is no flaw in manufacturing. 

Junli 41 inch Freeride Longboard Skateboard


  • Giftable
  • Best For Beginners
  • Stability
  • Better Downhill
  • Admirable Thickness


  • Not For Sliding
Best cruiser skateboards for beginners

Junli is a loving brand and makes premium skateboards. It is a rider’s favorite brand as it has complete equipment tools and a skateboard. 

You can choose skateboard from any of these colors like fantasy, floral, flowers, forest green, gray zone, grid, initial, ocean fish, sea blue, and starlit night. You can buy a skateboard in any of these colors, which takes your attention.

Deck Dimensions: 41 inch length & 9.5 inch width

The durometer has a hardness of 80 A. The deck of a skateboard contains eight plays of cold press natural maple. A premium feature of the deck is that it has a brushed black surface. 

Wheels Dimensions: 70 mm  X 51 mm 

The wheel’s material contains polyurethane and very durable. Along with this, the bearings with ABEC-11 helps in fast speed. 

Moreover, the alloy aluminum trucks provide a highly elastic and supportive pad. 

In this way, trucks provide you better control during speed and stability during jumps and sliding. 

Junli 41 inch Freeride Longboard Skateboard is better for downhill and sliding. Also, best in speed, freestyle, and while turning in radius. 

Besides, it is the best suitable for every age of people also ideal for beginners and experts. It will develop your strength and balance in skating. 

In the end, I guarantee you it is a smooth cruising skateboard and is well equipped. You can either tight or lose its trucks. Experts consider it the best skateboard for beginners.

Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard Cruiser


  • Super Portable
  • Great Sturdy Trucks
  • Double Kick Tails
  • Lightweight
  • Maneuverability


  • N/A
Best cruiser skateboards for beginners

Magneto is a famous brand. Magneto makes skateboards for every age of people. That’s why kids, teens, and adults love the magneto skateboard brand. It uses the best Canadian maple to design the deck. 

It’s small enough and designed in a way that it makes it easy to have fun and carry in a better way to anywhere where you want.  

Bamboo, heartbeat, light-bulb, and music are the four different magneto skateboard colors. I consider light-bulb the best color. 

The top part of the skateboard deck contains maple. And its length will be 27.5 inches. It is quite durable and robust. Moreover, the deck has a sand grip, which acts as an anti-slip. 

In this way, you can show off your good looking maple deck and a unique graphic on deck. 

The durometer hardness will be 78A. Moreover, its double kicktail makes it very favorite among people. The asymmetric front and back kicktail makes it a premium edition of the magneto mini cruiser skateboard. 

Wheel Dimensions: 27.5 length & 7.5 width & 18.5 wheelbase

Wheels have 6 cm length and material polyurethane. The trucks are gravity attractive due to their aluminum cast, making them more reliable. 

Magneto mini cruiser skateboard has a 6-pound weight and can carry 275 pounds weight.

You can apply different kicks like ollie, mannies, and flip tricks because of its kicktail. If you select Magneto mini cruiser skateboard, it will be an excellent choice for everyday riding and skating. 

VOLADOR 42 inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser


  • Best For Beginners
  • Easy To Learn
  • Stability 
  • For Everyday Skating
  • Very Smooth Ride


  • N/A
Best cruiser skateboards for beginners

Volador is a laudatory brand for freeride cruiser skateboards. It comes in the cocktail, flora vintage, forest, Fuji Sakura, lemonade, meditation, tribe feature, and bear colors.

The artwork on board makes it unique among the other skateboards on your campus. It is digitally painted and solid. 

Product dimensions: 42 x 9 x 4 

The central part of the skateboard is the rock maple deck. When it comes to the layers, the deck contains eight layers of natural hard rock maple and epoxy glue. Moreover, wild things are relatively better for the environment and good for better health. 

The wheelbase of the board is 42 inches and an excellent shock absorber. So, you fearlessly can skate it on rough roads. And its drop-through chamber offers better flexibility and a premium shock absorber. 

Wheel Dimensions: 70 x 51 mm

78A PU soft wheels and ABEC-9 bearings will allow you a smooth and great enjoyable ride. As it comes with full equipment, you can change bearings and wheels on a home. If you feel too tight or loose, you can also do it at home.

The trucks contain the original 7 inches of aluminum. Aluminum makes it a reversible kingpin. You can adjust the trucks according to your need, as you can adjust the trucks 45 or 50 degrees. Ultimately you will get premium maneuverability. 

It for kids, girls, boys, for undergraduate campus boys. And has a mini weight of 8.6 pounds and can carry 250 pounds weight. 

I hope if you are a beginner and buy it, you will enjoy a safe, smooth, and joyful ride. Remember one thing: while buying the Volador skateboard, you should buy a helmet and equipment tools. 



  • Best For Beginners
  • Easy To Learn 
  • Provides A Smooth Ride
  • Sheerness


  • N/A
Best cruiser skateboards for beginners

As the name shows, you will get a joyful fish ride by skating with a fish skateboard. 

You can choose Skateboard from any of these colors. The colors are white bear, galaxy, dreamland, Neptune, psychedelic, color dream, green trace, black night, and blue crystal. All are lovely ones.

Skateboard dimensions: 41 x 9 inches 

A fish skateboard is an ideal board for beginners. With a plus point, every rider level can get it in a better way. Expert level players can do some basic stunts as well as some tricks. 

The fish board deck is very durable because it is of Canadian maple wood. It shows excellent stability with its emery nonslip surface as the surface has high friction. 

Ultimately you can generate more speed and control as well. Moreover, the surface will fully waterproof and has an admirable appearance. Its height will 4 inches from the ground.  

Wheel dimensions: 70 x 51 mm

The fish skateboard comes with super smooth wheels and HR82A is a good shock absorber on rough roads. Moreover, ABEC-9 steel bearings also help you in a smooth and loving ride. 

The trucks are specially for heavy-duty alloy aluminum. It will make your ride sturdy, reliable, and safer for beginners. 

It comes with every skating tool which you may need. These tools are simple so that you efficiently use them. 

The Skateboard can carry up to 250 pounds weight. Suitable for kids as well as adults. An ideal gift for boys. 

Atom Drop Through – 41 Inch


  • Best For Beginners
  • Easy To Learn
  • Best Stability
  • Admirable Speed 
  • Son Loving


  • N/A
Best cruiser skateboards for beginners

Atom Drop is a famous skateboard company since 2005. People love it because of its stability and value for money. That’s why it is ideal for downhill carving and cruising. 

In the context of appearance, it has a great look and comes in a green woody style with multiple colors. The Shape of Atom Drop skateboards is unique.  

Furthermore, the nonslip deck is of full maple, which is superior to plastic. Maple makes boards more durable and stable. 

The great trucks have 245 mm long axes. It is the size which is very loving to expert riders. That’s why I suggest it for beginners. Atom Drop skateboard famous as reverse kingpin(RKP). Because of its RKP longboard trucks. 

The skateboard has 9 pounds weight. So, it is not hard to carry. You can take it anywhere. It will give you 9.6 inches of leverage whenever you take a turn. Moreover, It is an exciting and desiring thing. 

Additionally, it comes with a one-year-long warranty. I consider it the best speed cruiser skateboard for beginners. 

Complete Buying Guide To Have The Best Cruiser Skateboard For Beginners

It is a bit tough for beginners to buy the skateboard which will best suit you and your level of play. So, out of thousands of skateboards, we guide you to select your best cruiser skateboard for beginners. 

Before buying the best cruiser skateboard for beginners, you must remember the below given three things:

  1. What is your level of play?
  2. How long do you want to ride daily?
  3. Where do you have to commute?

The purpose of these questions is to clarify your everyday skating needs. 

Plus Points of Cruiser Skateboards

  • Active Muscles

If you are a kid or adult with a child at heart, you can make a round of your town and streets by cruiser skateboard. The plus point of this will help you to keep your muscles active.  

  • Enjoying along with Work 

If your job office or school campus not too far, you should choose the best cruiser skateboard. 

  • Zero Budget

It would help if you tensioned free from gas, pet, or battery by longboard. So, you can enjoy lots of things in the environment and nature without any fuel. 

Top20plus - best skateboard for beginners

Types of Cruiser Skateboard

  1. Maple Boards

Maple longboard skateboards are of superior quality to plastic boards. The excellent feature is that they are lightweight. You can carry it to campus, schools, or anywhere you want. 

  1. Wooden Cruiser Skateboard

Wood is a natural material. You can buy any shape and size, like center concave, flat, or elevated tail. They are comfortable and easy to ride along with learning skating. 

Top20plus - mini cruiser skateboard

Primary features of Best Commuter Skateboards 

Deck Material

Most often, a deck made of maple. And maple usually uses in layers 5 or 6, maybe 7 or 8. When you buy a board with a maple deck, it becomes one level ahead of plastic. 

A Deck with friction at the surface proves helpful to you while sliding or downhill. The border on deck becomes a premium thing in jumping. 

Size of Deck 

While deciding about the board’s size, you should first elaborate on your height. In general, adults use 34 to 40 while kids use 28 to 32.  

Top20plus - cruiser skateboard for adults


Wheels have a significant effect on learning and the performance of skating. We will discuss wheels in four different parts. 


Experts suggest beginners the board with a large diameter of wheels. Sometimes allows you to move reverse in a better way. The size ranges from 60 to 70 mm. If you are a beginner, you should avoid small arrow line wheels. 

So, cruiser skateboards have wheels with a large diameter compared to regular skateboards. They can generate more speed and better control with larger wheels. 


Manufacturers rate the hardness on a scale of 100 ratings. 

The cruiser skateboard wheel’s durometer ranges from 75A to 85A. But these are softer in other regular skateboards to comfort a rider and give forgiveness of shocks. 


Newbies will think all the wheels are of the same shape. But the matter is that they are different. 

You should select wheels with outclass grip to the ground. A wheel with a wide round outer lip shape can contact the ground. If any rotation with less friction, it will not be recommended. 

Material of wheels

The cruiser skateboard contains urethane wheels. It is admirable material and has an excellent grip on the road. 


Trucks are made of solid materials like steel and alloy aluminum. Trucks is a T-shaped solid metal on the backside of the skateboard deck. You can also identify trucks by a point where wheels and bearings attach. Bushing, axle, hanger, and kingpin are the parts of trucks.  


The bearing is the part that attaches the wheel with axes. They should roll smoothly. After some time, if your skateboard bearings run out of order, you can change bearings at home. 

Top20plus - best cruiser skateboards for adults

Bearing Upgrades 

Bearings have played a significant role in speed. Suppose bearings run out of order. By equipment tools, you can change bearings. Choose a Fireball race bearing with oil to increase smoothness as well as speed. 


Beginners should consider deck flexibility the most important thing because a deck with greater flexibility will absorb more shocks, which becomes a comfort source for the rider. 

The deck’s material and thickness also affect the flexibility of the skateboard. Maple decks are more flexible than plastic and wood. 

Safety Helmet

For beginners, the helmet is a must. Unfortunately, if you fell, the helmet will protect you. Moreover, the helmet should be swept saver. By swept saver helmet, you will remain in your full comfort zone. 

Untie Skate Tool

Most probably, the skateboards have equipment tools along with longboards. Suppose a board has not tooled with it. You should purchase them. In this way, you can tight or lose trucks and wheels. So, it will be quite helpful for you.  

Top20plus - best cruiser skateboards under 100

Top Brands for Best Cruiser Skateboard for Beginners

Landyachtz Dinghy

Landyactz Dinghy is a great and famous brand. They have thought to explore the world and nature on skateboards. People love this brand because of its longboard and giant wheels skateboards. Moreover, for ongoing adventure, you should ride on Landyachtz Dinghy Skateboards.  


Like, others Puente is a generous 31 inches brand with a high and impressive quality of bearings. Its five inches trucks are also quite powerful. Moreover, the Puente skateboards have 180 kg of weight capacity. 


Nature is fantastic, and most of us want to enjoy it. But some have no time and face many other obstacles—Retrospec offers you to enjoy nature by riding on skateboards. Outdoor skating on the road in green fields is quite sophisticated. 

Suppose you have no skating experience. Retrospec still offers you such a product that you can use without any knowledge. So just come and join Retrospec products. 


In September 1963, Magneto made its first skateboard. It has a famous right name in the world of skateboards. At that time, it was famous as x-man. Same as now.  

Magneto tries to fulfill every rider’s requirement at quite an affordable price. If you are fond of skating must experience the magneto brand. 


It is one of the top brands in the world of skating. Experts know it very well. American author Jack London was the founder of the WhiteFang skateboard brand. 

I suggest a skateboard of these profitable brands and enjoy the beauty of nature while skating. 

Top20plus - best cruiser skateboards 2022


From the top 10 best cruiser skateboard for beginners, I consider Freestyle Longboard Skateboard best for beginners as beginners need a shock absorber and flexible skateboard. 
So, it fulfills the beginner’s requirements. Moreover, it is a budget-friendly skateboard. I consider it best to keep in mind the customer reviews and my analysis.

The beginners always need a skateboard with large wheels, longboard as well. Keeping in mind large wheel factors and longboard, I reviewed the skateboard. 

Lastly, I warranty you to select any one of these best cruiser skateboards for beginners. It will prove immensely helpful in your learning of skating.

Best wishes!


Should beginners buy cruiser skateboards or not? If then, why?

Beginners should buy cruiser skateboards. Furthermore, these boards provide stability for newbie riders. Suitable to carry. Even better with large and small wheels. Keeping all in mind, I consider cruiser skateboards best for beginners.

Which is the simplest skateboard to learn to skate?

Suppose you have an average height of (5ft to 6ft) then choose a longboard skateboard. First, take small, small rides. When you see you are just going stable, take longer rides. Gradually, you will learn and one day will be an expert rider.

Which is easy to ride, cruisers or skateboards?

The cruiser skateboard decks are from maple, which is superior to plastic. And the wheels of the cruiser are made of soft polyurethane. 
On the other side, a regular skateboard has small and hard wheels than a cruiser. So, cruiser skateboards are very easy to learn.  

How can you learn tricks on cruiser skateboards?

Cruiser skateboards are designed to use them down streets, in the city environment, and downhill but not for downhill, carving, and many others. So, other than tricky riders, beginners get it useful.

How can you stop a high-speed cruiser skateboard?

It is a simple way whenever you feel the need to stop skateboarding. It will help if you put little by little start putting your weight on your back foot. As a result, the skateboard touches the ground.

Ultimately you will be at rest. Many riders say it is a simple way to stop skateboarding.

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