Best Combat Knife for You | Top 10 Picks with Buying Guide

When it comes to the term “tactical knife,” Then in your mind, make a massive list of different knives. Some knives are designed for particular purposes like self-defense or military purposes. It knows the name of modern “combat knives” nowadays.

Unlucky, Most people think combat knife use only too afraid people. But it is not based on fact, the knife that helps you in daily tasks. Instead, you can use it for safety or military purposes. Different sizes and functionalities of combat knives are available in the market.

Suppose you want the best combat knife. Then you have to do complete research about it. But You don’t have to worry about it. So, I will review here the ten best combat knives. These reviews will help you to choose the best fighting knife. You can choose a knife according to your need.

Best Combat Knife | Our Top 10 Picks

Outdoor Edge RazorLite


  • Blades are razor sharp and easy to change 
  • The rubbery grip is firm, even wet/bloody
  • Easy to carry to hang with your H-style belt
  • The dull blade is replaceable with a new one


  • During use, the release button can push accidentally

OUTDOOR EDGE is a famous brand that manufactures outdoor knives. Here, we will consider their renowned product, the RazorLite knife. But, they manufacture for hunting purposes.

However, a black-oxide-coated blade stabilizes the grip of the knife. Due to this, stability increases the acuteness of the surgeon’s scalpel. Rubberized TPR handle fitted on steel liners. Thus, a Rubberized handle makes the grip strong even if the hold is wet.

Whereas, SURGICAL blades are made with stainless steel—every knife blade design for a specific purpose. Many people like to use it, such as color, animal skinning, self-defense, and many other purposes. But, Razorlite knives are specific for hunting purposes. 

Furthermore, its drop point shaped blade will help you in field dressing. 

Additionally, you will get replaceable six blades. You can replace the blade by pressing the lock button. The brand ensures that the changing of the blade will not injure your hand. 

Moreover, you can put the dull blades in an empty water bottle to reuse later. 

Approximately, the total length of the knife is eight long while the blade length is 5-inch. Moreover, the weight is about 0.18 Kilograms. You will like that Outdoor Edge packs their knives in a high-quality nylon sheath. After that, you can carry your extra components anywhere.

You also like it that you can carry it to hang with your H-style belt. The beauty of this knife is safe and lightweight. The product dimension is 6.35 Ounces, and the model is RB-20. Usually, Razor-Lite is available in a black nylon belt sheath with an orange handle.



  • You will feel comfortable with its leather handle
  • Overall, weight is good
  • Durable steel
  • Full-tang and sharp blade


  • Scabbard may easily scratch the leather sheath.

It is well-known by the name KA-BAR. Due to its reliability, it is best to use. Therefore, most people like to use it. In the past, it was manufactured by Union Cutlery Co. But now still yet by the name of KA-BAR.

During World War II, US Marines couldn’t get better results. Thus, they consider it an unreasonable knife. Then, US Marines work with Union Cutlery Co to make good knives. A few years later, they produced a Ka-Bar USMC survival knife.

The knife handles prepare with pure leather. Thus, it provides a better grip to the users. Without any fingers lines, you can hold it to any position. Then still, the handle looks pretty and versatile. We assure all users, the knife prepares for heavy work.

You can cut the paper into small pieces with its high quality, sharp blade.  Even by the use of the top point, you can cut a plastic bottle into two parts. During hunting or skinning of animals, blood will flow through them. Possibly, it will be less dirty of the blades. Due to the smoothie blade, it can’t stop blood on the blade.

However, the Ka-bar USMC fighting knife is a KA-bar brand. Its Shown color makes it lovely and attractive. Thus, Carbon Steel and 100% Leather Sheath improves the quality of the knife. The length of the knife is 11.875 inches. Therefore, the Straight Edge Blade is 7 Inches. 

Usually, the shape of the knife is Compound Bevel available in the market. It is a famous brand in the USA. But it’s a Leather Sheath manufacturer in Mexico.

 Ka-Bar 1282 D2 Extreme Fighting Knife


  • Best combat knife for survival and outdoor activities
  • Kraton G handles make it non-slip and comfortable
  • D2 steel blade strong steel increase performance


  • Not suitable who is looking for a small pocket knife

A lot of combat knives are available in the market. But the Ka-Bar 1282 D2 fighting knife is famous in one of them. D2 steel makes it one of the best fighting knives in history. 

So, you can use it for multi-purpose like for fighting purposes but also beneficial for home and outdoor activities. Unique design and smart features make it the best survival knife.

The carbon steel blade increases the performance and makes it flexible. With its sharp top edge, we can convert large pieces into small pieces. 

Moreover, high-quality steel protects it from corrosion. It will help you to beat against enemies in battle or to survive in the woods. 

Most important is that the belt sheath make up of multiple looping holes. You can hang a combat knife in these holes and take it anywhere.

Similarly, sheaths prepare according to user safety. Lightweight and suitable length make us comfortable during cutting.

All types of branches of the military and service members like to use KA-BAR knives. KA-BAR brands are famous for making combat knives. The knife blade size is 7 inches. 

At the same time, the Spear Point shape knife is 11-7/8 inches long. It’s assembled from the USA, including its glass-filled nylon sheath. Black color increases its grace.

And the knife weighs 340.2 Grams that is easy to take anywhere. D2 steel makes it firm and case in improving performance.

KA-BAR BKR7-BRK Combat Utility


  • High Cross-van steel.
  • Strong handle Ultrawide nylon.
  • Easy to use and take.


  • The grip may be a bit soft.

In the combat knife industry, KA-BAR has its own separate identity. The BK7 fighting knife takes the concept to the next level by its features. It is also popular due to its durability and lightweight. You can easily hunt outdoor adventurers and self-defense.

High Cross-van steel built it robust and easy to sharp. Thus, the clip point shape and black epoxy coating increase the beauty and attractiveness look. BKR7 is a great handy size that makes it useful during survival. 

Therefore, Due to its lightweight, you can carry it and use it for removing joints. It may be a little bit expensive but suitable for quality.

Best worth product in the machete store and also provide outstanding performance for survival. It is a significant step to carry this knife for Woods’s tours. It’s ideal for chopping and piercing things.

A seven-inch straight blade and a 20-degree edge angle increase the knife’s beauty. 0.75 pounds in weight, which is considered lightweight. The overall length of the knife is 12-⅞ inches. Black color increases its beauty and attracts its own—the product dimension 5 x 5 x 5 inches.

Havalon piranta edge orange


  • Make of high stainless steel 60A
  • Foldable and easy to carry anywhere
  • Replaceable with a dull blade
  • Comfortable knife handle


  • Not a survival knife

Havalon is a brand of knives that design hunting knives. Choosing a Havalon knife is another good range—Piranta-Edge replaceable blade knife. 

After the use of the knife, the blade goes dull. To consider this thing, they make the replaceable knife. So, the people replace the dull blade with the new one.

Thus, every designer tries his best to provide the best quality to their customers. Havalon designer feels the same thing to offer high-quality knives. Its blades are designed with stainless steel 60A. The stainless steel blade is replaceable. 

Whenever you can easily swap a dull blade with a new blade, the Used dull blade can be put in the dishwasher. The Havalon knife is foldable to carry anywhere. 

Also, get a pocket clip; you can hang it horizontally or vertically. The best use of this knife is for skinning out deer heads to mount. But you can use it whatsoever you want.

The blade edge is always sharp. You will get twelve replaceable blades. If we discuss the blades’ quality, 60A blades are durable and robust compared to 60XT. 

In price, 60A is more expensive than 60XT. The handle is made of black grip rubber, which is suitable for a firm grip.

Additionally, the overall length of the knife is 7.25″ inches. The knife handle color is bright orange because orange represents happiness. So, the blade’s overall length is round about three long with 2.5 cutting edges.

Complete 6-Piece Hunting Knife Kit


  • 420J2 stainless steel blades
  • Rubberized handle for a firm grip
  • Best knife set for field dressing


  • The sharpener may suck

Here, the Outdoor edge is providing a complete kit of knives. Suppose you are finding knives for home and hunting purposes. Due to this, the Outdoor edge introduces a less budget complete kit. You take work for both hunting or homework. The complete kit is durable, high performance, and affordable cost.

Moreover, complete hunting knives consist of six components. A lightweight kit can carry and also fits within your backpack. All instruments are well organized. Additionally, Make rubberized TPR handles provide a firm grip. Blaze-Orange handles are greatly visible during dim-light.

Over the 30 years, Outdoor edge is trying to create the best hunting knives. The caping, skinning, and boning knives form of 420J2 stainless steel. Using a Tungsten carbide sharpener, you can always sharpen your blade.

Moreover, Game cleaning gloves will be included in this knife set.

In this set, you will get tree knives like a caper, gut-hook skinner, and boning—moreover, a Caper knife used for animal skinning. As a good backup knife, we can use it for standard skinning and field dressing. 

Simultaneously, the Gutting hook will help you make long opening cuts and proper field-dressing. Furthermore, a Boning knife is used to remove meat from bones without any wastage.

Additionally, the Caping knife size is 2.5 inches. Skinner knife size 4.0 inches, while boning knife size is 5.0 inches. All tools of this set manufacture from the OUTDOOR EDGE. But Blades manufacturer from china. The total weight of the set is 1.19 pounds.

Schrade Old Timer 152OT Sharpfinger


  • Perfect for survivalists, hunters, skinning, campers, and outdoorsmen
  • The Kraton handle has a durable grip
  • Comprises of High Carbon 1095


  • You may care for long term use

We already discuss KA-BAR combat knives. They introduce a new one, KA-BAR 1213, which is best for the military and self-defense. KA-BAR 1213 is not a little work. You can use it for the hunter, survivalists, and campers e.t.c.

Additionally, Seven inches size is a full-sized knife. Its knife premium design is highly flexible for defending, chopper. 1095 high carbon steel Intact it’s quality. When it comes to quality, It is better than 1055, 1060, 1070, and 1080. In the old days, Pocket and knives were made in 1095.

Whereas, KA-BAR 1095 model is a full-tang design. Many people like it due to it being heavy-duty. The full tang feature keeps the balance between the blade and handle. Exceptionally when the long blade is not able to fold. 

Black Straight Edge Knife is one of the best-fixed knives. A secure sheath and belt loop helps you to secure and carry a knife anywhere. If you worry about taking it, you will get a deep pocket clip. 

Moreover, a strong handle is the morality of KA-BAR knives. Even this knife, the handle’s exterior design, is made of rubber, called Kraton. 

Using the knife, you will not get tired even if you work for an extended period. Its high-quality material provides a firm grip, even your hands in slippery or damp conditions.

Besides, all manufacturing of KA-BAR 1213 is from the USA. As appearance matters a lot, so the knife comes in a black color, which shows power and authority. Dimension is 13.25 x 3.13 x 2.25 inches & weight is 0.7 Pounds, which is lightweight to carry anywhere. The blade material is Carbon Steel, which is easy to sharpen. 

While the handle material makes rubber, the blade shape Trailing Point and the blade edge are straight. You can cut cleanly anything through-plane edge.

Gerber Prodigy survival knife


  • Constructed with the full tang, provide a firm grip
  • Excellent Quality and lovely design
  • Good knife


  • The leg strap may small for manly men

Gerber Prodigy is an American company that is introducing survival knives, cutting tools, and many others. Since 1960, Gerber has been the most valuable and trusted knife brand. 

Over 70 years ago, Gerber was growing to follow the principles first guided by Joseph Gerber. 

However, making 420 stainless steel will increase the strength of the knife. It is impossible to break when the knife construction is full-tang. The knife handles cover with rubber. Because a Good grip handle helps you to cut things even, your hands are wet.

Besides, the Prodigy is a drop point style knife. Its Serrated blade helps you in cutting and chopping. The steel blade has extra chromium to increase corrosion resistance. High carbon steel is easy and quick to sharpen. Once sharpened, the carbon remains on its edge. After use, you can use it again.

Additionally, you will get a friction-release thumb lock feature. You can hang it with your belt loop.

The knife blade is made of 420 HC full-tang stainless steel & the black color attracts customers. 

With this, you will get an additional leg strap for security purposes. It also has a soft and tight rubber grip. Further, it does not slip from your hand and is beneficial to prevent blisters caused by overuse.

Lastly, the sheath has been designed to keep a safe knife from slipping. Using a friction-release thumb lock, you can protect your knife. Also compatible with Molle. The Gerber Prodigy knife’s weight is 1.08 pounds, which is considered lightweight & dimensions are 13.6″ x 5.2″ x 2.2″.

Opinel No 6 Folding knife


  • The blade is sharp
  • Lightweight
  • Low price
  • Small size


  • A locking mechanism is not suitable

Usually, it is well known by the name of no six folding knives in the market. Sharpness and unique design increase its popularity. Due to its lightweight and small size, people like to use it. French opinel brand made this product in 1990. After popularity, then in 1997, french firms increase production on a large scale.

Different components like the handle, pivot pin, safety ring, blade use in it. Opinel knife blades are made with pure thin carbon steel. Therefore its sharpness and quality increase two times more. The Beechwood handle makes its designs unique and beautiful. And the best folding knife is easy to carry.

A lightweight knife gives the benefit that you can take it anywhere. The clamping ring holds the blade firmly between the woody handle. A safety ring is also used as a safety because it may cut our fingers during working.

The product dimensions are 13.78 x 9.84 x 3.94 inches, and Its weight is 0.01 Kilograms. In the end, the blade length of the opinel knife is 2 14/16, but the overall length is  6 ½.

Fixed Blade Hunting Bowie Knife


  • Firm 440C Stainless Steel Blade
  • Smooth but solid handle
  • Budget-friendly knife


  • Not suitable for small jobs

Bowie knife is a brand of MOSSY OAK. Since 1986, Mossy oak manufacture

Outdoor knives. Their mission is to help outdoor people.

Firstly, it is easily accessible for survival, which is looking for a budget-friendly knife.

The handle is made of 440C stainless steel. 440C stainless steel is a combination of martensitic and austenitic steels. Due to high martensitic carbon, it is corrosion-resistant.

Furthermore, the MOSSY OAK knife is perfect for heavy usage work. Its 440C stainless steel blade is not able to break easily. These types of steel provide excellent corrosion resistance and heat treatment.

Additionally, you will impress its importance and feel comfortable during use. The full-tang rubber handle will protect your hand from friction. It also provides a firm grip and keeps the blade from slipping.

You will get a nylon sheath to keep in mind your safety purpose. A plastic slot at the end of the sheath makes a MOSSY OAK the best tactical knife. It stops the knife from sliding down through the sheath. 

Further, the knife’s longevity makes it better to resist corrosion. For extending a knife life, you don’t need to sharpen it.

At last, the knife blade length is 10 Inches. The blade’s shape is Clip Point, and the blade edge is Serrated, which is suitable for a straight cut. These types of shapes are used in the daily use of knives. MOSSY OAK weight is 16.8 oz. The knife product dimension is 16.9 x 5.5 x 2.3 inches.

How to choose the Best Combat Knife? A Complete Buying Guide – 2021

Usually, it is challenging to select the best combat knife. So, it would help if you had a better understanding of it. That will help you get to know about all the features of the Best combat Knives.

What is Combat Knife?

A combat knife is a knife that includes more than one feature. The best combat knife helps in an intense situation. Most of all, you can use it for police, fire, military, hunter, and survivalist purposes. 

Moreover, everyone prefers to protect themselves. So, Military and outdoor survivalists use it for best self-defense.

Top20Plus - best tactical folding knife

Different Types of Combat Knife?

In the market, two main types of knives are available:

  1. Foldable Combat Knife 
  2. Fixed blades Combat Knife

Foldable Combat Knife 

Most people know it as a pocket knife as there is a wide variety of knife models in the market. So, it will be tough to select the one that fits your needs.  

The most common Categories are single-blade, double-blade, multi-blade, and Swiss Army Knives in the market. 

When it comes to the size of folding knives, there are multiple knife sizes available. Some are large, and others are small. So, it would help if you went for the one that can easily fit in your pocket. 

Fixed blades Combat Knife

These knives are robust, well-defended, and heavy as compared to foldable blades. Moreover, you can use it for cutting animal flesh or skinning. 

If you want a knife through which you can cut animal flesh or skinning. Then Fixed blade Knives are much better than Foldable Knives.

Top20Plus - best combat knife in the world

Knife Handles

When it comes to knife handles. You will select that knife that is comfortable in your hand. Here is a list of general knife handles:


Hardwood is far better than softwood. Also, the custom carved handles are expensive as compared to softwood. Further, the quality of wood is worthwhile. The combination of wood handle and steel blade will make a knife more versatile.


People also like handles that are made from deer antlers. These types of knife handles are expensive. Moreover, antler handles are raw and crude. You have a good grip on your knife handle.


Similar. It is a type of plastic. It is hard but specially designed for regular use. If we talk about these smooth surfaces, then you can lose your grip when it is wet. A firm grip handle always helps you to control your knife blade.


Bone knife handles are also available in the market. Mostly, they use the Crosses of cattle in the knife handles. The bone-handled knife is the right choice. 


Paracord handles wrapped in military-grade 550 paracords. It is less in terms of price but also provides a firm grip. It is beneficial during survival situations.

Top20Plus - ultimate fighting knife

Which Features do Best Combat Knife Need To Have?


The first thing that you should keep in your mind for which purpose you want to use it. For example, Hunter, Who uses it for wild animals, will choose a hunting knife with a serrated edge blade and solid handle. They use it for cutting animal flesh or for defending their own from wild animals.

Additional Feature

This is an essential feature of the knife in all of them. Some are foldable and carried to your pocket or backpack anywhere, While others fix, you can put them in your pocket or belt clips.

Top20Plus - best commando knife

Final Thought

Different varieties, sizes, and designs of combat knives are available in the market. Some knives blades fix, and others are in folding conditions. So all fighting knives are suitable according to our features.

But when it comes to choosing the best combat fighting knife. Various factors confuse us during selection. Among all, one of the most critical challenges is the price.

Suppose you want to buy the best fighting combat knife. Then in such a situation, price does not matter. So, see which knife fulfills your requirements. In the end, let me know what your favorite combat knife is.


What combat knife does the army use?

In World War 1, the U.S Army use the M3 Trench combat Knife. They also consider it the best combat knife.

What is the deadliest knife in the world?

YES, the US army uses combat knives in world war 1. And they give better results. Therefore, it considers the deadliest weapon in the world..

What is the longest blade you can carry?

We can’t carry knives longer than 5.5 inches. Above this size is count as illegal.

Are combat knives illegal?

Some included countries such as the Northern Territory and South Australia, e.t.c is illegal to carry a weapon for self-defense. They consider them dangerous weapons.

What is the best steel for knife blades?

Carbon steel keeps the blade sharp. You can also resharpen it for maximum strength. Moreover, Some machetes brands also use it. You can also call it the best material for the best combat knife.

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