Top 5 Best Bowling Balls | A Complete Buying Guide 2022

Bowling is an all-time favorite recreational sport for millions of people all over the world. As a professional bowling player, you would love to improve your game. To have outclassed performance, First, you need to have the best bowling balls in your bag.

Nowadays, it becomes tricky to choose a suitable product from many bowling ball brands in the market. Another question is how to choose a bowling ball. If you don’t do some research, you may fail to buy the best one.

This guide is about choosing the best bowling balls on the market today. Some of these are excellent for spare shooting, while others are the best you are looking for as strike balls. 

For picking up the perfect ball for you, reading it will help you a lot. I reviewed the five best bowling balls of 2021 in the market.

You might want to buy some looking here! Let’s start reading.

Top 5 Best Bowling Balls Of All Time

Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball


  • This bowling ball is suitable for all age groups
  • It is perfect for all lane conditions
  • Unique design makes it more charming


  • Not all colors glow under darkness

As a beginner, It is tricky to pick your first bowling ball, As there are many balls in the market. 

So, The ball that is just in front of you is perfect for beginners. Bowling players are known as a pyramid path rising bowling ball. These are also known as the best hooking balls for bowling due to their pearl reactive coverstock.

Therefore, if you are looking for a good one to start bowling, then the Pyramid Path rising Pearl will be your right choice.

Everyone has his own color choices while picking the suitable choice. Pyramid paths come up with nine different colors. Some colors glow in the darkness as well. Each color makes it more charming.

It gives plenty of drilling options, Whether you want to go long, hook hard, or drill the balls for bowling hard. It has versatility in motion on variant lanes.

Further, This bowling ball is the best when it rolls over the medium oil surface. Due to pearl reactive coverstock and is very useful on dry surfaces. The Reason is pyramid technology, it is the best for strokers.

It has pearl reactive coverstock. The Path Rising has polished with a 1500 grit for a clear view of the heads and gives a sharp ball response on the track.

Pyramid Path Rising Pearl Bowling balls have different sizes from 8Lb to 18Lb. It has an asymmetric core. It weighs 8.8 pounds. Its perfect scale is 181.30, RG is 2.54 cm.

Pyramid Antidote Solid Bowling Ball


  • Excellent heavy oil lanes performer
  • Perfect back end reaction
  • Different sizes are available for all types of players
  • Buyers would love it if they enhance their colors collection and take it to a reasonable price


  • This ball is expensive to buy

One of the most popular bowling balls in the marketplace is just in front of you from the pyramid company. Yes, the pyramid antidote is a solid ball for bowling. 

This is famous because of its smooth design and aggressive motion. It is perfect for mid-level bowling players who want to improve their game.

A solid ball offers you Yellow/Black/White. These colors look perfect and gorgeous.

For different age groups, It has many sizes starting from 12 pounds to 16 pounds. It had a clean look and got down the lane with ease.

This is known as the most aggressive bowling ball. It is excellent for the strokers and low rev. On the high rev and high track, it would never give the best result.

When it comes to the condition, The ideal condition for a Pyramid antidote solid bowling ball is medium or heavy oil lanes. It also provides a strong and smooth to all other runway conditions.

Due to pyramid technology favors the bowler from stroke to two-handed. It has GPS navigational solid reactive coverstock that helps to grip the ball for bowling, the oily surface, and move smoothly.

The Antidote ball has Pyramid revolutionary New Era 149 symmetric core. 2000 grit Abralon is using in the final finishing of this bowling ball.

Moreover, A perfect scale rating of 201.60 and RG OF 2.55 of the ball give the bowler a comfortable grip and motion to the bowling ball.

Overall this is among the top bowling balls for heavy oil. You will get excellent performance on heavy oil lanes. It has a perfect back end reaction due to solid reactive coverstock. Different sizes are also available for all types of players: entry-level, medium, and pro players.

 Hammer black widow 2.0


  • It has a unique gas mask coverstock technique
  • Great grip on heavy oil surfaces
  • The ball has versatility on every lane condition


  • It is a bit costly

Killerspin is the number ONE brand of table tennis in the world. Killerspin is a great innovative paddle for youth. By using Killerspin, in a short time, you can be a shining player. For beginners, it is very suitable.

In this way, it is of great importance. You can find the secrets of table tennis by using it and can be a professional level player. It comes with a beautiful gift box. 

Killerspin’s Jet200 comes in three different colors: BluVanilla, Mocha, and Lime. Its BluVanilla color is attractive for every taste of people. A new Jet200 will catch your eyes.

Killerspin’s Jet200 has equal weight to create a balance in spin and control. In this way, it is suitable for all-rounder players. You can generate precious and smooth shorts. So, you can also enjoy all aspects of your game.

The bed part is the blade, and it is of 5 layers of wood. The frame material is also of wood. The flexible PVC tape surrounds it to protect it.

Further, the supporting material green and black rubber will add a perfect style to your game.

Jet200 has a control rating of 8.5, a spin rating of 7, and a power rating of 6. In this way, it has different features than any other paddle. Its weight is 175 grams. So it is very lightweight. Its storage case is also very lovely. 

You can give it to your friends. You can get the record score from it. Best for all types of players. 

The flared handle in it is also beneficial for every level of player. It is also specific in dimensions as 6 x 6.1. 

KR Clear Red Rose Bowling Ball


  • A Great spare ball
  • Good for a straight ball
  • Beautiful and unique design


  • Only one size available, no lightweight balls available

KR strikeforce introduced one of the unique designs in 2017 is known as the KR Clear Red Rose bowling ball. Many bowlers and non-bowlers love it due to its eye-catching design.

This ball is well-known due to its smooth, shiny surface with an elegant red rose in the middle. The Clear red rose bowling ball has only one size of 14 pounds.

Most importantly, It is used as a spare bowl but works beautifully as a straight ball. I would never recommend you to hook this ball.

Many non-bowlers use it as a great gift to anyone and may use it as a beautiful decoration piece.

KR clear red rose bowling ball has a polyester coverstock. Small air bubbles and some small pit holes in the ball coverstock that is normal to KR company.

Storm Phaze II bowling ball


  • Perfect ball for the hook
  • This ball has the finest coverstock
  • It gives good control on the ball


  • Not recommended for the dry lanes

Storm, a leading bowling manufacturing company, introduced Phaze II balls for bowling in September 2016. The best thing about it is the TX-16(Traction-X 2016) solid reactive coverstock that is the finest coverstock around the world and gives a great impression on the game. 

This bowling ball is suitable for all types of bowlers from, entry-level bowlers to pro-level bowlers.

With the beautiful contrast of Red/Blue/Purple, the ball attracts its buyer. It has a beautiful shiny surface with the Phaze II monogram in the middle. Storm Phaze II bowling ball’s sizes vary from 12 Lb to 16 Lb.

You will get smooth and controlled movement on heavy oil and medium oil with this ball. Strokers, Tweeners, and Crankers all love these balls a lot during the drill.

Moreover, It’s TX-16 solid reactive coverstock provides much friction on that ball, which gives control to the bowler on it. This Storm ball has great hook potential.

These balls have been polished by the 3000 Abralon. It has a Velocity symmetric core from 14 Lb to 16 Lb and, from 12 Lb and 13Lb, it has a centripetal symmetric Core. 

Storm Phase II smells like red velvet cake. This bowling ball has 2.48 RG, which is a difference of 0.051. It is ranked as a high-performance bowling ball.

Collectively, it has a great design and structure. It has the finest coverstock, that helps the bowler to have control of the bowl. This bowling ball is the love of all bowlers because the hook does not require much lift with these balls.

People would love it more if storm company add some more colors to it. It is very inappropriate to use it on the dry lanes, which the manufacturer has to overcome.

Ways to Pick the Best Bowling Ball from the market- Ideal Buying Guide for 2021

Here are some suggestions while the selection of high-quality bowling balls. We have to keep some points in our mind while buying the balls.

Types Of Bowling Balls

Firstly you have to pick up the right ball on different grounds. 

If you want to throw a straight ball, you can prefer a polyester ball known as spare balls or plastic balls. If you need to have a good time playing with your friends, it is superb.

As long, You want to hook the ball or learn it properly as a professional player. In that case, you can try an entry-level performance bowling ball. 

These bowls are good quality balls and highly rated by skillful bowling players like EJ Tackett, Jazmine Mason, and Kyle Sherman.

Weight Of Bowling Balls

Once you have picked your ideal ball, You need to check the weight of the ball. The easiest way to choose is to pick some balls with different weights and throw them.

With whatever weight of the ball, you are comfortable and convenient with the swing of your arms and throw easily. Add 1 or 2 pounds of weight and pick that ball. 

Most of the bowlers use balls of around 14-pound weight. Australian best bowler Jason Belmonte is delightedly using the ball weighing 15 pounds

Top20Plus - best bowling balls for hook

Cover stocks Of The Bowling Balls

A slight knowledge of coverstocks will help you to make a better choice while buying a bowling ball. Currently, there are five coverstocks in the market: They are:

  1. Plastic Coverstocks
  2. Urethane Coverstocks
  3. Pearl Coverstocks
  4. Hybrid Coverstocks
  5. Solid coverstocks

We will discuss them individually below.

Plastic Cover stocks

Plastic is the most ordinary coverstocks nowadays. These coverstocks are usually in your spare balls or used in dry lane conditions.

They are specially structured to go straight and help you in your practice games.

Urethane Cover stocks

Urethane is the next stage ball after the plastic coverstock ball. Most bowlers use urethane balls while playing on a short pattern because it has a greater Angle of entry and covers more boards. 

Some players use urethane balls also as a spare ball considering their minimal hook.

Top20Plus - best bowling ball for beginners

Pearl Cover stocks

Most of the time in the tournament qualifiers round bowler convert to pearl coverstock because it benefits the bowler. The Pearl coverstock ball reacts quickly to high friction lanes.

 Bowlers slant towards pearl coverstocks to gain the natural strength at a slower speed before the ball reacts. 

Hybrid Cover stocks

These are the most selling bowling balls, nowadays in the market. These balls use on different types of surfaces. This ball is also called Happy Medium Ball.

 The hybrid cover stock is versatile for all types of bowling. Hybrid balls give you a front slide and best for oily surfaces.

Solid cover stocks

Solid coverstocks are the roughest surface among all. According to control surface friction, there are many compounds such as polish finishes, Sand finishes, and ribbed finishes. 

Top20Plus - best bowling ball weight

These are balls designed for oily surfaces. Experts mostly use solid or hybrid coverstocks.

Some factors affecting coverstocks performance are:

  • The roughness of the surface of the ball and lane
  • Ball oil absorption rate
  • The hardness of the ball 

Bowling Balls Finger Holes

Usually, every ball has three holes for fingers, one for the middle finger, thumb, and ring finger. Standards in 10 pins bowling, there are only two holes.

You can have your custom bowling ball. Custom holes on the ball make it more simple and easy to throw. Custom balls use by people who need extra control on the ball. 

In a custom ball, you can have any number of holes at any arrangement and have the size of holes according to your fingers. 

Once you shift to the custom ball, you will never go back because it is more comfortable than standard.

Top20Plus - best bowling ball for medium rev players

Various Gripes Of Bowling Ball

There are many ways to grip the bowling ball.

  • The first one is the ordinary way of gripping the ball is to place your thumb full into the ball and place your middle and index finger close to the other hole.
  • A fingertip means the thumb goes totally into the ball and your middle and index finger goes into the first mark. While the fingertip grip you have to put in provides you more friction and grip.
  • If you are using a polyester coverstock, It would be better to use a conventional grip. If you are learning to hook then, fingertips are better without putting inserts.


What is the best thing to clean a bowling ball with?

To clean your bowling ball to can use a mixture of Simple Green, Rubbing Alcohol, water. It would effectively work as a bowling ball cleaner.

Keep in mind oil seepage is non-avoidable. It will ooze from its coverstocks.

What should I look for when buying a bowling ball?

Some points should have in mind while buying a new bowling ball

Does ball speed matter in bowling?

The quick shot will give you more pin action, but it has a few possibilities to react to the lane, resulting in fewer hooks. However, a slow shot will affect more.

What’s the best bowling ball for a hook?

From the list, Pyramid path rising bowling ball, Hammer black widow 2.0, and Storm Phaze II are the best spare bowling balls for the hook shot. The player must know how to hook the bowling ball first.

What kind of bowling ball should a beginner use?

As a beginner, it’s tricky to select your first ball. Thinking about which kind of bowling will be best for beginners, polyester ball or urethane ball will be the perfect bowling ball for the beginner bowling ballplayer.

Do professional bowlers use the thumbhole?

No, professional bowling players don’t use the thumbhole. They don’t even have a thumbhole.

If they have a thumbhole in their ball, they don’t use it. It will affect the static balance of the ball during the lift.

Which coverstock hooks the most?

Urethane coverstock is the most lasting coverstocks. It provides more friction between the bowling ball and lane. Due to which it has more hook potential.

Which is the best all-around bowling ball?

Pyramid and Hammer bowling manufacturing brands give the best all-round balls. Their balls are effective on every lane condition.

Which size of balls do professional bowlers use?

Most professional bowlers use the bowling ball of 15lb. Some bowlers also use the ball of 16Lb.

Where is bowling most popular with Best Bowling Balls?

Bowling is majorly famous in the USA. There are three major bowling federations: The Pan American Bowling Confederation, the Asian Bowling Federation, and the European Tenpin Bowling Federation. In each Federation, there are millions of bowling players from their region.

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